Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

girl scout staying fit badge

Discover Fun and Fitness with the Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

If you’re looking for creative ideas to help your Girl Scouts earn their Staying Fit Badge, look no further! At Salus, we’re excited to offer a dynamic and engaging program that combines games, fitness activities, and valuable lessons in health and wellness. Our experienced Salus Coaches are dedicated to creating a safe, enjoyable environment where your girls can learn how to stay fit and healthy while having a blast.

Studies Show Exercise is Good for the Body and the Brain

Research consistently shows that exercise is not only beneficial for the body but also for the brain. Keeping kids physically active isn’t just about developing strong muscles; it also enhances cognitive performance and supports better focus. This is particularly important in today’s learning environments, whether in the traditional classroom or the virtual one. Exercise is like a mental boost that stimulates brain growth, making it easier for kids to learn and excel in their studies.

Cultivate a Love for Exercise at Salus

At Salus, we understand the importance of instilling a love for exercise and healthy living from an early age. Our approach is to make fitness enjoyable through interactive games, fitness challenges, and engaging activities. By participating in our specialty class, your Girl Scouts will not only earn their Staying Fit Badge but also develop a lifelong appreciation for staying active and strong.

Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge at Salus in Middletown NJ

The Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge program at Salus is designed to teach scouts various ways to build strength and maintain good health. Our expert coaches ensure that fitness is not only effective but also fun for kids of all ages. Through this badge program, Girl Scouts will gain valuable knowledge about fitness, stretching, and the importance of nutritious food choices for a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, they’ll have a blast along the way!

By earning the Staying Fit Badge at Salus, your Girl Scouts will be equipped with the skills and understanding needed to grow strong and stay healthy throughout their lives.

Schedule Your Private Group Class for the Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

Ready to embark on this exciting fitness journey with your Girl Scout troop? Contact Angela at angela@salusnj.com to learn more about our Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge program and to schedule your private group class. Help your girls discover the joy of fitness, health, and camaraderie at Salus!

Contact angela@salusnj.com to learn more.

Team Sports Strength and Conditioning

basketball small group training

Calling all Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball athletes (and more!)! Take your team to the next level and help prevent injuries with team sports strength and conditioning training at Salus in Middletown, NJ.

What is Team Sports Strength and Conditioning

At Salus, we work directly with sports teams throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey to bring athletes together for a private strength and conditioning class built just for their team. Our coaching staff has worked with athletes involved in gymnastics, soccer, football, cheerleading, dance, softball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse and more.

Athletes have consistently found that training at CrossFit Salus improves their strength, power, speed, coordination, and endurance for their sport. We also focus on building strong team spirit with players working alongside each other and encourage team motivation and sportsmanship.

A team sports strength and conditioning program can benefit all athletes, both male and female. The benefits are numerous: it can help reduce the incidence of injury, reduce burnout, improve performance and improve team bonding!

Prevent Injury

Youth athletes often experience many changes in life and in sport through their growth and development process. While early sport specialization has trended towards becoming prevalent in the youth athlete, it is vital to expose individuals to a variety of movements to help them become a well rounded athlete.

This can also help to prevent injuries due to overtraining and overcompensation.

This is why youth athletes need to work regularly with a qualified strength and conditioning coach to ensure these potential injuries don’t become an issue.

Some studies find that kids who specialize in a chosen sport tend to engage in higher levels of vigorous exercise than their peers and may be more likely to sustain injuries, such as stress fractures, tendinitis and ACL tears.

This study, published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, helps to explain some of the dangers of sports specialization. “Athletes who focus on one particular sport tend to practice more frequently and intensely compared to athletes who do not.”

The recommendation?

Replace some of their sport-specific training with different forms of exercise, such as conditioning.

A common fear among parents is that if their children don’t play more and more, they’ll fall behind in their sport and won’t ultimately be as good of an athlete. The study says, “But it may actually be the opposite. If children do too much, they may get injured and fall behind.”

