CrossFit Games OPEN 19.5 Intramural

CrossFit Games OPEN 19.5 Intramural Results

That’s it, folks! The (first) Open 2019 is over! Congratulations everyone! We didn’t just complete a solid 5 weeks of the Open, we started strong and finished even stronger!

“This is my second Open with Salus and it amazes me how close this community is. I love it and the environment you and Gino have created. I’m so happy to be a small part of it.” ~Dan

As you noticed, we have been deloading this week. Over the past five weeks, our fight or flight systems and adrenals have kicked in and worked extra hard. We need to give our minds and bodies a recovery period.

But, never fear! We’ll be building back up again as we prepare for what’s in store in for the second Open in October!

The team results of 19.5 and the winning team will be announced at our brunch on the 31st, so stay tuned. But, this week’s nominations are below. It is so hard to choose a winner for these nominations. So many amazing moments.

As Coach Scott put it,

We were challenged and accepted
We cried, we celebrated
We took risks and didn’t play it safe
We cheered and supported
We pr’d and never quit
We worked hard and had fun
We grew mentally,physically and spiritually
We are proud,we are strong, we are awesome
I ❤️ our community

Thank you all for making this event bigger and better every year. We are proud of all of you!

All the love,

Your Salus Coaches!


Remember, this Sunday is the CrossFit Games Open Celebration and family-friendly potluck at the box! ALL members (including kids & teens) are welcome! Bring your favorite brunch dish to share 🙂

Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 11:30.

RSVP here.

?HARDEST WORKER 19.5 Award goes to Katie Swift & twins!!

My vote for Hardest Worker is Kate. Of course being pregnant with twins can win over any fellow mom who’s gone through a pregnancy and knows how challenging it is to keep up with an exercise routine. However, she has totally committed herself to each week of the Open, redoing workouts to better herself, and giving her all. She truly went out on top by PR-ing c2b with 44 reps!! -Erin

  • There’s not a doubt in my mind that Katie gets hardest worker. She told us how she had a dream about chest to bar pull-ups the night before 19.5. She pulled three people up to that bar, 44 times I believe. Unbelievable!!! ~Dan
  • Katie of course for an incredible performance over the whole open, rxing each workout and PR the C2B. Also for being present all the time, cheering and judging my hubby twice. Lili
  • Hardest worker: Katie Swift. Period! ?
  • Katie Swift – come on now. Pregnant with twins and first c2b! really awesome. ~Shawn
  • Hardest Worker: Katie!! We all PR eventually, we all don’t PR by 44 reps while pregnant with twins. This strong mama is a force, and one of the sweetest souls you will know. ❤️??~Sue
  • Hardest Worker – Katie Swift. She literally gets stronger with every pregnancy. This time with twins on board she is twice as strong. When most would put aside some challenges until after delivery, she lets nothing hold her back!! She needs her own cape! ~Yvonne
  • Katie Swift – Katie deserves this award for not only undertaking her first open pregnant with twins, but also for all of her hard work and commitment to each and every workout. She gave it her all and even redid some of the workouts to better her score. During 19.5 she not only go her first chest to bar pullup, but then did 43 more with great form and determination! She has truly shown great strength determination and hard work ethic. ~Veronica

Hardest Worker 19.5 honorable mentions:

  • Camilla is the epitome of the athlete we all strive to be. She finished the most daunting workout whereas the rest of us packed it in many times throughout the workout. Her mindset is that of a finisher and winner. For that Camilla deserves the hardest worker award for 19.5.
  • I feel Camilla just gave it her absolute all.
  • CJ and Camilla for an unreal performance on 19.5 and dominating the leaderboard the whole open.
  • Camilla for hardest worker for finishing the workout like a champion
  • Hardest worker: Camilla. Although I did not see her workout in person I heard almost every member who did talk about how hard she went and how inspiring it was. I even hijacked her rep scheme and it is the only reason I was able to finish under the time cap. ~CJ
  • I nominate Steve for Hardest Worker. Steve has been such a strong presence during the Open, both as a coach and an athlete. However, watching him mentally fight his way through 19.5, literally pulling himself off the floor when his body wanted to give up, exemplified true commitment to finishing what you started. -Erin
  • Steve also gets my vote. Oh man not being no where near 100% after being sick he went to a scary dark place that I thought he was going to pass out but he kept on fighting. ~Scott
  • Cal! She busted her ass and crushed 19.5…she pushed herself to the limit for sure. ~Scott
  • Watching Cal get through 19.5 was amazing. She pushed so hard and fed off the energy and kept at it.
  • Megan Fuentes for powering through those chest to bars with giant bleeding rips on both hands! So inspiring and badass to watch!!! ~Lianne
  • Erin for hardest worker since she is always giving 150% and encouraging everyone around her. ~Cherie
  • CJ for hardest worker for finishing up the workout strong!!! – Camilla
  • Rob- what an amazing work ethic. He knew thrusters would be his Achilles heel but he still attacked them head on. He truly gave all he had. -Erin
  • Shawn Winters, Alicia Zink, Julie Hildenbrand – they hear the WODS, go to bed, and then have to tackle the WODS cold without any pointers, hints, or game plans from the previous classes. Their insight was very helpful. ~Katie
  • Hardest Worker goes to Gina!! She gave her all this open, and she never quit, she just came back for more! ??? ~Sue
  • Gina- I truly admire her quite strength and determination as she approached each open workout. She never complained just quietly puts in the work and crushed it! ~V

?SPIRIT OF THE GAMES 19.5 Award goes to Erin Winters!

