Reset Nutrition Challenge Results! Congratulations!

Our 6-Week RESET Nutrition Challenge Results Are In!

We are so amazed by everyone’s efforts, results and endless support for each other during the 6-Week Reset Nutrition Partner Challenge. You were all so dialed in to your goals – from the quality and quantity of your nutrition to making some serious lifestyle changes, including hydration, exercise, mobility, sleep and inspiring those around you.

It is our sincere hope that everyone will continue to make small, manageable modifications to their health and nutrition habits for the long-term.

“Good nutrition, good exercise, improved lifestyle choices make everything that’s critical to your well being better. It’s huge.” —Greg Glassman, CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO.


I have crunched the numbers and double checked all the data in the back end to announce our official winners! The winning team won by a landslide, but the many team scores were super close.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, but a special congratulations to our Reset Nutrition Challenge winners below.

nutrition challenge resultsOur FIRST place winners are a mom-daughter dream team who proved that partnering up results in only positive outcomes. Losing over 15 pounds, this dynamic duo soared into first place making some serious lifestyle changes along the way!

6-Week Nutrition Challenge Results

? Team Gina & Megan

? Team Scyler & Lianne

? Team Yvonne & Jessica

4. Team J & Dan

5. Team Camilla & Steven

6. Team Kelli & Nicole

7. Team Brian & Vincent

8. Team Kirstin & Cassie

9. Team Katie & Angela

10. Team Ashley & Amanda

11. Team Gino & Eddie

First, second & third place, I’ll be in touch with you about your winnings!

What they’re saying about the nutrition challenge…

Thank you for this, I have finally gotten that food is fuel and I need it to fuel my workouts and the keeping my meals balanced keeps my energy balanced as well!

I loved that you could tailor it to your specific needs, food choices, etc.

Having a partner to keep me accountable was always helpful.

It made me more aware of my choices with food…I liked the fact that this was apart of the challenge, it makes you realize that others have similar struggles and are working hard to develop better habits.

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