Strengthen Your Athletic Performance and Gain the Winning Advantage

Working with a professional coach who specializes in strength and conditioning for athletes is important not only to help prevent injuries, but also to improve athletic performance. Resistance training, stability, coordination, movement efficiency and mobility can have a big impact for a young athlete.

By working with professionals, athletes can improve their speed, agility, quickness, conditioning and range of motion. With a well-designed strength and conditioning program, athletes will see what their body is capable of and what they can accomplish, enhancing a sense of self-confidence and body image. This advantage not only helps them in their sport, but in all avenues of life.

Plus, we know how to make exercise fun! They’re still kids after all, exercise should have an element of fun and not feel like a chore. Our coaches like to mix things up to help athletes prevent physical and mental burnout.

Schedule Your Small Group Strength and Conditioning Series for your Team Sports

At Salus, we offer Kids and Teens Fitness classes throughout the week that athletes can join at any time.

If you are interested in keeping your group together, Private Team sports strength and conditioning sessions are one hour dedicated entirely to that team’s specific training. Cycles last anywhere from four to twelve weeks depending on the team’s needs. Our coaches can work with you to find the best days and times to meet your players’ needs.

*From elementary to high school and travel teams, various ages are welcome (typically ages 9 and up).

Contact Coach Angela at info@salusnj.com for more information or to receive Team pricing.

Family Fitness Middletown NJ

family fitness middletown nj

We are excited to announce our fifth Salus Family Fitness Day series coming this fall.

Fit Fam! Family Fitness Series

This specialty family fitness class is specifically designed for children ages 7 and up and their parent to participate in a great workout together! Full-body workouts will incorporate cardiovascular exercise, functional fitness and light weight training. Participants should wear athletic clothing & sneakers, bring water, expect to sweat… and have a blast!

Our CrossFit Salus Kids & Teens Coaches  know how to make exercise fun and are excited to share their love of fitness with the Middletown, NJ community.

Space is limited and reservation is required. Please contact angela@salusnj.com.


Children age 7-12 are welcome to attend with their parent. Whether you’re new or experienced, our aim is to introduce participants to new skills and spark their interest in fitness!

You do not have to be a member at Salus to participate. So invite your neighbors and lets show everyone what a great community we have here at CrossFit Salus!


3-class series starts in September 2022.

Sunday, September 11, 18, 25


Registration for the 3-class series is $75 and includes one child + one parent.

Space is limited. Contact angela@salusnj.com if you are interested in participating.

Self Defense Series

We are excited to announce our upcoming Self Defense Series with Sensei Benny Gonzalez. Join us for a 6-week series on Mondays at 4pm starting May 16.

You have the strength, learn how to use it in the beautiful art form of karate and self defense.

Self Defense

This specialty self defense workshop is specifically designed for adults and kids ages eight and over. Sensei Benny creates practical drills that kids can remember and use to protect themselves in situations such as bullying and opposition from larger aggressors.

From elementary students to high school students to adults, Sensei Benny has the self defense fundamentals that everyone should know.

  • Learn self-confidence, problem solving and situational awareness.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk and walk away with basic life-saving drills.


Adults and kids/teens (ages 8 and over) are welcome to attend.

You do not have to be a member to participate.


Mondays at 4pm

May 16, May 23, June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27


Cost for the series is only $20.

What to Wear

Attendees should wear all white or all black comfortable attire. These classes will be taught in a traditional karate style.


Reservations are required and open now at https://forms.gle/bNoF23dJx9n84Nn16.

If you’re not a member, please contact angela@salusnj.com so we can forward you the waiver in advance.

Space is limited. Reserve now.

About Sensei Benny Gonzalez

Benny started karate 36 years ago after she was mugged in an elevator and felt helpless by the ordeal. She is currently a sensei, which is 4th degree black belt, studying Josan Lu Karate under Shuseki Shihan Sana in Garwood, NJ.

In addition to teaching karate whenever possible, she also teaches self defense regularly.

I think it is important for everyone, especially women and children, to be more assertive in certain situations. My motto is “it is better to know it and not need it, then need it and not know it.”

