Why A Training Partner Is The Best

Partner Up: Why A Training Partner Is The Best

CrossFit is fun. CrossFit with friends is even more fun! Of course, the focus shouldn’t be lost on staying safe and reaching your fitness goals, but both of those elements can actually be improved with a training partner.

Have you ever walked into a globo gym only to see individuals alone with headphones in staring aimlessly at the mirror? Everyone is active…actively avoiding social interaction.

Training Partner
When you don’t feel like putting on your shoes (let alone flipping a tire in the rain), your training partner can remind you of your goals and hold you accountable to meet them there.

Here at CrossFit Salus (and the CrossFit community as a whole), we set out to be different. Human interaction, friendship and support are among the top reasons why Salus has been so successful in helping people in Middletown, NJ change their health and happiness.

Want to get more out of your workouts?

Here’s why having a training partner can help you reach your goals even faster.

A CrossFit Training Partner Holds You Accountable

Don’t feel like working out after work? With a training partner, you’ll never have to go at it alone.

Especially on those days when maybe you don’t feel like putting on your shoes (let alone flipping a tire in the rain), your training partner can gently remind you of your goals and hold you accountable to meet them at the 5:30pm class. It’s one thing to cancel on yourself, but when a training partner is counting on you to show up, you’re much more likely to lace up those sneakers and get to the box.

Training Partners Bring Motivation Up a Notch

Don’t be afraid to mix up training partners from time to time. Having friends in your corner makes a big difference to how motivated you are.

training partners
Whether it’s your normal training partner or a brand new member at the box, remember, there’s power in numbers.

We all know that it’s so much easier, mentally, to push through an extra rep when you have someone nearby encouraging you.

Jump on a team for the Intramural Open…we promise your motivation will go up more than just a notch.

A Training Partner Helps You Stay Focused

When you’re surrounded by others who are active, eat well, there’s a better chance you’re going to do the same. And, when you’re working out with a training partner, your intensity is probably going to be greater than if you go at it alone.

They’re with you (and you’re with them) to support, motivate and help boost confidence and commitment to your fitness goals.

Find Your Training Partner at CrossFit Salus

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply want to focus on a certain skill, training partners are also good for sharing private coaching sessions. At CrossFit Salus, we offer tandem coaching sessions so you both can enjoy the benefits of coaching at a more attractive rate.

So, go ahead. Friend a friend on Facebook. High five a buddy at the box. Partner up with someone new for the next team WOD…it doesn’t have to be the same person every time.

You’ll meet more friends and both walk out of the box even happier.

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