At Home Workouts for Kids

For kids (and adults), exercise should be fun. Instead of thinking: “I have to workout,” re-frame it as a fun fitness challenge that you get to participate in. At home workouts for kids can help to easily add fitness to their daily routine (before or after school) and can help them perform better both academically and behaviorally, too!

So, the trainers at Salus Health & Fitness in Middletown NJ have put together some easy exercises for kids to do at home. They don’t require equipment and can be done in short bursts of 5-12 minutes.

Begin each workout with a few minutes of warm-up activities, such as jumping rope or jogging, around the outside of the house to get the muscles moving and heart rate pumping.

Finish each workout with simple stretches to keep muscles limber and reduce the risk of injury. A cool-down that includes stretching can also help transition kids into a more relaxed state after their workout.

12 Workouts for Kids to do at Home

One of the major components to ensuring adherence to a fitness regimen is to make sure you are having fun – you can trust us when we say these workouts are hard but super fun. Check it out!

1.Wall Climbs + Sit ups + Squats

Do this workout one time through. At home, make sure the kids take their shoes off so they don’t mark up the walls!

  • 4 wall climbs: Lay on belly with feet on floor up against a wall. Do a pushup with a tight belly, tight bottom. Walk feet (no shoes) up the wall and walk hands in closer to the wall, keeping body tight!
  • 10 sit ups, legs straight
  • 10 squats with a :10 second hold at the bottom on the last rep (stay on your heels!)
  • 3 wall climbs
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 squats with a :10 second hold at the bottom on the last rep
  • 2 wall climbs
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 squats with a :10 second hold at the bottom on the last rep
  • 1 wall climb
  • 10 sit ups
  • 10 squats with a :10 second hold at the bottom on the last rep (stay on your heels!)
    Stretch 5 minutes

2. Pushups & Squats: 12-9-6

  • Push ups
  • Squats

(do 12 pushups, 12 squats. Then 9 pushups and 9 squats. Then 6 pushups and 6 squats)

Watch the workout details here >>

at home workouts for kids

3. Go hard for Hardie

Part 1: Go hard Go fast (3 Rounds)

  • 6 Odd object ground to over head. For the odd object, you can use a backpack with books (wrapped in a towel, gallon jug of water or any other object you can safely lift over your head).
  • 6 Toes to floor
  • 17 Odd object Lateral jumps or jump rope

Directly into…

Part 2: Go hard Pace yourself

  • 400m Run
  • 20 Toes to floor
  • 20 Odd object ground to over head
  • 40 Odd object Bent over row
  • 400m Run

4. AMRAP in 7 min

  • 17 Jump Rope (or single leg hops)
  • 1 Sprint (pick a spot in the yard like a tree, mailbox that is about 5-15 seconds away)
  • 17 Squats
  • 1 Sprint

repeat for 7 minutes!

Watch the details here >> 

5. Your Age Determines the Reps!

Run # laps around the outside of your house! # = Your age in lap! (so if you’re 9, run 9 laps!) Or pick a spot that takes about 10 seconds to run down and 10 seconds to run back.

Stop and do 3 burpees after each lap.

6. EMOM (every minute on the minute) x 8 minutes

  • EVEN Minutes: Jump Rope
  • ODD Minutes: Sit Ups

7. AMRAP in 6 min

  • 2 Wall climbs
  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 Butterfly Sit-ups

8. Accumulate 100 jumping jacks throughout the day

Do 10 at a time and make tally marks on a piece of paper until you reach 100! Or do them all at once!

9. AMRAP in 4 minutes

  • *1 Wall Climb
  • *1 Toes to Wall

Add 1 repetition to each movement after each round.
Watch the details here >> 

10. AMRAP: ___age in minutes

  • 6 stair jumps or step ups
  • 4 tuck jumps
  • 2 log rolls (1 each direction)

11. Alphabet workout!

Complete the first 5 letters of your name using the chart here!

Kids workout at home

12. Most EGGS-CELENT Workout

Grab 20 empty easter eggs. Fill them with the exercises below. Ask mom or dad to hide them around the house or in the yard. For every egg you find, do the exercise before looking for another egg!

Jump Rope 50 times (or hop on 1 foot 15x each leg)
5 Kick up to handstand (or donkey kicks)
3 Perfect Pushups
:20 elbow plank
:20 hand plank
:10 side plank each side
10 squat jumps
10 squats
10 lunge steps
10 lunge hops
“Bunny hop” across the yard (20 hops)
30 mountain climbers
“Frog Jump” across the yard (10 jumps)
20 jumping jacks
5 burpees
20 seal jacks
Run around the house (approx 20-30 seconds)
20 supermans
10 straight leg sit ups

Recommended Exercise Equipment for Kids at Home