Benny has been a member at Salus for about 5 years and also attends with her husband and son as well. We think she’s pretty amazing!

I would love to add that Salus is the perfect complement to my karate. Since I started CrossFit, my upper body and kicks are stronger. I also have more energy which is something I thought at my age would not happen. I am thankful for the opportunity to give something back to this wonderful community and would like to thank my inspirational teachers.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas… they can be the Achilles heel of the modern day parent.

As a mom of twins, I know that mornings are crazy. Between dragging the kids out of bed and making sure they’re ready for school, it can be tempting to give breakfast the backseat and go for convenience over nutritious.

I get it. You don’t want to be repetitive with food items every morning, yet you have to be practical and keep things as easy as possible, too. But, the fact is: if you’re too busy to prepare and eat a nutritious breakfast, you’re simply too busy to be lean and healthy.

What about intermittent fasting? Sure, some individuals intentionally skip breakfast in effort to drop body fat, but it doesn’t seem to work in the long run.  Some studies show that those who skip breakfast are up to 5 times more likely to be obese than those who make their first meal of the day a nutritious, daily habit.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

It’s time to think outside of the donut box. Here are 15 healthy breakfast ideas to help you make your mornings a little less chaotic and a lot more nutritious.

sweet potatoes for breakfast

15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Try these healthy breakfast ideas (kid-approved) to keep variety and interest up.

  1. ★Sprouted grain toast, eggs over easy, avocado, cucumber,
  2. ★Egg Sandwich using Birch Benders Paleo pancake mix as your “bread”
  3. ★Sweet potato, scrambled egg whites, one whole egg, no-sugar bacon, avocado
  4. ★Stove top oatmeal with fresh fruit (mashed banana works wonders!), flax,fresh pumpkin seeds, or a few nuts (need more protein, mix in some of your favorite protein powder – just add extra water), and unsweetened nut milk
  5. ★”Noatmeal” made with eggs, nuts, raisins, bananas. Blend all together then cook stove top with coconut oil
  6. ★Lara bar, seasonal fruit
  7. ★Hard-boiled egg, avocado, banana
  8. ★Loaded egg white omelet with turkey sausage, spinach and fresh berries on the side
  9. ★Plain Greek yogurt parfait: layer plain organic yogurt, walnuts and fresh or frozen berries
  10. ★Birch Benders pancakes or waffles with heated fruit spread on top (blueberries & bananas work really well), side of egg whites. Birch Benders also has pumpkin flavored mix, for all you pumpkin fans.
  11. ★Sprouted grain toast, grass-fed butter or nut butter (no sugar added) spread
  12. ★Protein shake mixed with half frozen banana, unsweetened oat milk, and nut butter
  13. Steves PaleoKrunch with yogurt or unsweetened nut milk
  14. ★ Egg White Muffins (fill each muffin slot ½ – ¾ of the way with egg whites and add in your favorite healthy ingredients like spinach, peppers, onions, tomatoes, turkey sausage. Bake at 350 degrees until the edges are golden)
  15. ★Dinner leftovers (seriously!) Don’t be afraid of eating vegetables, or “dinner food” (like chicken and salad, or chili) for breakfast Try my Butternut Squash soup – it would make an amazing morning meal!

★or try your hand at your own cereal recipe!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas Made Easy

As a busy parent, I know it’s hard to resist the reliance on boxes and packaged goods. The key is to find the healthiest alternative and sneak in a few homemade options as well. Just start with one healthy breakfast idea to make from scratch, like Noatmeal or Butternut Squash soup. Try it on the weekend when you have a little more time and choose something that’s easy to prepare ahead. You’ll find that it’s easier than you think once you find some new favorites and get into the rhythm.

The key is to establish a routine that you can stick with

Try a New Healthy Breakfast Idea This Month

I challenge you to try something new this month. Have your child scroll through and choose the healthy breakfast ideas that sound good to try!

Jot down your favorites post it somewhere so everyone can see. Add new ideas every month or get creative and make new combinations!

Get kids involved with the cooking and have fun!

