Toes to Bar Tips with Coach Gino

toes to bar tips

Toes to bar is a movement that can stop up a lot of athletes. It seems like a straightforward movement, but it can the the cause of a lot of frustration. The main faults we see is due to a lack of tension in the hang and engagement in the midline. Let’s take a look at a few toes to bar tips with Coach Gino to help improve your form for long term performance.

Consider the Shoulders and Midline 

First things first, it’s crucial to have an active hang. No zombie arms, please. How does this happen? Activate the lats and pull down on the bar to create space between the shoulders and the ears. This allows you to create tension throughout the entire body and prevent that uncontrollable swing (not to be confused with a strategic kip).

Secondly, draw in and engage your midline. Do this by pulling your ribs down toward the belly button, squeeze the legs together and point the toes. This, in addition to keeping your shoulders down, will minimize that notorious swing.

Quick Toes to Bar Tips

✔Always keep an active hang (avoid excessive extension)
✔Shoulders down & tight (avoid relaxed shoulders)
✔Keep space between ears & shoulders
✔Midline drawn in and engaged
✔Full grip on bar
✔Work in small sets at first

As always, prioritize quality vs quantity – if you need to do singles or smaller sets until you get your form down, that is better than holding on to the bar for large, sloppy sets.

Remember to be patient in the process and “keep it tight!”