Erin Winters, she has been the best captain, cheerleader, motivational speaker, and so so much more over the past 5 weeks (but seriously year round too) to not only her team members but to everyone in the box. She really wants people to succeed and cheers you on and encourages you even when your own self doubt creeps in. She is a solid athlete and an amazing person. ~Katie

  • Erin Winters- This is not the first time I’m nominating Erin because week after week she goes above and beyond for her team. She is constantly offering support in and out of the box. She is there for everyone offering advice and encouragement. And despite being sick this past week, her energy and support never faltered. Truly an awesome captain and teammate! ~V
  • For spirit of the games, I have to vote for my Captain. Erin has embraced her role like a boss. She not only motivated everyone on her team, but supported everyone not on her team as well. ~Dan
  • Erin Winters – she’s been tirelessly cheering and managing all aspects of her team for the past 5 weeks. She truly embodies everything that this intramural competition was meant to bring out. ~Shawn
  • Spirit: Erin!!! She is the best captain that has ever captained. Like most things in life, she rocked this role. Cheering us all on, showing up for every class (and if she could not be to one, she made sure someone was there to represent). This girl has integrity and grit like no one I’ve ever met. She is an inspiration to us all! So happy to have her as my captain, more happy to have her as my friend. ❤️?? ~Sue
  • Most Spirit – Erin Winters – All the captains have done such a great job for this Open. Erin has committed herself 1000% percent to her team. Motivating us, giving advice, decorating, cheering us on, coming to every class she can make it to. She sets the bar really high and her enthusiasm is palpable. ~Yvonne

Spirit of the Games 19.5 honorable mentions:

  • Eric for Spirit of the Games for being the best captain ever.
  • Eric for spirit of the games for being a GREAT captain always on top of everything, remind us of scores, posting details of every workout…
  • Spirit of the games goes to Eric Burke. He rallied the team each week, made sure everyone felt involved and supported, and gave his all in every workout. The games are all about giving your all while remaining a positive asset to the community and I think Eric did an amazing job of that. ~CJ
  • I have to vote for my captain for this week and over these past five weeks! I’m thankful for his motivation and positive energy with the entire team. ~Angela
  • The spirit award goes to everyone. Every single person has cheered me on and encouraged me to do things that I honestly in no way imagined I could ever do. This is really an amazing group of individuals with so much kindness in their hearts and I am so happy that I joined! Gina and Erin were the initial ones who convinced me to join the Open Games and I don’t know whether to yell at them, hug them or both but I know next time I’ll be even stronger and will shock myself again! Good job everyone and thank you!!!! -Jessica
  • I think he may have won already but I vote for Scott Brownfeld for Spirit of the games. He’s supportive, encouraging, not only always trying to better himself but loves seeing others excel as well.~Cherie
  • Spirit of the games to Scott Brownfeld for being the best, most motivational judge! I watched him get so many over that mental and physical brick wall! ~Lianne
  • Spirit of the games goes to all our coaches for being there supporting us and believing in all of us for the last 5 weeks!
  • Also vote for my Chris… after 3rd open wod he had decided to stop. But after couple of days. He decided he wouldn’t give up and he really pushed himself (sometimes feeling down bc he is the oldest at the box and difficult for him to accept that there are movements he is not good at… that’s just from his hidden competitive soul)-Lili
  • Cassie surprised many pushing herself out of her comfort zone every wod.
  • Every athlete did an incredible job… captains, cheering, huge effort everyone, you, holding back as well as Gino. Great great open season and can’t wait for October – Lili
  • Megan Brownfeld- She has supported everyone redoing during basic each week, cheering and offering guidance for anyone who needed it. As an athlete, she gave her all on the bar during 19.5. Even though she had one of the worst rips I’ve seen, she never quit and continue to chip away at each rep. -Erin
  • Kirsten, she makes sure she cheers for everyone and makes it her business to compliment as many as she can.
  • Gina Brownfeld- I have been in awe of her determination this Open. She starting rx-ing some workouts, refusing to let intimidation and nerves get the best of her. This season I have seen a marked difference in her confidence and willingness to try workouts. -Erin
  • Again I vote for Gina as she RXd the wod with never having to have done a pull-up and spent 15 minutes trying to get 1. She shows up to cheer everyone,never quits and never makes excuses. ~Scott

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