“I want to be able to stay strong and active for as long as I can.” ~Charley Sweet

Charley Sweet Athlete of the Month

Each month we bring you a story about one of our awesome athletes at Salus. We feature this person because they have something special. They give their best in every class (and then some), they are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. Not only that, but this person supports their fellow classmates and encourages them to reach their goals, too. This athlete embodies what we believe the Salus Community should be all about.

Our September 2022 Athlete of the Month is Charley Sweet.

“Charley is a smart CrossFitter, he knows when to push himself and knows when to scale things. He focuses on the right details and sees the value in the long term benefits of his time in the box.” ~Coach Gino

“Charley is a great member who always find time to fit a workout inside his busy routine. When he comes to class he always work hard and gets the job done💪” ~Coach Camilla

“Charlie doesn’t let “can’t” get in his way. His persistent attitude shines through during class while tackling technique, specifically in his lifts. He always seeks to challenge himself while being receptive to coaching cues.” ~Coach Erin

We’re so happy to have Charley as this month’s Athlete of the Month and an awesome part of this community. Enjoy his interview below.

Charley Sweet Athlete of the Month September 2022

1. When and why did you start at Salus?

I started Salus in January of 2021 when we were still working out outdoors. There was something primal about being out there in the cold, putting in the work. I joined because my old gym was too far to drive every day, and I just needed a change from where I was.

charley sweet athlete of the month

2. How has your performance changed since you started at Salus?

I’ve been doing CrossFit for about ten years. For the first 3 or 4, I was super competitive with myself and made great strides and improvements. After that I started to sort of level off into the athlete I am today.

Since I began Salus, I have become much more aware of being consistent. Being as good of an athlete as I can, be but still able to perform in life on its terms.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

No, not really. I may be better at dubs than I was, but not by much on the reg.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started?

More gray hair; I’m turning 50 in a few weeks…


5. How has Salus changed you in other ways?

Since I started Salus, I have also started a career change. I started the process of going back to school to get an RN license about the same time I began Salus.

Going to the gym in the morning to start my day on a positive note has a whole new meaning to me. Not only do I see fitness and health through a new, maybe more educated light, but I am really learning about the long term effects of staying consistent with my fitness. Pushing too hard and getting injured or just too sore to move is not helpful.

But pushing every time to do the very best I can on that day keeps my competitive juices flowing and, hopefully, keeps me in the best shape of my life for the rest of my life.

6. How do you describe Salus to your friends?

It depends on the friend I’m talking to.

A fitness friend: I tell them that it’s the place with real CrossFit, amazing coaching and a super supportive community.

If I’m talking to a not-so -fitness friend, I call it my “happy place.”

7. What keeps you motivated to continue? What’s your “why”?

My why is easy: I want to be able to stay strong and active for as long as I can. Salus is the fountain of youth.

8. Favorite lift or WOD?

My favorite WOD is the one that leaves me with more energy than when I started. Sometimes a short hard one and sometimes a long chipper. Usually I can make any WOD work for me by scaling it to suit my needs for the day.

Charley Sweet Athlete of the Month

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining Salus?

Don’t be in a hurry, play the long game and make the commitment to your health and fitness.

You will get better and stronger and faster.

You’ll see your body transform in a healthy amount of time.

You will be able to do more for longer if you stick with it…it’s not a quick fix.

Listen closely to your coaches, they all want you to succeed!

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

I just want to get to the gym tomorrow. Everyday I come is an accomplishment.

11. Favorite thing to do for fun?

I love to be outside. On a bike or a walk with a backpack.

12. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite “splurge” meal?

I love food and I love to cook good food so don’t really think about food as healthy or not healthy. I’m hungry, I eat, and if I’m not I don’t. My only real rule is that I don’t eat a couple hours before going to bed. It’s a guarantee for a bad night’s sleep and I’d rather be hungry.

13. Interesting fact not many people know about you.

I’ve lived in 13 different cities/towns.


Through this monthly recognition, we are showcasing those dedicated members for their hard work and accomplishments and show the community that anyone can be a CrossFitter.

