Maxson & Joshalynn Athlete of the Month

We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s featured Athletes of the Month! Max & Joshy have, of course, been doing CrossFit since day one. From flipping car tires in the prekids class to learning double unders in the kids class to clean and jerking a 60 pound barbell in the preteens class…they are now officially old enough to graduate once again to the CrossFit Teens class! But, it’s not just their physical strength that has developed over the years. We have witnessed them experience breakthroughs mentally and emotionally… which we’ve seen carry over in all aspects of life.

So proud of you both! Congratulations on being featured Athletes of the Month!

How and when did you start CrossFit?

Max: I started CrossFit Salus at the year 2012 and I started because my parents go to the gym and they inspired me to go.
Joshy: I started in 2012 and when I was 2 years old… because of my parents.

How is your performance changed since you started at CrossFit?

Max: My performance has changed cuz I am now I feel able to do pull ups and heavier weight heavier barbell movements and I’ve actually been able to do more double unders.
Joshy: My performance has changed a lot. Now I can do a lot of kipping pullups. I can do pretty heavy weight for weightlifting and I’ve also gotten better at my double unders.

How has your body changed since you started a decade ago?

Max: My body has changed because I can clearly see the muscle growing on my body now…more than I did when I was younger. And I’m able to perform things that I couldn’t do before.
Joshy: For me, I definitely see more muscle on my body!

How does CrossFit impact other activities like gymnastics or basketball?

Max: CrossFit has helped me to jump higher and it’s easier to block people in basketball or score layups in basketball…so I thank CrossFit for that!
Joshy: For me, CrossFit has helped me a lot in gymnastics. I can also do a lot of things in track. It’s like a big circle, CrossFit helps me with my legs a lot and you need strong legs for track and gymnastics. CrossFit has also helped me learn how to breathe correctly in my other sports.
Max: Also, after I’m done sprinting, I’ve learned how to control my breathing so I can recover faster.

How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

Max: Well, mostly I say that you should come to my parents gym and get buff like me.
Joshy: I tell them it’s like a fun class where you get to workout and it’s not a boring class. It’s fun because of the way the workout is designed, the music and being with my friends.

What keeps you motivated to keep going?

*Both point to Mom*
Max: You. But also just the fact that if I keep working out, I’ll build muscle.
Joshy: If I go, then I’ll be strong and I can prove everybody who called me weak, wrong.

What is your favorite exercise?

Max: My favorite exercise is jump rope.
Joshy: Kipping Pull-Ups

What advice would you give somebody new who walked in to CrossFit?

Max: I would tell them to go with the flow and try your best because nobody judges you.
Joshy: If they were scared, I would tell them that it’s going to be ok and I would also partner up with them and help them.

What is your next goal to accomplish?

Max: Probably being able to do six or seven strict pullups in a row.
Joshy: My first goal would be get a PR on the clean and jerk (higher than 55#) and also I would like to get 15 kipping pullups in a row.

If you could design you own workout what would it look like?

Max: It would start with strict pullups, then pushups then calories on the rower, double unders and end with more pullups.
Joshy: First I would have kipping pullups, then we would have to do handstand walks, then run around the building then deadlifts!

What’s your favorite thing to do for fun?

Max: Playing Minecraft and basketball in the front yard.
Joshy: Going on my new beam.

What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Max: Wahoo’s
Joshy: Sushi

What’s your favorite fun meal?


If you could be a superhero who would you be and why?

Max: For a superhero I would probably be Doctor Strange because – if you think about it – he has basically every superpower because he can open up different universes and he has (or used to have a timestone).
Joshy: Millie Bobby Brown because he’s an actor in a movie that I really like and she’s a kid/teen and I’d love to be in a movie like a kid, too. Or maybe Captain Marvel because she can do everything. She’s really radical.

What is your most favorite inspirational or motivational quote?

Max: This is from a book: “It’s not what you have, it’s what you don’t have that counts.” Meaning you have to work together with others to solve something – like the mystery in the book.
Joshy: Don’t Be Afraid To Work Hard Enough To Find Out How Good You Can Really

What’s a fun fact not many people know about you?

Max: I don’t think many people know that I was born at 10:33am in Oxnard California.
Joshy: Something a lot of people don’t know is that when I was born, I had to stay in the hospital for 21 days. So even though I was born first, Max got the first ray of sunlight.