Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello is Motivated to Change

Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello is Motivated to Change

Since joining CrossFit Salus last summer, he has been motivated to change his life for the better. Through exercise and clean eating TQ has lost 60 pounds, become more efficient at being a firefighter and has motivated more people than he probably realizes. Please give a chalky high five to our next Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello!Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello is Motivated to Change

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in August of 2017. I live very close to the box and always wondered what CrossFit was about.

I was a member of a local gym and found myself having trouble finding the motivation to get there on a consistent basis.

After moving to Middletown…

I found myself in the worst shape of my life and knew I needed a change.

2. How has your performance changed since you started CrossFit?

My cardio has improved drastically in less then a year since I started at Salus. I also feel way more balanced and flexible.

I also feel stronger then I have ever been.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

The Olympic lifts are all new to me. I lifted weights consistently since college, but never did snatches and cleans.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started?

I lost over 60 pounds since I joined CrossFit Salus.

I fit into jeans that I wore in college, clothes fit me better and I feel much more comfortable in my body.

5. How has CrossFit changed you in other ways?

Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello is Motivated to ChangeMainly, CrossFit motivated me to really change the way I eat because I quickly realized that I would need to eat healthier if I wanted to succeed at CrossFit . I realized that I would not be as strong or athletic if I continued to eat processed foods and continued to consume alcohol too often.

I also believe I am more efficient being a firefighter because I am in much better shape then I was before I started CrossFit.

I find myself going to bed earlier at night and sleeping better. My energy levels have gone through the roof and I am always motivated to do things around my house or go outside and be active.
I honestly feel like CrossFit has changed my life for the better.

6. How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

Talking about CrossFit has become something I tend to talk about frequently with my friends. They are sure to let me know that they know I started CrossFit and that I love it. I describe it as an always changing extremely challenging workout that pushes you to your limits every session.

I explain how there are usually three parts, stretching and warming up, strength training, and the WOD and that all three aspects are challenging and fun.

7. What keeps you motivated to continue?

I have always been a competitive person. The challenge of the WODs keeps me motivated because I want to do the workouts efficiently and competitively as possible.

8. Favorite lift or WOD?

I really enjoy the Assault Bike and the Rower.

My favorite lifts would be bench and shoulder press.

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Salus?

Something that I believed helped me in the beginning stages of CrossFit was working on my cardio. I found myself so gassed in the WODs early on, so I did running, cycling, and swimming on my own to raise my cardio level. Keep at CrossFit and don’t give up.

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

Short term I would like to be able to successfully do kipping pull-ups.

Motivated to change, my main goal as of right now is to be able to RX every workout in next years Open.

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

800 Meter run
50 Situps
50 Cal Assault Bike
50 Deadlifts @135
50 Cal Row
50 Wall Balls
800 Meter run

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

Golf and sitting on the beach.

13. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite “cheat” meal?

Healthy: Seared Tuna with a greek yogurt wasabi sauce on the side & roasted asparagus.
Cheat: PIZZA

14. If you could be a superstar who would you be and why?

I would no question be a professional golfer like Jordan Spieth or Rickie Fowler. They enjoy life and party hard and just seem to always be doing awesome things. I love to golf and couldn’t imagine getting paid millions of dollars to play it. I’d rather be a golfer than any other athlete because golfers can elect not to play in tournaments if they don’t want to and it would be easier to maintain a social life and be a family man.

15. Favorite motivational/Inspirational quote?

Athlete of the Month: Tyler Quarantiello is Motivated to ChangeModeration is for cowards. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing.

16. Interesting fact not many people know about you.

I love to cook