All you have to do is make the choice to give it a try, set goals, work hard and challenge yourself. You may be surprised at what you will accomplish! It’s not that this person is able to RX every workout or lift the most weight. What makes an Athlete of the Month is that every time they come to the box, they try their hardest, give the workout their all, and then some.

They go above and beyond by spending extra time to work on specific skills, are welcoming of others and encourage other athletes to do their best, too. They really embody what CrossFit is all about and work to make CrossFit Salus the community and family that it is.

Each month we will choose a different Athlete and post some fun facts about them to help you get to know them better. Have a nomination? Let us know who by sending an email to angela@salusnj.com.


Choosing a Jump Rope

jump rope

When it comes to choosing a jump rope, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Here are a few of our favorites and some quick tips to consider about jump rope length, weight and maintenance.

Choosing a Jump Rope Brand

Here are our top three picks for jump ropes:

-RX Jump Ropes

The RX jump rope offers many options based on your height and skill ability with the jump rope.

-Rogue Jump Rope

The Rogue ropes are an inexpensive fixed length rope, with a nice moderate light cable that is flexible and doesn’t kink.

-One Fit Wonder

The One Fit Wonder jump ropes have nice long handles and a smooth spin for awesome control. The length is also adjustable by hand (no need for a screwdriver or allen key). Plus at $10, they’re an affordable option.

Jump Rope Weight

Unsure what weight to start with when choosing a jump rope?

  • The heavier the rope, the more you’ll feel it, which is good for beginners (can also be good for advanced athletes looking to increase intensity).
  • Move to lighter weight ropes to produce faster cycle rates. Lightweight ropes are good for athlete who are proficient at double unders.

Jump Rope Length

There are few factors to consider when finding your optimal length. These include your turning mechanics (the angle of your arms, where you hold your hands), the length of your arms, and the length of your handles. Here are a few guidelines to get started:

  1. Stand in the middle of the rope with two feet.
  2. Pull the handles straight up and make sure the rope is pulled taut.
  3. The handles should be reach directly under your armpits.

If the handles extend beyond your shoulders, the rope should to be shortened.
When jumping, the rope/cable should clear approximately 6″ to 10″ over your head at its apex. If it’s too long, it will be sloppy and take too much effort to turn.
When in doubt, it’s better to buy a rope that’s too long rather than too short, then adjust it from there.

Here’s a general equation to get you started:

Your Height + 3 ft. (92cm) = Rope Length

Taking Care of Your Jump Rope

Once you find a rope that you feel comfortable with, you’ll want to take care of it.

  • Don’t jump outside on concrete; it will chew up your rope.
  • Keep the knots and kinks out of your rope; adjust them at the handles instead.
  • To transport it, roll it up loosely like a garden hose and put it in a bag to keep the tangles out.

Need more help choosing a jump rope? Let’s chat!
Chat with us at class or shoot us a message at info@salusnj.com.

3 Reasons to Try CrossFit for Kids and Teens

CrossFit Kids Teens

What is CrossFit Kids and Teens

CrossFit Kids and Teens is a physical activity program specifically designed to make health and fitness fun for kids of all ages! Fighting against the constant struggles of tech temptations and health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, our programs offer a safe and fun environment for kids to learn to love fitness.

At Salus, we teach them to work hard so they can play hard: run faster, be stronger for sports and enjoy new activities.

CrossFit Kids, PreTeens & Teens classes consist of constantly varied workouts with functional movements to deliver fitness that is “broad, inclusive, general, and scalable” for any child at any level.

What’s this all mean?

These programs are designed for their age – not adults. We focus on developing overall athleticism and proper movement mechanics to help children become well-rounded athletes. Workouts can be made easier or harder to tailor to the level of each child ensuring each participant is challenged just enough to deliver measurable results and safe progress.

While we focus on specific skill movements each month, no two workouts will be the same (for the most part). That way, kids and teens won’t get bored and the novelty will keep them excited about participating.

Our youngest athletes, 5-8 year old, are encouraged to stay active in a fun, light-hearted environment with plenty of exercises disguised as games. As they grow with CrossFit Kids, into PreTeens (8-12) and up to Teens (12+), they’ll discover their self-confidence while developing body awareness and coordination. We teach functional movements that are fundamental to all things kids do when they play or participate in organized sports such as running, throwing, pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting and jumping…just to name a few.

