Intramural CrossFit Open Results

The Intramural CrossFit Open. Is. Over.

Such an amazing five weeks – this has been the best open we’ve had yet! Check out the results for 18.5 and final results below.

Final Intramural CrossFit Open Results

Your top three male/female finishers this week are:


  • Angela (Flexy Beasts)
  • Camilla (2Fit2Quit)
  • Alicia (2Fit2Quit)


  • Steven (The WOD Squad)
  • Bryan (The WOD Squad)
  • CJ (2Fit2Quit)




?HARDEST WORKER Award goes to Alicia Zink!

Here are her nominations: “You are truly an inspiration.” “This team captain has been relentlessly motivating. To see her work makes me want to work harder, move faster and recue kittens from trees. Consistently giving all of herself, she deserves this. CRUSH!” “Gives 1000% every workout.” “Because she really busted her crazy butt in each WOD” “For wroking so hard every day and reachig her goals besides bing a great captain.” “An awesome captain and inspiration to her team.” “From dawn to dusk, this girl gives it her all. She has a goal and will do whatever it takes to get there. Super proud of you and all you’ve acomplished!”

Hardest Worker honorable mentions:

  • Shawn Winters. “Great job on his first chest to bar pull ups.” “Comes to 6am every day! No excuses and gets it done. This week got C2B in the OPEN!”
  • Veronica. “She pushed so hard and crushed those thrusters. She always gives 100%.” “watched her on the live feed kill it.” “Watching her push through those thrusters, getting past that pain and staying focused, was inspiring (hello! NINE thrusters unbroken during her set of 15?!). Then, she truly dug deep to get through as many chest to bars as she could. She is a FLEXY BEAST!!” “As she is, very quiet, she has RX’d and PR’d every wod. She has been #1 in her age group every wod. She is a real star wherever she is”
  • Yvonne. “Killed it in 18.4 & 18.5. She PR’d both workouts and had the guts to attack those WODs not being afraid to fail.”
  • Bryan. “Always working hard and trying to improve.”
  • Scott. “Always puts his heart in it”
  • Lisa R. “After slipping off the bar and falling on her back at the beginning of the workout, she got right up, shook it off and kept pushing forward! Great perseverance and determination.”
  • Rob. C. “For his awesome thrusters.”
  • Melissa Regina. “Got her first C2B and has been pushing her limits all open season. She is 2Fit2Quit”
  • CJ. “For being a beast”
  • Chris B. “For pushing himself to RX every open WOD and being #1 in his group age silver-back.” “He’s the oldest dude here and gives 200% sometimes til he cries.” “Because of his age, it’s amazing to watch.”

?SPIRIT OF THE GAMES Award goes to Johnny W.

Here are his nominations: “For continuing to bring insane, awesome spirit and energy and positive vibes this open season.” “Dressing crazy and having fun with the community.” “Johnny and Kelli are new to our box, they embraced the spirit of the open and went all in! Bringing team signs, cheering gear, wearing fun outfits, super supportive!” “Seriously all in with the Rock theme for Johanna. What an amazing energy he brings to the box. Fun, positive, and undoubtedly entertaining.” “Who could beat that pink hair?” “Best spirit Friday and Sunday!” “Because the pink wig looked way better on you than me 🙂 ”

Spirit of the Games honorable mentions:

  • Yvonne. “She wasn’t even going to sign up, but once she did, she was all in! Showed up every week (with her camera) cheering everyone on. Got her first chest to bar, and then 9 more!!”
  • Sue. “Took the time to show up to workouts through out the day to cheer everyone on. Best captain of them all!”
  • Shawn Winters. “He tackled the Rx WOD every single week, in spite of never having done some of the movements prescribed. Last year’s games, he was on the fence. This year, he didn’t even hesitate to try and never let it discourage him.”
  • Alicia. “Love the wig and enthusiasm this week.” “That wig!!! Talk about SPIRIT!!”
  • Kelli. “For making posters for her team!” “Even though Kelli is new to the box, her attitude and spirit fit right in. Such a pleasure to have her be a part of the community.”
  • Gino. “I mean, only a real man can wear a green tutu.” “Knowing he had big goals to achieve again this year, he gave it his all and still had fun with it.”
  • Lisa. “She judged, coached and always helps out and cheers! Yea Lisa!”
  • Scott. “Always Scott. He’s been the spirit of the entire open!”
  • GIna. “I have to vote for Gina. She quietly showed up and supported all just about every workout and from day one pushed herself way out of her comfort zone. Not to mention she put up with me. LOL”
  • Megan B. “She’s her father’s daughter.”
  • Angie S. “For taking great pics and amazing cowbell action.”
  • Baby Everett. “Always supporting all the teams.” “For being present every Friday.”
  • Johanna. “For bringing the WHOLE BOX togethe rand being an inspiration to all.” “For being awesome and inspiring.” “Coming and cheering us on.” “Despite all the shit knocking her down, she showed up to the box, brought CRAZY amounts of positive energy AND did f#cng 2 pullups! PS she says to donate her points to the WOD Squad LOL”

Final Intramural CrossFit Open Results

The leader of the intramural CrossFit Open is….

  1. 2Fit2Quit with 123 points!
  2. Flexy Beasts with 115 points
  3. The Wod Squad with 114 points


A couple of my favorite quotes from the Intramural CrossFit Open:

I can’t even put into words what it felt like this morning at the gym…magical maybe
As Steve said the energy levels were maxed out especially the last minute of every heat….and for Johanna and Dan to show up and cheer US on man I’m blessed to be a part of this community.


Not to sound like a complete nerd, but I wanted to say how awesome the open was and thank everyone. I’ve only been coming to the box for about two months and I’m so glad I started. Everyone has made me feel really welcome and like I’ve been working out here for years. I wasn’t even going to do the open cause I didn’t think I was “ready”. Thank you Scott for convincing me to join the WOD Squad and being a great Captain. Thanks Erin for letting me know what a great place Salus is. Thank you to everyone who cheered me on and pushed me when I didn’t think I could do another rep. And thank you Gino and Angela for having such a great place to come work out at with such great people. Everyone did so awesome these past 5 weeks. I enjoyed cheering for all of you as much as I enjoyed pushing myself in the workouts. Alright, sorry for being so sappy, I’m done now.

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