Plan Ahead

You’ve set some goals, so now it’s time to get used to tracking your progress and learning how to plan ahead.

No matter your intention for joining the challenge. Setting goals and changing your way of life can feel very foreign at the beginning. It’s it’s not uncommon for the initial reaction to feel a little overwhelmed about hitting each goal flawlessly. Refer back to my previous post about striving for progress…not perfection.

foundation nutrition plan aheadIf you’ve been eating a certain way for quite some time, the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success is to focus on one change at a time.

Set things up so you can’t fail and ask yourself:

“What personal strengths do I have that will help me succeed?”

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Plan Ahead

With 101 things on your to-do list, meal prep can feel overwhelming. But with a few hacks, you can gain control.

Start by scheduling.
Actually schedule time on your calendar to plan your meals for the week, make the shopping list, go grocery shopping and meal prep. Go ahead, open your calendar and put those important reminders in now…

After you figure out what your week looks like, make your grocery list. Be sure to stick to a store you’re used to and can navigate conveniently. This is not the time to venture out to a new grocery store.  Go prepared with your list and NOT on an empty stomach. Shop mostly along the perimeter, where the produce and meat aisles are located.

You are in control. You made the list; you choose to stick to it (don’t fall for those impulse items). You can definitely do it!

Once you get home, start prepping and cooking (or schedule the day that you will do this). At the Salveo house, we usually meal prep Sundays and Wednesdays. Whip up a batch of protein — grill some salmon or several chicken breasts (or both) at once. Wash and chop veggies so they’re easy to grab for snacks or salad. Shave and cut up sweet potatoes…You get the idea.

Or consider a regular healthy meal delivery service like Kettlebell Kitchen. Even one meal during your busiest day might be worth it, and could mean the difference between a nutrient-dense, delicious meal and a regrettable fast-food run.

Either way, the name of the game is:

Anticipate. Plan. Strategize.

RISE UP to the challenge and have fun!


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