And the benefits are numerous. Here are three.

Stronger, Faster, Smarter: Benefits of CrossFit Kids

1. Build a Solid Base

Kids and Teens are like little sponges. When they are exposed to good habits and consistency in form for fitness at an early age, it helps them build a healthy base for the rest of their lives. Studies show that active kids generally grow up to be active.

With proper instruction and emphasis on supporting good movement patterns, children can participate in activity without worrying about injuries.

2. Support Confidence

CrossFit classes can help develop kids and teens on an emotional level. With focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, following direction, self-discipline and honesty, we aim to set kids up for success later in life. Promoting camaraderie and discipline, CrossFit provides a safe emotional release for kids who are rapidly changing every day.

Also, as kids progress, they will experience a noticeable difference in their confidence levels resulting in a boost in overall self-esteem on the field and in school.

Which leads us to…

3. Improve School Performance

Sure, CrossFit Kids and Teens is a great place to get fit, make new friends and learn important social skills, but it can also help their minds get sharper, too!
A British Medical Journal study showed that the more active children are at age eleven, the better they performed in exams (English, math and science) in the following years up to age sixteen. The researchers found a significant link between physical activity and academic performance: “Studies have revealed relationships between PA [physical activity] and relevant cognitive outcomes such as measures of executive function, as well as studies suggesting that PA might increase time ‘on task’ in class and reduce classroom ‘problem behavior.”

Check out our CrossFit Kids mention in the New York Times: High-Fives, Not High Reps

CrossFit Salus Kids and Teens

At CrossFit Salus in Middletown, NJ, all of our CrossFit Kids and Teens classes are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of a thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids Trainer. The ultimate goal of of our CrossFit Kids and Teens program at CrossFit Salus is to help kids develop a lifelong love for fitness.

“Nobody has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for anyone to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable” Socrates

CrossFit Kids programs can be found in over 1,800 gyms and more than 1,000 schools worldwide. CrossFit Salus is the only CrossFit Kids Affiliate in Middletown, NJ.

We invite you to encourage your children to try new things, meet new friends at CrossFit Salus. Find out more about our CrossFit Kids and Teens program and feel free to contact us at info@salusnj.com with any questions.


Check out some more of our CrossFit Kids & Teens posts:

William Barnhisel on “Dad Strength”

william athlete of the month

Each month we bring you a story about one of our amazing Salus athletes. This person has something special. They give their best in every class (and then some), they are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work without complaining. Not only that, but this person supports their fellow classmates and encourages them to reach their goals, too. This athlete embodies what we believe the Salus Community should be all about.

Our August 2022 Athlete of the Month is William Barnhisel. William came to CrossFit Salus in 2019 looking for a place to drop in during the holidays. Now living in the Middletown, NJ area, Bill and his wife, Lauren are regular members. You’ll find Bill crushing the early evening WODs bringing his positive energy and baby Bill Jr. with him!

“Bill is so much fun to coach—he gives 100%, has never seen a barbell he can’t wait to move, and crushes those gymnastics movements. He is a real pleasure to have in class.” ~Coach Lisa

“Bill is a pleasure to have in class . He quietly crushes every WOD and has a real sweet family.” ~Coach Scott

“Bill is one of our most well rounded male athletes, he has a great mind set, great energy and loves a challenge.” ~Coach Gino

We’re so happy to have William as our August Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of this community. Congratulations Bill!

William Barnhisel Athlete of the Month August 2022

1. When and why did you start at Salus?

I started full time when my wife (Lauren) and I moved to Middletown in the Summer of 2020. Previously, I would drop in periodically when Lauren and I would come down from the city to visit her family.

2. How has your performance changed since you started at Salus?

I have definitely gotten stronger on most of my lifts as well as HSPUs.

I think this is because mainly we consistently do lifting at Salus or because now I have dad strength with the birth of Little Bill. Our old gym in the city was so small and so busy it was hard to program lifting.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

Strict HSPUs I always struggled with, but I have definitely gotten better at those and can string larger sets together now.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started?

