Summertime Nutrition Challenge Begins May 15

Is it summer yet?! Beach season is right around the corner (really it is) so it’s the perfect time for a nutrition challenge!

Achieve Your Diet and Fitness Goals

Whether your goal is to lose weight and look amazing in your swimsuit, or you’re looking for serious performance gains, this Challenge is for you.
During the Challenge, You will have all the tools you need to succeed like weekly meal plans, recipe books, and tons of support. You’ll also get to track how much you’ve improved your body composition and performance.

An Experience You Won’t Forget

We want everyone to get involved and do it together. It will be an experience you won’t forget!
Nicole from Lurong Living is our personal guide to help us along the way – feel free to ask her any questions on our private Challenge Facebook group.


Challenge Info Page
Why Join the Challenge?
How the Challenge Works?
3 Diet Levels (all about the nutritional philosophy and diet options) 


Early Bird Pricing: $40 (ends April 24th)
Post Early Bird Pricing: $55

Take advantage of the early bird price (ends 4/24), save $15 now!

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Challenge Starts: May 15th
Challenge Ends: June 18th