Nutrition Challenge Food List

Here’s What You Need to Know

If you feel like your diet could use a reset, you’ve come to the right place. For most of us, our balance gets thrown out of whack, right around the holidays. If you’re craving some structure back in your life, check out our nutrition challenge food list as a guide to help you get back on track.

It’s time to fuel up on the right stuff and ditch added sugars and ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Why Real Food?

At Salus Nutrition, we believe that all foods can fit into a healthy diet. But, every once and awhile, we all need a little healthy-eating reset. So, we encourage you to put your focus on whole foods and cut waaaay back on processed junk. Over this time, we bet you’ll start eating healthier (because you want to, not because you have to), feeling better, sleeping better and managing stress better.

I believe no other change will impact your life as profoundly as changing your mindset when it comes to what you eat.

Unlike super-restrictive diets or detox promises, our challenge doesn’t cut out certain healthy foods like oatmeal, potatoes and even alcohol in moderation. Our challenge means embracing whole, natural foods like vegetables, fruits, sustainable meats, healthy fats, and even health alternatives like brown rice pasta. You’ll learn to read labels and decipher the ingredients list as you cut out refined grains, added sugars, additives, unhealthy fats, preservatives, etc.

Are you ready for a reset?

Find out which foods are allowed and which foods to avoid.
We can’t wait for you to RESET with us on this journey!

Get the Printable Food List Here >>

What Foods Are Allowed? And Why?


In case you haven’t heard this before:

Carbs are not the enemy.

Fruits and Veggies

Some people tend to shy away from fruit because they’re higher in sugar than other foods. With the craze of Keto, it can be confusing. This is applicable in some instances, however, since the sugar from fruit is all natural and combined with fiber, vitamins and minerals, it’s a great idea to include about 2 cups of fruit in your diet daily.

When it comes to veggies, the more the merrier! Did you realize that close to 90% of Americans don’t get the recommended 2 ½-3 cups of veggies a day? Besides, they’re jam-packed with micronutrients, making them a solid carbohydrate choice!

Tip: Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find fresh fruits, veggies and meats and you’ll naturally skip over the processed junk anyway.

When it comes to whole grains. No need to shy away. Oats, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are whole grains that have been minimally processed to get to your plate. Choose these options first. But sprouted grain bread and brown rice pasta (with simple ingredients and no added sugar) are also allowed on the challenge. Hey, sometimes you just need a piece of avocado toast or a bowl of pasta mixed in with your zoodles and we think that’s OK!

DIY: By replacing the refined grains (white breads, couscous, pastas, etc) with whole grains, you’ll also boost your fiber and as a bonus get more inflammation-fighting phytonutrients, too!

Find out more about the importance of carbs, especially pre-workout >>


What to Eat Before and After a Workout >>

Get the Printable Food List Here >>


Protein is essential for building muscle and helps to keep your skin and hair healthy. It also helps to keep you feeling full. Opt for grass-fed, pastured, organic and wild sources of skinless protein such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood. Vegetarian proteins like eggs, organic yogurt, beans and nuts fit as well.

If you suspect that you have a dairy intolerance, we suggest that you omit dairy for the challenge completely. But, if you know that your gut does just fine with dairy, opt for organic cheese, yogurt and milk, grass-fed butter, etc.

Omit protein bars and powders that have added sugar (and other questionable ingredients). Look for clean alternatives like RX bar, Lara bar, EPIC bar, and Jones bar.


If you’re a child of the 80’s you probably have a hard time friending fat. So, in case you haven’t heard this before:

Fat doesn’t make you fat!

Fat not only helps you feel full and adds flavor to food, it helps your body to absorb fat-soluble nutrients. Unlike water soluble vitamins (B & C) Fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K) mean that they can only be dissolved and absorbed by the body in the presence of fat.

The keys to remember about fat? Choose healthy fat options like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, olives, salmon, etc. And choose the right amount. Moderation is important because fat is more energy dense than proteins and carbs.