Well when first starting Salus I had a little more COVID weight, you can only get so far with a 50lb dumbbell in a 500 sq ft apartment you are sharing with your wife and 80lb dog. So I dropped the COVID weight by fall of 2020 and have been pretty consistent since then.

5. How has Salus changed you in other ways?

I have always used the gym as my de-stressor. So Salus definitely helps with that. It’s a combination of zoning out for an hour a day and just focusing on the task at hand, getting the endorphins going and having fun with the other members.

It’s a great community at Salus.

6. How do you describe Salus to your friends?

Eh ok, Kidding. Lauren and I have made most of our friends in Middletown from Salus.

There is just something about CrossFit people.

On the whole they are great people who enjoy the same things so it’s easy to make friends and enjoy the community.

7. What keeps you motivated to continue? What’s your “why”?

For me it is really my stress management. My job is pretty stressful, so my workouts are essential.

I always feel better no matter what happens during the day.

8. Favorite lift or WOD?

I love Murph. I know it’s a long one, but just something about chipping away at it while keeping in mind WHY we are doing it is just so motivating.

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining Salus?

Take your time figuring everything out, especially on the technique. No one really cares how much you can lift or what you can do.

We are all there for our own reasons.

It takes a while for some of the movements to click. I’ve made the mistake when I was younger by trying to go too heavy too fast on some of the lifts and have injured myself. Some of the members have been doing this for years, so don’t feel intimidated when they are lifting much heavier or doing movements you don’t know yet.

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

My mobility.

I sit most of the day for work, so my back and hip flexors get pretty tight. I want to get to a point where I can comfortably sit in a full squat for minutes without being uncomfortable.

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

I love long chippers, so some combination of hang power cleans, shoulder to overhead, HSPUs, double unders and bar muscle ups with a 25 minute time cap.

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

I’m a busy body. So I love my projects around the house. Lauren sometimes gets annoyed with, “why can’t you just relax?”

I don’t know why, but I usually need to be doing something.

13. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite “splurge” meal?

My favorite healthy dish is soy salmon filets I make on the grill. I started doing it for lent last year on Fridays and now it’s one of our staples at the house.

My Favorite splurge meal is homemade pizza, when it’s made I eat far too much of it!

14. Favorite motivational quote?

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” I think this goes back to my busy body nature, again it annoys Lauren sometimes haha.

15. Interesting fact not many people know about you.

I’ve been to 46 states. Most of it came from traveling during my wrestling career, but I think it’s pretty cool I’ve seen so much of the country.

Only states I haven’t been to are: Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Alaska.

Explaining CrossFit Terms to Your Friends

crossfit terms

Explaining CrossFit Terms to Your Friends and Learning the Common Vocabulary, Acronyms and Abbreviations

So, it’s official. You “drank the Kool-Aid” and you CrossFit now…but how can you explain all those CrossFit terms to your friends and let them know just how awesome it really is. Oh and by the way, what in the world do all those acronyms mean?

One question we ask each of our Athletes of the Month is: How do you explain CrossFit to your friends or someone who is unfamiliar with it?

It can be hard to put into words; it’s all about the experience, but the standard definition is: “CrossFit is the sport of fitness built on the methodology that the workouts include high-intensity, constantly varied, functional movements.”   You can tell somebody that and it still probably makes no sense to them.

The best way IS for them to experience it.

But to simplify it; you can try something like this: “CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day, you bend down and pick things up, you put things over your head, you squat down, you stand up, you run after your kids… CrossFit prepares you for all that and more by performing those exact movements in our workouts. We borrow exercises from things like Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning (like running and jump roping), and we mix it up a lot, so your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster, better conditioned. And the key to the whole program is that you work really, really hard… so you get fit really, really fast. And it’s fun.

AND you are proof that it works.

For most people that go to a regular gym, they have no direction and no idea what they’re doing.  CrossFit is not necessarily random because it’s constantly varied; at CrossFit Salus, our programming is progressive and done with purpose and a goal in mind.

