Overhead Mobility Test with Coach Lisa DPT, PT

overhead mobility test

Overhead Mobility Test

Try this easy and important overhead mobility test to assess where you’re at right now and see what you need to fix. Overhead mobility is important to be able to safely support heavy weights extended overhead. Don’t settle for suboptimal shoulder mobility. Take the time to understand it, assess it, fix it, and then you can enjoy your training knowing you have the best foundation possible.

This drill will not only tell us a lot about our overhead mobility but it is one of the most effective ways to achieve a better position. Video yourself from the side like coach Lisa does while you do the test to watch your position and assess your mobility.

Take the Overhead Mobility Test

Here’s a quick overhead mobility test to see how consistently you move your arms into a fully extended position overhead.

  • Hinge at the hips
  • Put arms in a “Y” position
  • Attempt to lift overhead
  • Note how high your hands get
  • Then in standing, put your arms in a “Y” position
  • Hinge at the hips
  • Compare the height of your hands from the first time to the second time.

Typically, in the first test, you can’t get your hands as high. That’s because you’re not preparing your trunk to give your shoulder the ability to move through the full range of motion. It’s important to depress our shoulder blades and extend our upper back. You should be able to do that first (prepare your trunk), then hinge at the hips and get your hands just as high as when you start in standing.

Practice that so that every time, your trunk is in the same position.