How to Safely Cut Weight Before a Weightlifting Meet (Preview)

How to Safely Cut Weight Before a Meet

By Angela Salveo, Sports Nutrition Coach

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Cutting Weight Like A Pro

Just like your training and nutrition needs, cutting weight for a meet is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. And, surprise… it’s not for everyone.

Since some competitive weightlifters train slightly heavier than their weight class, cutting bodyweight without sacrificing performance for competition day becomes a matter of planning strategically and flexing some willpower muscles.

As you’re aware, the rules of a weightlifting meet require athletes to weigh in one or two hours before the start of the competition. With such a small window of time to rehydrate and replenish energy stores, your weight cut needs to be realistic and safe.

Are you ready to get started?

These tips will help you get organized for your weight cut, but you need to be prepared for some mental challenges along the way.

Do you know what weight class you’re choosing (see below guide in kilograms)? Before we dive in to weight-cut strategies, it’s important to set yourself up for success in the months ahead.

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Months ahead into the Week Before Competition: What is An Attainable Goal?

So, let’s say you trimmed down the fat, but you’re still not quite there. How much weight can you expect to cut in that final week…

Last Minute Techniques

Most of the weight that is lost for weigh-in day will be due to lowering glycogen stores and losing water weight. But, realize that everyone has individual differences that is going to affect how they lose fat, body weight, water weight and how it affects their performance and training load. That’s why it’s best to do a test cut and approach it with the guidance of a coach…

After the Weight Cut & Before Weigh-In

After the weight cut, you need to rehydrate properly and choose fluids wisely…

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Angela Salveo to Represent Team USA at Upcoming Worlds Competition

Middletown, NJ mom, Angela Salveo, will be representing Team USA as a Masters Olympic Weightlifter in the upcoming World Masters Weightlifting Championship 2019 in Montréal – Québec – Canada.

Angela’s Journey

“It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Challenges are not just a part of life’s journey, they’re a necessity. And anyone who knows me knows I love a good challenge.”

Angela knows a thing or two about navigating obstacles and hard work. She is a mom of 9-year-old twins, owner/coach at CrossFit Salus and Foundation Nutrition, works for CMDS Marketing Agency as the Director of Digital Content and also for YOLKED®. Juggling all of this, she still makes time to chase her goals.

“I have always been an extremely goal-driven person.” Growing up in an active family in small town Iowa, Angela had the luxury to participate in as many activities she could get her hands on. Whether that was running 400s in high school track, participating in theater, playing the flute or piano, competing in speech or cheerleading for basketball and football from junior high through college, she has always stayed active.

In fact, Angela graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Iowa State University (go cyclones!) to pursue her passion in the health and fitness industry even further. She opened CrossFit Salus with Gino in 2013.

In May 2015, Angela started getting more serious about weightlifting and began training at their USAW Club: TripleX, under Coach Gino. She began competing locally to mix in with her other local CrossFit competitions. “Gino is like my live-in Coach. He has not only been there with me every single step of the way, he’s the reason I fell in love with the sport.”

But, it wasn’t until August 2018 that she decided to put CrossFit on the back burner and move weightlifting to the forefront with the big goal to qualify for Nationals…and even bigger goal to qualify for Worlds. At this time she also began working diligently with Coach Steven Swistak, Team USA Olympic Weightlifting Veteran.

“At Worlds, it will be exactly one year of working with Coach Steve. Talk about cool timing! The two of them have been such an integral part of my journey. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without them.”

Throughout her journey, Angela has been weightlifting four times a week, mixing in CrossFit once or twice a week and maximizing a day or two of active recovery. “Recovery for me is extremely important. I have to prioritize sleep, nutrition and body work or I wouldn’t be able to train the way I do. Whether that’s stretching and mobility every night before bed, meditating, getting massages or treatment at Sportscare physical therapy, it’s all an important piece of the puzzle.”

This past March, Angela competed at the USAW 2019 National Masters Championships, where she placed second for the 59kg division in women 40-44 years old and qualified for Worlds. For the world competition, only the top 700 athletes in the world are invited to compete and represent their country. Salveo is currently ranked number four in the world in her age/weight class.