We have a very close relationship with all of our athletes and we make sure they’re doing everything safely & properly, so you get 100 percent direction when it comes to the workout. In fact, each workout has three different CrossFit levels available so everyone gets a great workout.

Often, many people don’t realize that nutrition is about 80-90 percent of how you’re going to perform, look and feel. So that is also something that we discuss very early on in the journey at Salus.

CrossFit terms are unique. This sport is comprised of it’s own lingo. Here are some basic terms and their definitions:

  • AMRAP: As Many Reps (sometimes Rounds) as Possible
  • BEAST: A complimentary term used to describe a badass athlete, as in “she’s a beast”.
  • Benchmark-A workout or lift that tests or measures your fitness and/or strength. Similar to “What do you bench?” at Gold’s Gym, in CrossFit, the classic benchmark is, “What is your Fran time?”
  • Box: the term which refers to a CrossFit gym
  • BS: Back squat
  • BW: Body weight
  • Chipper: A workout with many reps and many movements (you chip away at it)
  • CFT: CrossFit Total – consisting of max squat, press, and deadlift.
  • C&J: Clean and jerk
  • DL: Deadlift
  • Dubs: Double Unders- the jump rope swings around twice with one jump
  • EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute
  • Fran: Classic CrossFit benchmark (21-15-9 thrusters/pullups)
  • Firebreather: A top- notch athlete, someone who does things that us mere mortals just stare at in wonderment. Someone we can all aspire to be like.
  • For Time: Complete the timed workout as quickly as possible. Be sure and log your workouts (especially the named ones) so you can see your fitness progression.
  • FS: Front squat
  • The “Girls”: Some of the very first CrossFit WODs; The “benchmarks” for assessing one’s level of fitness; These workouts are named after girls (15 total “original girl” WODs; and 6 total “new girl” WODs).
  • GHD Sit-up: Sit-up done on the Glute Ham Developer.
  • Globo Gym: the world-wide accepted norm for what a gym is (commercial fitness) i.e. 24 Hour Fitness, WOW, YMCA, etc
  • Goat: A movement or lift that is difficult for you to overcome. Something you dread coming up in a workout because you either suck at it, hate it or both. Common goats include double unders, muscle ups, running and handstand push ups. We all should be working on our goats, constantly.
  • Hero WODs: Named after military servicemen, police, or firefighters who have died in the line of duty, these difficult workouts are intermittently programmed in CrossFit to provide an extra challenge and reminder of their sacrifice- mentally and physically (Example: “Murph”- Run 1 mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, run 1 mile)
  • GPP: General physical preparedness, aka “fitness.”
  • Globo Gym: Often associated with low membership prices, which proves the old saying “you get what you pay for”. A gym whose business strategy is designed to get you in the door, pay your fees and then hope you never come in again.
  • HSPU: Hand stand push up. Kick up into a handstand (use wall for balance, if needed) bend arms until nose touches floor and push back up.
  • KB: Kettlebell
  • K2E: Knees to elbows. Similar to TTBs described below.
  • Kipping pullup: A rhythmic swing on a pull-up bar that lets you transfer horizontal motion to vertical force. This movement should allow you to complete more (and quicker) pull-ups
  • MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning.
  • MU: Muscle ups.
  • OHS: Overhead squat.
  • Paleo: Clean eating nutrition plan that many CrossFit athletes adhere to; Not a ‘diet’, but a healthy lifestyle; The premise is “eat real, whole foods”, including protein (red meat, poultry, pork, seafood, eggs), vegetables (all, including some starchy veggies, such as sweet potatoes/butternut squash), lots of healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil) and some fruit; Eliminates gluten, sugar, most dairy and legumes.
  • Pistol: A squat that only uses one leg at a time (also known as single leg squats). Resistance bands or steadying oneself on a box/pole may be used to help gain balance for those new to the movement
  • Pood/Pd: Weight of a kettlebell (1 pood = 35lbs, 1.5 pood = 44lbs, 2 pood = 70lbs)
  • PR: Personal record
  • PP: Push press
  • Rep: Repetition. One performance of an exercise completed successfully. A “NO REP” would be a failed attempt at a rep.
  • Rest day: A necessary component for recovery, both physical and mental. The harder you work, the more rest you need
  • Rip: What could happen to your hands after pullups at a high volume. It’s preventable! Buy a roll of tape and keep it in your bag.
  • Rhabdo: Rhabdomyolysis; A dangerous condition where muscle fibers breakdown at a high rate.
  • ROM: Range of motion
  • Routine: the enemy.
  • Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments or scaled movements. Complete WOD done with proper form.
  • SDHP: Sumo deadlift high pull
  • Scaled: The CORRECT use of “scaled,” is, “I scaled an exercise I can do for one I can’t,” For example,if you can’t do pullups, you scaled by doing an assisted pullup with a band.
  • TGU: Turkish get-up
  • Tabata:For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can – then rest 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise.
The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals.
  • T2B: Toes to bar.
  • WOD: Workout of the day
  • 21-15-9: A specific rep scheme for a give WOD.  (Ex: 21-15-9 Thrusters and pull ups. …Round 1 do 21 Thrusters and 21 Pullups, round 2 do 15 thrusters and 15 pull ups, round 3 do 9 thrusters and 9 pull ups. DONE!)

