Looking for Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season?

Don’t get caught germ-handed during cold and flu season. Sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, fever…the list can go on forever. These natural remedies for a cold might help you provide some relief.

Natural Remedies for Cold Season

Wash Your Hands

Anytime you come in contact with other people’s germs (the grocery store, the box, the post office), chances are you could be transmitting those germs to your body. Take an extra minute to wash your hands before you touch anything else.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body is working overtime to combat illness. Stay hydrated to replace lost fluids from fevers and respiratory tract evaporation. When you’re hydrated, it also helps to loosen mucus.

Sleep, Sleep and Even More Sleep

Give your body enough time to fight off its virus, and don’t waste that energy elsewhere else. Good sleep habits help you fight off a cold and even increase your resistance to catching one in the first place.

Toss in Some Garlic

Garlic has unique anti-bacterial properties that can help your immune system fight off infections. It contains several helpful compounds, including allicin, a very potent antibiotic.

Drink Lots of Tea

Hot liquid can help to break up congestion, but tea has even more benefits. Green tea and black tea both contain compounds, called theophyllines, which act as an anti-inflammatories and help to open up airways, for easier breathing.

Consider a Neti Pot

If you have some nasal congestion, consider rinsing it out using a saline nasal spray or neti pot. It can help reduce the severity of your congestion and also has been found to reduce infections.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Eat whole, healthy foods and limit any processed foods and all refined sugars. Now is also a good time to avoid dairy products which can lead to increased mucus production- you don’t need that.

Working Out with a Cold

Wondering if you should workout with a cold or stay home to rest?

If you have a fever, please stay home. Everyone at the box will be happy to see you again after you’ve recovered. When you’re sick, your body needs the extra rest (see above). I know it’s hard to accept a rest day when it’s not planned, but coming in for a workout when you’re sick will actually slow down the healing process and could make matters worse for your immune system.

And remember, always disinfect everything you touch. Handles on the rower, barbell, medicine ball, etc.

Stay healthy this season!