CrossFit Salus Kids 09.09.17

CrossFit Salus Kids 09.09.17


Picking things up (aka: the deadlift)


2-3 rounds of :50 second stations (transition :10 seconds)
Hang power clean with DBs
Jump Rope
Tire flips

GAME: Waiter Tag

Each child chooses one Abmat that they carry overhead like a waiter. Kids all attempt to knock each other’s Abmat to the ground. If a child’s Abmat gets knocked to the ground, child performs 1-3 Burpees and returns to the game.

CrossFit Salus Kids Homework

Warm up:CrossFit Salus Kids Homework

25 jump rope
20 jumping jacks
15 squats
10 stair jumps (jump on bottom step of stair or curb)
5 “Perfect Pushups”

* repeat

AMRAP in 8min

2 Wall Walk
5 Burpees
10 Butterfly Sit-ups

September Challenge
Perfect Pushup: How many “perfect” pushups can you do without stopping?