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Setting Personal Improvement Goals

So, you’ve set some personal improvement goals outside of work. You’re most likely learning a lot about what is most important to you, managing your time a little better and creating new habits for lasting change. How do you keep that momentum going strong in the face of ups and downs?

It’s true, goals take patience and persistence, but without them we tend to get caught up in the inessentials and give our precious time and energy to activities, that in reality, don’t necessarily further our long-term growth. Personal improvement goals not only keep you motivated, but they help you grow in other areas of your life as well making a positive impact on stress, strengthening social relationships and improving health, too.

Here’s how to keep personal improvement goals a part of your life long after the initial excitement fades out.

Setting Personal Improvement Goals… for Life

Line Up Personal Improvement Goals With Values

Personal improvement means different things to different people but can encompass anything from spirituality to charitable work to expanding your knowledge.

We all have a set a values which are a vital part of who we are. For some, helping people is something they strongly value, for others it may be that solving problems makes them feel alive. Whatever it is that you value in life, it’s important that your goals are aligned. This will also help you to identify anything that’s holding you back along the way.

Prioritize Health

Taking care of your health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest and recovery, etc) can make a huge impact on your energy and the success of your personal improvement goals. If health is compromised, for example, you’re sleep deprived, stressed or hangry, it’s far more difficult to focus on anything else.

Surround Yourself with Support

Everything is easier when you have a friend or family to help you along the way. Lean on the momentum of a supportive influencer who can cheer you on when you experience a win and help you stand up when you fall. Tell them about your goals so they can help you stay accountable. And remember to be this kind of person for others, too.

Keep Pursuing Goals

Self improvement takes focus, time and energy, especially if you experience ups and downs along the way (which you probably will). Remind yourself to take small, solid steps and that slip-ups are just a part of the process. Learn from them.

Whether your goals are to learn a new language, take time to read daily, go for a bike ride in the woods or simply spend a few moments of time alone to clear your mind, here are a few other apps to help you stay on track with your goals: HabitBull, Time Planner, Strides, Habit Streak, and even Google.

Ask Yourself

What goals personal improvement goals are you currently working towards and what do you intend to pursue next?

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” -Tony Robbins

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