Avoid partially hydrogenated oils (which are trans fats), and industrial vegetable and seed oils, including soy, corn, peanut, sunflower, safflower, or canola oils. Trans fats are literally man-made fats to keep products “fresh” for months on end. Margarine and vegetable shortening contain trans fats, both are ingredients used in a ton of fast foods and processed foods (like chips, cakes, crackers, cookies).

Get the Printable Food List Here >>

15 Healthy Packaged Foods Swaps

Yes, we want to eat as many whole, fresh foods as possible. But not all packaged foods are off limits. Sometimes, it’s just opening up a bag of plain oatmeal or a grab-n-go option like an Lara bar (that only has three ingredients). Other packaged food swap ideas:

  1. Instead of a seemingly healthy Nature Valley Granola Bars (ingredients: Whole Grain Oats, Sugar, Canola Oil, Rice Flour, Honey, Salt, Brown Sugar Syrup, Baking Soda, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavor), opt for a Larabar (Dates. Almonds. Walnuts. Cocoa Powder. Sea Salt.) or an RX bar (egg whites, nuts, date).
  2. Instead of regular pasta (ingredient semolina flour- a refined white flour with minimal nutrients) opt for brown rice pasta (brown rice, water) or mix in zucchini spiralized.
  3. Instead of microwave popcorn with hydrogenated oils, pop your own on the stovetop with coconut oil and sea salt.
  4. Instead of sugar-filled oatmeal, buy plain oats to cook in batches, store and sweetened with a mashed banana or frozen berries.
  5. Instead of Aunt Jemima pancake mix (ingredients: enriched bleached flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), sugar, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium aluminum phosphate, monocalcium phosphate), salt, calcium carbonate), opt for Birch Benders Paleo pancake mix (cassava flour, organic coconut flour, almond flour, eggs, leavening, salt, monk fruit, spice.)
  6. Instead of Old El Paso Taco Shells with Palm oil, go for Grain Free Siete Taco Shells made with avocado oil.
  7. Instead of Skippy peanut butter, choose raw cashew butter with no sugar added (yes, even if that means you have to stir it up)
  8. Instead of soy sauce, opt for Coconut aminos.
  9. Instead of cream in your coffee, try coconut milk or Nutpods nondairy unsweetened creamer.
  10. Swap jelly for dried fruits or mashed bananas or blueberries.
  11. Swap out your Slim Jim for CHOMPS, Snack Sticks or Epic bars – all made with grass-fed beef or free-range turkey.
  12. Avoid Miracle Whip, swap that out for Primal Kitchen mayo made with Avocado oil!
  13. Instead of table salt, choose Himalayan salt.
  14. Instead of margarine, choose Kerrygold grassfed butter or coconut oil.
  15. Instead of flavored yogurt, buy plain organic yogurt (or nut based yogurt) and sweeten it yourself with fruit or a drizzle of honey.

But, if you turn over a package and can’t pronounce anything on the ingredients list, put it back. This is exactly why it’s so important to read labels diligently on all packages.

Get the Printable Food List Here >>

What About Sugar and Other Foods?

Sorry…not sorry. No more added sugars. Yes, you can last a few weeks without it. Plus, you’ll have the chance to reset your taste buds and realize that you don’t need it anyway. Besides, too much added sugar is bad for you anyway (duh).

The only source of sweetener should come from whole foods: fruit, stevia, monkfruit or coconut sugar. Honey & real maple syrup is also allowed in moderation (no more than 1tbsp twice a week).

Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup and all other artificial sweeteners are not compliant. READ LABELS!

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First

Before you buy any food that comes in a package, ask yourself:

  • Do the ingredients come from real foods?
  • Are the ingredients necessary? This is one reason why making as much of your own food at home is important. When you know how to make your own salad dressing, for example, you know that many of the extra fillers (like sugar) are not necessary.
  • Are the ingredients on this list as nutrient-dense as possible?

With answers to these questions, it’s easier to find healthy swaps.

Realize that our food list is not exhaustive. We can’t possibly fit all the foods you can eat on paper. If you look at the food list, you’ll realize that much more is allowed than is not allowed. I’m sure more foods will come into question. Don’t hesitate to ask us in person or on the Facebook page for clarification.