CrossFit Levels

We Design Our Own Programming using CrossFit Levels

At CrossFit Salus, all of our programming is well-thought-out and planned in advance with your goals in mind. It is not canned. Each CrossFit class is specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of our varied community. Which is why we offer CrossFit Levels.

Our goals as your coaches are to improve your health and performance in the way that is most meaningful for your own specific needs and desires.

We Understand

We understand that a vast range of personal goals and abilities exist at the box, which is why we offer different levels to help each individual achieve his/her goals.

Whether you’re a beginner, progressing toward the next level or a seasoned CrossFit athlete, you will still be able to get a good workout and achieve the appropriate stimulus of the programming.

CrossFit Levels = Options Options Options

Every CrossFit class offers three different levels. No matter which level you choose, you will all participate together using different weights or skill options.

  • L1: SMART START is designed for the individual just starting out their fitness journey. It’s also a perfect fit for someone who took a break from fitness and are just now getting back into the groove. These workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness and focus on movement quality rather than intensity. Be prepared to get stronger and master basic skills .
  • L2: FITNESS level is the next step up from Smart Start. It’s a perfect fit for someone who has been with us for a bit and is getting stronger in their lifts and skills. This level is aimed to develop movement competency, increase intensity and complexity as well as improve general fitness and strength. Be prepared to challenge your mindset as you dive into more challenging workouts.
  • RX: PERFORMANCE is designed for the more advanced athlete who has a good base of strength and skill set. This individual might be training for a competition. Like any sport, CrossFit demands high levels of skill and coordination as well as strength, speed, power and endurance – these elements will all be set at the highest level.

Here’s an example of CrossFit Levels at Salus

crossfit levels

Family Fitness Middletown NJ

family fitness middletown nj

We are excited to announce our fifth Salus Family Fitness Day series coming this fall.

Fit Fam! Family Fitness Series

This specialty family fitness class is specifically designed for children ages 7 and up and their parent to participate in a great workout together! Full-body workouts will incorporate cardiovascular exercise, functional fitness and light weight training. Participants should wear athletic clothing & sneakers, bring water, expect to sweat… and have a blast!

Our CrossFit Salus Kids & Teens Coaches  know how to make exercise fun and are excited to share their love of fitness with the Middletown, NJ community.

Space is limited and reservation is required. Please contact angela@salusnj.com.


Children age 7-12 are welcome to attend with their parent. Whether you’re new or experienced, our aim is to introduce participants to new skills and spark their interest in fitness!

You do not have to be a member at Salus to participate. So invite your neighbors and lets show everyone what a great community we have here at CrossFit Salus!


3-class series starts in September 2022.

Sunday, September 11, 18, 25


Registration for the 3-class series is $75 and includes one child + one parent.

Space is limited. Contact angela@salusnj.com if you are interested in participating.