Canada Bound: Representing Team USA Masters Olympic Weightlifting!

This world event will take place at the Pierre-Charbonneau center in the olympic quarter of Montréal, Canada. The venue has an impressive history including the Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling events of the 1976 Olympic Games, the Canadian Judo Championships and Provincial Boxing and Ultimate Fighting Championships.

And, hey! Entrance to the venue is free of charge for spectators if you want to take a road trip!!

Angela Salveo Lifts Wednesday, August 21, 7:15pm

On Wednesday, August 21, Angela’s session (W40/59kg category, session #35) will weigh-in at 5:15pm and she will lift at 7:15pm on platform A. See the official schedule here.

See official start list here.

Watch it LIVE!

The championship will be live-streamed on Youtube. The link to the stream will be available here.

Follow along in Angela’s journey:

More updates may be posted on the Montréal World Masters Weightlifting 2019 Facebook Page as well.


To support her training and recovery on the road to Worlds, Angela is sponsored by two sports nutrition brands: YOLKED and Vitargo.

“I’m proud to represent two clean sport nutrition brands, YOLKED, a revolutionary product which is NSF Certified for Sport and Vitargo, the cleanest carbohydrate supplement out there.”

Save with Codes:
Team Vitargo: ANGELA25

Middletown NJ Supermom

Salveo was recently featured in the Journal NJ. Check out the story on page 12 of their July issue.

Prioritize Your Olympic Lifting Warm Up to Maximize Results

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside, don’t skip your Olympic Lifting warm up. This goes for young bucks, masters and everyone in between.

Here are three super simple reminders:

  • Start with 5 minutes of blood-pumping activity like rowing, biking or jump rope.
  • And follow that with a quick foam rolling series, dynamic movements, PVC and empty barbell work.
  • Add in Crossover Symmetry before or after your session. Plyo before, recovery after.

Prioritize Your Olympic Lifting Warm Up to Maximize Results

A proper Olympic Lifting warm up will allow you to maximize results when you start lifting, boost power output, prevent injury and improve long-term weightlifting performances.

When you take care of your body the right way, and are intentional about your goals, you can train smarter, harder and most importantly, avoid injury.

So, get to the box early next time you train, and don’t ever skip out on another warm-up again—your body will thank you for it.

Not sure what to do, talk to your coach for more specifics!

Why Do We Love Weightlifting Training So Much?

Why Do We Love Weightlifting Training So Much? And How Can You Get Better At It?

It’s not uncommon for a CrossFit athlete to fall in love with weightlifting training. Especially the barbell snatch and clean & jerk.

Falling in Love with Weightlifting Training


Both weightlifting movements offer a challenge to the body the mind and the spirit… every time you step up to the bar.

The feeling of accomplishing a lift with sound technique can be more satisfying then a metcon. There is certainly a level of courage required to commit to a challenging lift. Plus, when you’re done, you come out on the other end feeling like a warrior.

There are so many reasons why we love Olympic style weightlifting training.

Some would agree there’s something magical about someone who can perform the lifts with that crisp lightning-fast technique. It is the desire for that feeling that usually brings an athlete to the next step in their pursuit for a better snatch and clean and jerk.

Working with a Certified Weightlifting Coach in Middletown, NJ

The best option to excel in weightlifting would be working with a certified weightlifting coach one-on-one.
Some weightlifting movements may be overlooked during your CrossFit training that only a certified weightlifting coach can spot.

For example, in a CrossFit class you may be taught how to perform the lifts for efficiency as it relates to the workout stimulus. With a weightlifting coach, you will be taught the technique that best suits your body type to maximize your lifts.

To a degree, both of these complement each other. Participating in a weightlifting program with a dedicated weightlifting coach can build your base to allow you to outperform your previous history in your CrossFit workouts that incorporate the Olympic lifts.

USAW Sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting Club in Middletown NJ

Truly the best way to get better at the Olympic lifts is under the watchful eye of an experienced weightlifting coach.

As a USAW Sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting Club, we have all the tools you need to take the next step with your weightlifting training. Talk to a certified weightlifting coach at Salus Barbell Club in NJ at 732-800-1269.