Top 3 Healthy Party Tips

Social Survival: 3 Easy Healthy Party Tips

Whether you’re at a holiday party, summer BBQ or on the road, take these 3 healthy party tips along with you to stay healthy, hydrated and still have some fun.

3 Easy Healthy Party Tips

1) Load up on the greens!

Start each meal with veggies, snack on raw veggie sticks, or any of the vegetable-heavy dish. This will help keep you full, hydrated and energized.

Plus, if you’re trying to control your macros, the simple action of chewing raw vegetables takes longer than it does eating most calorie-dense foods.

Just remember to keep your eye out for organic produce and quality meats, especially the dirty dozen. Read: When Should You Choose Organic? to learn more about the dirty dozen, clean fifteen and figuring out all those confusing labels.

2) Drink plenty of H2O!

Especially if you’re outside, drinking alcohol or getting active, you’ll need even more water than usual.

Having a hard time fitting in all water?

  • Start your day off with a large glass water. Before coffee. Before breakfast. Before you even brush your teeth.
  • Make some herbal or green tea the night before and then chill it for a refreshing midday drink.
  • Whip up a mocktail. Make some fruit-infused water with berries, oranges, lemons, limes, or even cucumbers. Add sparkling water and mint to make it really fancy.

Not sure how much water you need in the first place? Read: How Much Water Should I Drink? for more tips on hydration.

3) Be mindful and relax!

If there’s a sweet treat or certain drink that you really love, enjoy it, but do so in a relaxed (not guilty) state.

Take a moment to taste every flavor and chew slowly.

The simple act of slowing down will help you get more in tune with your hunger levels as well.

Be mindful about your choices, rather than mindlessly picking while you’re chatting. Read: Mindful Eating for more tips on slowing down while you’re eating.