Collin Martin, Athlete of the Month

Like many, Collin joined after a long break away from fitness during COVID. But he’s back and improving more than ever! Just hear what some of our coaches have to say:

“Collin definitely has a competitive streak. He has definitely been working on improving his level of performance, technique and positioning to reach that next goal.” ~Coach Gino

“I can confidently say that Collin is laser focused. You can tell he spends his class time soaking up as much as he can from our coaches. He pushes himself and is eager to attack his weaknesses.” ~Coach Erin

“Collin is constantly pushing his own boundaries, willing to try unfamiliar movements, back off to work on form, and also work heavy. He is very coachable, and constantly working to improve.” ~Coach Lisa

“Coaching Collin is always a pleasure. Every workout, I can see his mind thinking “how can I attack this workout.” He never compares himself but constantly tries to beat what he did yesterday.” ~Coach Anthony

Congratulations Collin! Meet our July 2022 Athlete of the Month!

1. When and why did you start at Salus?

I joined in May 2021 after a 15-month CrossFit hiatus. My wife and I moved to Middletown from Jersey City during the pandemic.

I was mostly working out at home as a result of Covid, either running or hitting the Peloton, and I wanted to get back to the challenging/intense workouts that CrossFit provides.

2. How has your performance changed since you started at Salus?

I have definitely gotten stronger, especially over the last few months. I ran a marathon last fall so my attendance was spotty, and I wasn’t really pushing myself on the strength side of the equation.

Since this past winter I’ve tried to challenge myself a bit more with heavy lifts, and to not take the easy way out on the metcons (like choosing a weight that I knew was way too light.)

I’ve set a few new PRs on lifts lately as a result.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

Both my overhead squats and squat snatches have improved a lot. That might sound crazy for anyone who has witnessed them, but they are so challenging for me that little increases in weight here and there are big accomplishments for me (I’ll challenge anyone in the gym for the “worst mobility” title!)

When I first started CrossFit, I would avoid classes where these lifts were programmed; now I seek them out since I want to keep improving.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started?

The good news is that I have gotten stronger, but the bad news is that I still have the “quarantine 15” and don’t fit into a lot of my clothes! Angela might have a new nutrition client soon…

5. How has Salus changed you in other ways?

I try to take the 6a class when I can fit it into my schedule since it helps me get focused for the day. I get the feeling of accomplishment right away, and then I’m ready to tackle my job knowing I got the workout out of the way.

6. How do you describe Salus to your friends?

It’s a great community where everyone checks their ego at the door.

No matter how strong you are or how quickly you finish a workout, everyone is supportive because what matters most is that YOU push yourself and YOU make sure you’re getting the most out of each workout.

My friends have said it looks intimidating, but at the end of the day, everyone is there for the same reason.

And the coaches are all incredible—the coaches at Salus are all passionate and invested in the success of all of us.

7. What keeps you motivated to continue? What’s your “why”?

I love competition, and while my “glory days” are behind me, this still allows me to get the competitive juices flowing. That can technically mean against the other people in the class, but more often than not it’s just about pushing yourself to the limits. I love the idea of workouts that say “go do XYZ as quickly as you can.”

8. Favorite lift or WOD?

Murph! I’d be happy with adding in another mile in there somewhere!

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining Salus?

Just stick with it. It can be intimidating at first, especially when you don’t know the lifts and exercises, but over time it’s going to get you in great shape. And listen to the coaches!

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

Bar muscle ups.

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

Murph but with 5ks at the start/end

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

Trying new restaurants and golfing when I can

13. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite “splurge” meal?

Healthy: grilled chicken and veggies
Splurge: Tomahawk ribeye with all of the unhealthy sides: mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, creamed spinach.

14. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

My dog Eli. He’s a weirdo so I’d love to know what’s going on in his mind..

15. Favorite motivational quote?

“ To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Steve Prefontaine

16. Interesting fact not many people know about you.

-Every year I do a “beer mile” with my friends. I’ll be happy to provide more details off the record…

-I was once flown to Singapore for a 3.5 mile race.

CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer

crossfit kids games

CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer


Integrity: Do the right thing (even when no one is watching)


Squat, Perfect Pushup, Jump Rope

CrossFit Kids WOD

Warm Up: Run around the cones and FREEZE when the music stops to do exercise (plank, sit up, perfect pushup, squat)!

