CrossFit Games OPEN 20.1: We Are #LisaStrong

What a great start to the (new) competition season! The CrossFit Games OPEN 20.1 was a huge success and the energy at the box was OFF THE CHARTS…proving that we are #LisaStrong!

#lisastrongCongratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone who came out to judge and cheer on all the athletes.

Spirit of the Games

As you’re aware, we’re doing things a little differently this year.

Just a couple months ago, CrossFit Salus Coach Lisa was diagnosed with cancer. This will be the first Open she’s missed in 8 years and so we decided to do things a little differently this year for the 2020 CrossFit Games Open. Instead of intramural teams, we will rally together as ONE.

One strong, amazing community here to support our friend and coach ?.

So, when the workouts get tough (and they will) and you feel like quitting, remember this: Together, we are #lisastrong

CrossFit Games OPEN Spirit of the Games Nominations

  • The Ricker family- Lisa for taking necessary precautions in order to show up and judge before undergoing chemo treatment the same day. She sported her purple, wore her best smile, and judged like only she can. Then her two kids AND husband who (admittedly) might be out of practice with CrossFit showing up and doing 20.1 in her mom’s honor. The definition of working as a team to show support. ~Erin
  • I nominate Angela W. for not only crushing the workout RX’d but also offering to judge and encourage other athletes. ~Angela S.
  • I also nominate Stella for attacking her first Open WOD RX! ~Angela S.
  • I nominate The Swifts (both big and small) for simply always showing up. Day or night, working out or not, they’re always cheering! ~Megan
  • My vote is for Kirstin! She did her first RX open workout and killed it ???? ~Eva
  • I am nominating Scott! It’s amazing how he just had surgery and was there with us with his presence and energy! ~Angela W.
  • My nomination for the 1st WOD is Angie S and also TQ. ~Lili
  • My votes are for Hardie, he’s such a competitive, hard worker, he redid the workout to beat his score! Very inspiring! And Kirstin who did the workout (which looked effortless!), and always pushes herself without complaining, always trying to improve.  ~Cherie

#lisastrongCrossFit Games OPEN 2020 Themes:

  • Week 1: #LisaStrong ?
  • Week 2: ‘merica/USA (wear all your most patriotic gear. Red, white and blue baby!) ????
  • Week 3: FU Cancer (breast cancer, childhood cancer, blood cancer… Wear anything that represents how you’d like to kick cancer’s butt)?️
  • Week 4: Halloween Costume (go all out and have some fun in costume. You, too 5:45am crew!)?
  • Week 5: SPIRIT (get out ALL your CrossFit gear, pon poms, cow bells and face paint! Last week to bring the heat!) ?

CrossFit Games OPEN TEENS & Kids

Don’t let the fun stop in the adult classes. Remember, Fridays at 4:30pm, the CrossFit Salus Teens will be attacking the OPEN.

Saturdays at 10:15, the CrossFit Salus Kids will also be participating. These kids are our future fittest! If you’re around, stop by and cheer them on (even if just for part of the class). The support would mean a lot to them.

A few reminders for the CrossFit Games OPEN:

  • If you missed the OPEN workout on Friday, you may may make it up on Sunday during basic training between 9:30-10:30am. If that doesn’t work (and you’re officially signed up), Monday during regular class is your next option.
    • As always, review the workout movement standards and expectations at
    • Please arrange for your own judge to meet you there.
    • Note: coaches are not be able judge OPEN athletes during regular class times.
  • Remember, you must submit your score at before 8pm on Monday (this is IN ADDITION TO submitting your score on Wodify if you’re officially signed up).
    • CrossFit Games does not accept late submissions.
    • Your score will display on the Games site after we verify your score card.
    • The leaderboard typically doesn’t settle until Wednesday, so hold off from “leaderboarding” (refreshing the screen at a frantic pace on Tuesday morning) 🙂
  • Please submit your nomination for the “Spirit of the Games” and include a sentence or two WHY.
    • Email your nomination to or message me on FB/IG.
    • Include the nominee’s name and a sentence or two why you think they deserve the award.
  • Recover well, train smart, eat well, sleep plenty. The CrossFit Games OPEN 20.2 begins now!



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