Clean Eating Meal Prep

clean eating meal prep

On an epic hunt for healthy food every time you’re hungry? Find yourself scrounging through the kitchen feeling like you could eat anything in sight? This clean eating meal prep plan will give you the structure to make your own system work with your goals…not against them.

Because, when you have access to clean, healthy food, and it’s conveniently around you…you’re more likely to make healthy choices and stick to your plan all week long.

Enter: Clean Eating Meal Prep

If you’re looking to maximize performance, increase energy, reduce stress and just finally feel organized for your week, you need to meal prep. Whether you’re paleo, vegan or eating for performance, clean eating meal prep simply means you’ll be setting aside some time to prep clean, healthy meals in advance so it’s ready and conveniently available whenever you need it.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Make the Clean Eating Meal Prep Plan

    • Look at your upcoming weekly schedule and see what’s on the calendar.
    • Choose 1 day a week (or two) to do your meal prep.
    • Put it on your calendar. (And don’t cancel on you).
    • Set aside about 2 hours to make your list, shop, cook and clean.
    • The more you do this, the faster the process will become. Promise.

2. Identify Challenges

      • Looking at your calendar, what is life about to throw your way? Can you foresee any nutrition challenges (see below gif) that might pop up?
      • Is there a day that you might need some special preparation (party, night out, traveling)?
      • Being prepared is half the battle.

3. Make a Meal Prep Menu

      • Create a general menu for the next few days. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or in-depth (in fact, it probably won’t be).
      • Build a grocery shopping list from that menu. Make sure you have lean proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates listed on that menu.
      • Consider some easy one-pot meals that can be slow-cooked (such as soups, stews, curries, chili), then divide those into containers to be frozen or refrigerated.
      • Don’t forget about meal-prepping for breakfast and/or lunch, too!
      • Now, when you hit the grocery store, you’ll be less tempted to buy random (ie: goal sabotaging) things.


    4. Shop for Meals

          • Stock up on the items you’ll need for the week.
          • Maybe even grab a few extras… those “just in case” items, such as A Dozen Cousins 90-second rice, Kevin’s Chicken, frozen vegetables, nuts, grab-and-go fruits or other easily-stored healthy options that you can use in a pinch.

    5. Cook Up Clean Meals

            • Time to start meal prepping and cooking.
            • Grill or roast your choice of lean protein, wash and chop veggies, cook up a batch or brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.
            • Divide your meals out and freeze/refrigerate for the rest of the week.

    Remember, when you take the time to plan ahead with these clean eating meal prep ideas, the rest of the week will seem so simple, plus you’ll stress less about your clean eating decisions.

    Do you have more nutrition questions….we’ve got your nutrition answers. Just reach out!