“Jack in the box” Squats: Squat slowly down, hold down and then “spring!” out, standing up strong.

WOD: AMRAP in 6 minutes

3 squats at door
crab walk to cone (half way)
3 tuck jumps at cone
bear crawl to wall
run back to door

Learn How to Take Your Heart Rate

Let’s learn how to measure your HEART RATE.

A person’s heart rate (pulse), is the number of times the heart beats per minute. The heart is a special muscle because of what it does for us. The heart sends blood throughout our body. That blood provides our body with important oxygen and nutrients… it also carries away waste.

To find your pulse in your neck, place two fingers on your Adam’s apple in your throat (that’s the part that sticks out and moves when you swallow). Gently feel to the side of it, and you will find your pulse.

Count the number of beats (pulses) for 15 seconds.. Take that number and multiply it by 4 to find your heartrate in beats per minute. For example, if you count 25 beats (25 x 4 = 100 beats per minute.)

Take your pulse before you start (best if done first thing in the morning)- this is your ‘resting heart rate’. Record your heart rate again after exercise and note the difference.

Did you Know? A child’s heart typically beats faster than an adult’s.

CrossFit Kids WOD at Home

AMRAP in 7 minutes

5 perfect squats
burpee broad jump (about the length of your driveway)
5 tuck jumps at one end
bear crawl to other end
5 perfect pushups
run down driveway and back


CrossFit Kids Game

Sponge Bucket Relay

Divide kids into two teams (adults can play, too!)

Place cones 50 feet apart.

At the starting cone, place two buckets filled with water, each with a sponge, and place two empty buckets at the other side.

On trainer “3-2-1 GO” the first child in line dunks the sponge into the water and then runs the sponge to the other side, squeezes water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs back to the starting line.

While the teammates are waiting, they must be doing jumping jacks or squats. The team with the most water in their bucket when time is called wins.


Jump Rope in :45 seconds

How many successful skips can you do in :45 seconds?


Hand Rips: Maintaining Your Hands for CrossFit

how to prevent hand rips

How to Prevent CrossFit Hand Rips

You know you’re a CrossFitter when handshakes become a topic of conversation. Not only because of your strong grip, but because of those nasty little calluses and hand rips. It’s important (and easy) to make hand care a part of your training.

Our hands have seen it all, we’ll show you the trick to keeping them rip-free!

Between hanging on the bar for toes to bar and endless pullups, holding on to the barbell with a hook grip for the snatch or clean and jerk, kettlebell swings, heavy deads, dumbbell snatch….almost every move in CrossFit can take a toll of your hands.

All that extra dead skin build up not only makes for a rough handshake, but it also increases your risk for a hand tear! And while some might feel proud to show off their hand rips as a badge of CrossFit, they’re really painful and they limit you training for a long time (how many exercises can you think of that don’t involve holding on to something…not many)

Daily and Weekly Hand Maintenance to Prevent Rips

Try these simple hand care tips to prevent hand rips and keep your grip ready for anything:



Especially in the winter, make sure you keep your hands moisturized. I know, it’s not fun to touch your keyboard or smart phone with lotioned-up hands, so at the very least, make sure you put on plenty of lotion nightly.

Opt for all natural lotion without harmful chemicals. Burt’s Bees and Badger Balm are both good lines to try.


The night before your rest day, make a habit to shave your calluses.

Tweezerman makes a good callus shaver, just be sure you use a sharp blade each time (a dull blade could end up ripping off close-by, sensitive alive skin).

Then, buff them down with a pumice stone or an fancy electronic one like this one, and moisturize thoroughly.

When should you do this? Rest day is best, that way you have all night and the next day for any sensitive skin to smooth out. Make sure you don’t do the the day of your WOD or your hands will hurt.

Keep Your Hands Healthy!

These hand care steps may not always give you soft “pre-crossfit” hands, but it will definitely prepare them to handle whatever workload you throw their way and prevent those notorious hand rips, too!

Have more CrossFit questions?

Let’s chat! Check out our blog for more frequently asked questions. And of course, don’t hesitate to chat with us before or after class or shoot us a message at info@salusnj.com.

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