Athlete of the Month: Angela Weiner

Angela Weiner, Athlete of the Month February 2018

Less than a year ago, Angela Weiner walked into the box on a mission to make a change in her life. After working one-on-one with Coach Angela consistently for a few months, her drive and determination led her to join a CrossFit class. Crushing PRs and ready for anything that’s thrown at her, there isn’t much that stops her.

For the past ten months, Angela has stepped out of her comfort zone every day with an open, positive attitude and patience.

Strong, humble, zero excuses and relentless…meet Angela Weiner, your Athlete of the Month for February 2018!

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

Angela Weiner , Athlete of the MonthI started CrossFit in May 2017. The reason? I was looking for a change after neglecting myself for so long. My friend Carmen introduced me to Angie as a Personal Trainer after she saw the dark space I was in that moment – that moment truly changed my life completely.

I worked 1-on-1 coaching with Angie for about 4 months and even though we still meet very often, now I feel strong and confident enough to join a CrossFit class… that was a huge step for me.

2. How has your performance changed since you started?

I still have a lot of work to do but It has improved a lot!

I feel stronger and eager to get better everyday.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

Hell yes! – Something as simple as a sit up was a huge struggle for me… I look back and it is impressive how CrossFit can change you inside and out.

4. How has your body changed since you started?

Oh boy! Just figure how your body looks after 4 pregnancies… LOL, it’s a disaster! (Husband, thank you for your patience, I love you) – especially considering that I didn’t workout for 15 years!!!

Angela Weiner , Athlete of the MonthNow I feel more comfortable on my own skin and I know it will only get better. I still have a long way to go, but I’ll get there.

I really wish I started sooner, CrossFit is making me a better person, helping me to believe in myself and be a good role model for my kids and family.

5. Why did you start Foundation Nutrition Coaching and how did that impact you?

Angie has been my biggest inspiration. She believed in me when I didn’t and that’s priceless – I accept her guidance and take her advice every step of the way.

Foundation Nutrition impacted me by making me realized how bad my habits were and made me more aware of my nutrition, sleep and water intake. I’m looking forward to do it again, and learn more from her and her experience.

6. How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

I describe it as challenging but worth it! CrossFit is intimidating but you walk out of the box a better version of you every time. Of course some days are better than others, sometimes it can be frustrating because you want to accomplish many things, but CrossFit also develops your patience and consistency – and those two are a great match!

Stick to it!

7. What keeps you motivated to continue?

My why? Hmmm.. I ask myself that question very often… It is just addicting. I’m addicted to feel that “I can” and I’m addicted to the inspiration that I get from other amazing athletes and coaches, especially Angie & Gino who have been really supportive during my learning months… all those good things expand in all the aspects of your life.

That’s why I’m sticking to it!

8. Favorite lift or WOD?

I love deadlifts and I really loved when we did #GirlsMeetTheHeroes on NYE! It was so much fun!

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Salus?

This is going to sound weird, but sometimes I see people trapped in their tired body and I feel like approaching and telling them that I was there only 8 months ago. I want to tell them that there’s a way to become a happier, healthier, better you… and yes! it takes a lot, a lot of patience too, but it’s beautiful to see how your smile and confidence comes back to you!

Just stick to it!

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

Pull-ups! It is taking me forever!

And I can’t wait to finish my first Open (so scary!)

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

5 rounds for time:
200 m run
20 Box Jumps
20 deadlifts
20 sit ups
20 pull-ups

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

"Buffalo" by Angela Weiner, February Athlete of the Month
“Buffalo” by Angela Weiner, February Athlete of the Month

Travel with my family, soccer and paint – I need to spend more time with my brushes!

13. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite splurge?

Healthy dish – I love Pesto zoodles! (wait! Is that healthy?)
Splurge meal – Mexican food – Including Patron!

14. If you could be a superhero who would you be and why?

Funny question… I used to dream to become old leaving in a farm, away from humans, making my own wine, painting and relaxing all day long… but even my future looks different now.

I want to be my kids and grandkids “superhero” – I want them to believe that everything is possible with hard work and dedication. I want them to believe in themselves and others, I want to do many awesome adventures with them.

15. Favorite Motivational quote?

“I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t” – Neila Rey
This is my current status!