Taking Control of Cravings and Temptation

Do you usually give in to cravings, give up… or take control?

So, you’re planning the weekend festivities. What better way to celebrate than with friends, food and drinks? Right?

Ahh, come one…that’s not fair. Don’t tempt me. I can’t possibly do that. Can I?

Guess what?
This post is not your typical advice about fighting off cravings. Taking Control of Cravings and Temptation
Sure, mindful eating, drinking more water, decreasing stress and avoiding the notorious feeling of being hangry will all help your normal day-to-day cravings like that unplanned decision to grab candy from the office break room.

Whether you just want to kick up your feet and relax with a glass of wine next weekend or head out to taste-test Nicholas Creamery, let’s see what we can do to make it fit into your day.

Wait, what? You might be thinking…has Coach Angie gone crazy in the head?

What I’m talking about here is learning how to plan ahead for temptation and cravings. Events, parties, celebrations, etc., they will always be there. Learn how to navigate through them rather than avoid them. The right way.

Here’s the deal. You need to be strategic about it.
Choose your guilty pleasure ahead of time- a drink, some ice cream, chips and guacamole…whatever it is for you, it’s all about planning ahead and staying in control, guilt-free.

Mind blown.

Look at this kind of like a test. A lot of the feedback I heard from the last challenge was people feeling uneasy, even scared, as they were “entering back into the real world” after the challenge.

My goal is to set you up for success for life – to approach situations with confidence in making the healthiest decisions possible, and also to enjoy yourself in moderation. That being said, if you’re worried that a little will most likely turn into a lot, you might want to wait until you have built up more confidence over your choices, first.

Taking Control of Cravings and Temptation
This post is not your typical advice about fighting off cravings.

Take Control of Cravings For Good

Whether you decide to implement these tips next weekend or at the end of the month, here’s how to stay in control in the face of temptation and cravings.

Decide In Advance-

Decide what food or drink you’d like to enjoy in advance. If you plan for your portioned out serving of dessert or a glass of vino, you’ll be less likely to cave in after a stressful week with an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s…or the whole bottle of wine. Pick one. And take the time to thoroughly enjoy it.

Control Portions-

Be sure to identify the serving size that you’re going to have ahead of time and stick to it. Visualize that one glass of wine or talk about sharing some decadent ice cream with your loved one. This will help you to stay true to portion control and walk away feeling satisfied rather than stuffed.

Swap it Out-

Now, I know “moderation” requires willpower. Especially when you’re attempting to moderate food specifically designed by scientists to make you want to eat more now and crave more later. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to make the decision to completely avoid those foods that you know you can’t put the breaks on and instead find nutrient-dense alternatives that you enjoy. Look at this not as deprivation, but as the smartest choice you could possibly make for a happier, healthier life.

Finding foods “that you enjoy” is key. Do some research on healthy swaps and discover whole foods that can replace unhealthier versions. For example, if you love chips and dip – experiment with baked plantain chips and homemade guacamole. Just remember to portion things out properly in advance.

Ask Yourself

Is there something that you’ve been craving lately? Or an event coming up that’s going to be full of temptations?

How can you manage these feelings by using the tips and tricks mentioned above?

Fight off Cravings With a Healthy Mindset

A healthy lifestyle is about making the most nutrient dense choices you can but also maintaining a healthy mindset. It’s not about constant feelings of restriction or becoming a hermit to avoid social temptations. Stay balanced by understanding that you can have some (not all) of your favorite foods and be okay with that.

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