CrossFit Games Open Shoutouts 2020

crossfit games open shoutoutsWe love the CrossFit Games Open. Why? Throughout this five-week test, it allows us to check in on our progress, discover weaknesses and experience breakthroughs. True, we just had this test less than a year ago, but even still – it brings out something special in all who participate. Check out some of our recent CrossFit Games Open Shoutouts below.

CrossFit Games Open Shoutouts

  • “I’m voting for Angela W. She RX’d the workout knowing she was going to have to work hard to do so. She refused to scale and kept pushing even though she struggled a few times. It was awesome to watch.” ~ Dan
  • “I nominate Katie. She was going to play it safe, she was going to scale, when she asked me what I thought she should do I said depends do you want to finish or do you want to fight? She said fight and fight she did!!! She’s a fighter and a constant inspiration.” ~Cassie
  • “I nominate Dan, he was so patience judging me ? on my forever TTB and DU ?” ~Angela W.
  • “Being the woman behind the camera, I get to watch all the athletes. I’m beyond impressed with those who are not even officially registered for the Open, still pushing their limits each week, particularly Erin who is also training for the big race this weekend! Keep it up, everyone!” ~Angela S.
  • “I nominate Benny. I have the pleasure of working privately with her every week and have witnessed her improvements first hand. She has not only gotten physically stronger, but mentally, too! She told me this year she just wanted to do better than her score last year…she’s CRUSHING that goal!” ~Angela S.
  • “Currently sitting in 94th place in the teens category, Hardie has been on a mission to stay in the top 200 for the Qualifier round! He’s an impressive athlete, with even more impressive values. It’s so exciting to watch him progress each week. Keep it up, Hardie!” ~Angela S.
  • “Shout out to Coach Megan for orchestrating a seamless and energetic class on Sundays! Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate you!” ~Angela S.
  • “Benny is number 1 on my list for showing spirit of theme putting a little extra effort to dress up and give meaning to her effort! Also Benny dedicated 20.3 to her sister who is breast cancer survivor!” ~Gino
  • CrossFit Games Open Shout Out“Benny always brings a smile and always shows so much enthusiasm.” ~Scott
  • “I nominate Angela W. for 20.3 because she traveled back from vacation, slept 2 hours, and Rx’d the WOD. She pushed for several minutes to fight for one rep of hspu and didn’t give up.”~Megan
  • “Katie was going to play it safe…she was going to scale. But when she asked me what I thought she should do I said depends do you want to finish or do you want to fight? She said fight and fight she did!!! She’s a fighter and a constant inspiration.” ~Cassie
  • “Melissa Regina is there every time, cheering us up from any angle in the box… I hear her voice more than I get to see her, she is awesome!” ~ Angela W
  • “I dedicate my workout to my sissy Maridza.” What a beautiful moment between Benny and her sister, watching Benny fight through each rep in honor of her sister who is a breast cancer survivor.
  • “Last year I only got one handstand push-up. I PRd by 12 reps this year!!” ~ Melissa Regina
  • “I want to nominate Gino for Spirit of the Games. He puts others before himself on a daily basis and truly wants to see everyone succeed. Even though this must have been a difficult week for him he still showed up to coach everyday with a positive attitude, (even though he may have slobbered a little while cheering us on?). CrossFit gyms are a dime a dozen but coaches and people like Gino are very rare.” ~CJ
  • “Nominating Gino for the spirit of the games! Perseverance and always going above and beyond for everybody in the box.”~Eric
  • “My spirit nomination goes to..Liliana !!!! The fact that she did her WOD in her costume is everything!! Her positive energy every day is infectious and she is just amazing.” ~Benny
  • “I wanted to give Angela Weiner a shout-out for the spirit of the games. Last week when I attended a few classes leading up to 20.4 she was there and was so encouraging. Being a novice I tend to get a little frustrated if I can’t pick something up (literally) right away and having her say “you got this” helped! She was also there during 20.4 and seeing a friendly face cheering everyone on was awesome.”
  • “Shout out to Erin for her recent mega race, still participating in the Open workouts and not missing a beat…ever.” ~Angela S
  • “HUGE shout out to Alicia for not giving up. She had her eye on that muscle up…she attacked and got her first one during 20.5! The best feeling EVER!” ~Angela S.
  • “I want to give a shout out to my wife Alicia who took a giant step toward her long term goal by improving by 510 spots in the world year over year to 882. In 20.5 she got her very first muscle-up and crushed her Diane time by almost 4 minutes in 20.3. Outside of her own goals she is always there as a cheerleader for her community as well.” ~Brian Z