We recognize that everyone starts from a different place, which is why we implement different levels so everyone can participate and feels accomplished.

Every day, you will have the opportunity to make small steps in the right direction by making just one positive change (1 point).

Push yourself a little further by sticking to the food list for at least two meals and two snacks (2 points).

Or go all out and stick to the food list for all meals and snacks (3 points).

Ready to make a change and reset your habits?

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the Salus Nutrition Challenge is not about “winning” by being at the top of the leaderboard. It’s about doing the hardest thing possible…taking small and achievable steps into a new healthy lifestyle. By doing this, you’ll be building on each new success, bringing yourself closer to the ultimate goal.


Remember, we’ll be adding a new habit every week – building on your new healthy lifestyle!

Contact me at angela@salusnj.com with any questions!


Looking for a New Gym?

Looking for a new gym in Monmouth County, NJ? CrossFit Salus is a local gym featuring world-class coaches and an amazing community. We welcome individuals of all ages, levels, and backgrounds.

Our goal? Help people get as fit as possible and have fun doing it.

Find a New Gym That Helps You Get Fit & Have Fun

We’ll Get You Fit

There’s more than one way to getting fit. As a CrossFit affiliate, we offer group CrossFit classes for adults, teens and kids. But we also offer private coaching for the ultimate accountability. Additionally, you’ll also find TripleX Weightlifting Club, endurance classes and Foundation Nutrition Coaching located at CrossFit Salus.

-Group CrossFit Classes- This is the core experience for most of our members. Individuals who join CrossFit Salus thrive on the energy, support and camaraderie of the group. We keep our class sizes small enough to offer a lot of individual coaching attention, so you get the best of both worlds. Come see for yourself why our CrossFit Salus classes are all the buzz!

-Private Coaching- At CrossFit Salus, we understand that some people thrive outside of the group environment – or with a combination of private coaching and group classes. We know that finding the right trainer can be life-changing which is why we’ll work with you to find the right coach who suits your individual goals and scheduling needs.

-Teens and Kids Fitness- Teens, tweens and kids, we’ve got you covered too! At CrossFit Salus, our youth fitness experience is built in a safe, supportive environment. Coach-to-athlete ratios are always optimized for the best instruction and attention. While our youth fitness program is great for developing skills applicable to improve sports performance, those who are not on a formal sports team are also welcome. In fact, many even consider CrossFit their sport of choice.

Join a Fun, Strong Community


We get it, when it comes to finding a new gym, your options can seem overwhelming. Walk into any globo gym and you’ll probably see people with earbuds, wandering from machine to machine. That’s what makes us different from the rest: the community. No other gym provides the level of community and accountability than we do. Together.

Research shows that connection to a community is one of the most important factors to achieve long-term health and longevity.

Our community is strong. But we’re not just talking about biceps. We’re more than muscles here. The camaraderie of our supportive community is second to none. Whether you’re new to fitness or you’re an experienced CrossFitter, you’ll fit right in.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get started, contact us today. We’ve got your back!

“RESET” Friends & Family Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge

What is the 6-Week “RESET” Friends & Family Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge 2020?

RESET your habits this New Year and get your goals back on track with the whole family (or a group of friends)!

Where do you want to be in 2020?

Huge changes can be made in a small amount of time. So, go ahead…partner up with your family, workout buddies, long-distance friends, neighbor… and let’s do this!

Our mission is to help you scale things back. Get back to the basics of what it takes to “be healthy” together as a family.

So what does “healthy” look like?

While the specifics will look different for everyone, we will all follow the same theme (kids included):

  • Eat & drink the right amounts
  • Eat good, clean foods
  • Sleep enough
  • Move your body often
  • Recover
  • Make time to de-stress

Pretty simple, right?

But, too often, nutrition is the most overwhelming, confusing, and time-consuming thing on that list.

We understand. If you’re not sure what, how much or when to eat, not sure what’s considered healthy or how to cook a balanced meal, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even start.

