Destination Fixation

The cornerstone of all success begins with your foundation: Your WHY.

What’s important to you?

What is the ultimate goal?

Why do you want it?

Once you clarify your why, write it down and stick it somewhere you can see daily. Written goals give us clarity and direction.

But you have to be willing to go deeper than JUST desires. Desires, such as: “I want to get in shape for summer!” are often mistaken for goals. Your “why” must be deeper than desires to give you the motivation and accountability to take action whenever you experience a road bump (and you will – it’s actually an important part of the journey).

Road Bumps are Part of the Journey

When Gino and I lived in California (before kids), he taught me how to ride a mountain bike…in the freakin’ singletrack trails at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park (which according to the website is a “downhiller’s paradise” with an elevation of 11,053 ft). One of the first things he taught me was: “Look where you want to go.” A very useful tip on Seven Bridges Trail (yup, that’s me in the picture).

Trail riding requires balance, endurance and a strong focus on where you’re headed. If you look at a big tree root, you’ll run right into the tree root and probably put your foot down or fall. I learned, however, that if I noticed a tree root and kept my focus out in front of me while preparing my body to absorb the bump, I would roll over the tree root and keep moving forward.

Buuut, If I stared down the obstacle, I would inevitably crash.

Keep Your Focus on Your Why

What I’m trying to say is this: Acknowledge the bumps in the road but don’t fixate on them or they’ll knock you on your butt.

Let’s work on catching ourselves when we start to focus on anything other than our “destination”– the why or positive end result of our goals. This kind of mindset is a habit and as with any skill or habit, practice makes permanent. We can’t avoid all obstacles, but we can keep the focus on our why.

You control your direction. Where you look is where you will go.

Make the Choice

Today is a good day. It’s the day you have decided to kick-start some serious changes (not just for a week or four weeks, but for good). From now on, things will be different.

And it’s all driven by that “why.”

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” Tony Robbins