Congratulations to Hardie Kressler & Angela Salveo for finishing the CrossFit Games Open in the top 200!

Angela and Hardie Advance to CrossFit Games Age Group Qualifier

They will both be advancing to the next level of competition: The Age Group Online Qualifier in March 2020.

?Hardie finished 95th worldwide out of over 1,500 boys aged 16-17.

? Angela finished 94th worldwide out of over 11,000 women ages 40-44.
“Angie’s dedication to her goals has paid off, she hit the balance she needed by improving her overall strength with the barbell and surprised herself by qualifying even when it wasn’t her primary goal. I’m very proud of mental approach this time around, amazing job!”
Angela and Hardie Advance to CrossFit Games Age Group Qualifier“Hardie came in raw and ready to challenge himself. Already a pretty well rounded athlete and in the short period of time with us, he gained new skills, pacing experience, nutrition tweaks and new commitment to being the best version of himself! I’m super proud of his integrity, competitive yet humble attitude. Not to mention his an outstanding performance with his first participation in The Open.” ~Coach @ginosalveo


CrossFit Games OPEN 2020 Themes:

  • Week 1: #LisaStrong ?
  • Week 2: ‘merica/USA (wear all your most patriotic gear. Red, white and blue baby!) ????
  • Week 3: FU Cancer (breast cancer, childhood cancer, blood cancer… Wear anything that represents how you’d like to kick cancer’s butt)?️
  • Week 4: Halloween Costume (go all out and have some fun in costume. You, too 5:45am crew!)?
  • Week 5: SPIRIT (get out ALL your CrossFit gear, pon poms, cow bells and face paint! Last week to bring the heat!) ?

CrossFit Games OPEN TEENS & Kids

Don’t let the fun stop in the adult classes.

  • Catch CrossFit Salus Teens Fridays at 4:30pm.
  • CrossFit Salus Kids Saturdays at 10:15.

These kids are our future fittest! If you’re around, stop by and cheer them on (even if just for part of the class). The support would mean a lot to them.

A few reminders for the CrossFit Games OPEN:

  • If you missed the OPEN workout on Friday, you may may make it up on Sunday during basic training between 9:30-10:30am. If that doesn’t work (and you’re officially signed up), Monday during regular class is your next option.
    • As always, review the workout movement standards and expectations at
    • Please arrange for your own judge to meet you there.
    • Note: coaches are not be able judge OPEN athletes during regular class times.
  • Remember, you must submit your score at before 8pm on Monday (this is IN ADDITION TO submitting your score on Wodify if you’re officially signed up).
    • CrossFit Games does not accept late submissions.
    • Your score will display on the Games site after we verify your score card.
    • The leaderboard typically doesn’t settle until Wednesday, so hold off from “leaderboarding” (refreshing the screen at a frantic pace on Tuesday morning) 🙂
  • Please submit your nomination for the “Spirit of the Games” and include a sentence or two WHY.
    • Email your nomination to or message me on FB/IG.
    • Include the nominee’s name and a sentence or two why you think they deserve a shout out.
  • Recover well, train smart, eat well, sleep plenty. The CrossFit Games OPEN 20.4 begins now!

First Annual In-House Partner Competition Coming Soon…

Not loving the timeline of this year’s Open? Stay tuned for our first annual in-house (members only) competition in March 2020 to help you stay motivated over the dark days of NJ’s winter.

  • Teams of two. (MM/FF/MF)
  • RX and Scaled options (both partners must be the same).

Programming starts in January.

More information to come. So grab a partner, start talkin’ smack and create your team name.