ENTER: The 6-Week “RESET” Friends & Family Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge 2020

During the entire challenge, you and your family will be committing to each other that you will finally achieve your goals this year and hold each other accountable along the way.

Using nutrition as our foundation, we will also focus on sleep, hydration, movement, mobility and stress management. Because, when you have all these elements working together, you’ll experience positive changes with your energy, mood, performance, recovery, body composition and more!

Huge changes can be made in a small amount of time.

“RESET” is so much more than a short-term fix.

The simplicity with these goals will set you on the right path for long-term success.

The team aspect will keep you motivated and accountable.

So, go ahead…team up with your family or a group of friends and RESET for the New Year!


Sign me up >>

Who Can Participate?

Anyone. Anywhere. Nationwide.

The 6-week RESET Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge is for anyone (beginner, intermediate or advanced individuals) looking to experience positive changes in their performance, recovery, energy levels, body fat percentages, and get motivated, too! This challenge is designed for kids and teens to participate with their parents.

You do not have to be a member at CrossFit Salus to join this challenge.

Join with your siblings.
Join with your children.
Join with your friends that you call family.
It’s up to you!

When? January 13-February 23

The 6-week nutrition and lifestyle challenge begins Monday, Jan. 13 and runs through Sunday, Feb. 23.

Weigh-ins begin Wednesday, Jan. 8 and end Sunday, Jan 12, 2020.


The cost of the 6-week challenge is $48 per person. (That’s only $8/week!)

  • Groups of 3, save 10% per person*. Use discount code: RESET10
  • Groups of 4, save 15% per person*. Use discount code: RESET15
  • Groups of 5 or more, save 20% per person*. Use discount code: RESET20

*Group captain must contact foundationnutrition@crossfitsalus.com with the list of names on your team to qualify for the the discount code.

Sign me up >>

*Add-On Individual Nutrition Coaching at the Same Time

What if you had someone to tell you exactly what to do? Someone to help you create the blueprint for your own healthy life?

If you want to take the challenge up a notch, work with Coach Angela or Coach Camilla for 6 weeks of individual nutrition coaching at the same time as the challenge.

Because, what’s right for “them” may not be right for YOU.

Individual coaching includes:

  • 2x (Pre & Post) Biometric Testing including weigh-in, circumference, body fat testing, pictures (value: $50).
  • One-on-One Consultations (value: >$260)
    • In-person, one-on-one consultations to review goals & address individualized questions/concerns.
    • Regular accountability and check up calls to review goals and overcome sticking points.
    • Frequent text or email check-ins for questions, guidance and unlimited support.
  • Personalized recommendations based on your goals (value: $99)
    • Resources for food and habit tracking and goal setting.
    • All the education and motivation you need to confidently achieve your goals.

Get the 6-week challenge PLUS individual coaching for only $148 (save over 50%)

This incredible value is available only though the challenge.

Sign me up >>

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat! foundationnutrition@crossfitsalus.com

Nutrition Challenge Details

Improve your health & wellness in 6 weeks by adding a new habit every week.

  1. NUTRITION QUALITY— Eat only whole (unprocessed), nutrient-dense foods from the outlined food list.
  2. NUTRITION QUANTITY—Follow the outlined portion guidelines for food and water.
  3. SLEEP— Sleep the defined amount of hours every night.
  4. MOVEMENT— Exercise the defined amount of time each day.
  5. STRESS MANAGEMENT— Implement stress-relieving techniques to take better care of your mind, body and spirit.
  6. SELF CARE— Stretch and/or roll for the defined amount every day. And learn how to RESET your mindset.


The team’s score will be the AVERAGE of the team participant’s total scores.

Are There Prizes?

You bet! In addition to a life changing experience…

  • First Place Team will receive:
    • First-pick on prizes listed below
    • PLUS 1 Month of Individual Foundation Nutrition Coaching  *valued at $175
  • Second Place Team will receive:
    • Choose from remaining prizes listed below
    • Plus, 2 CrossFit Salus Tandem (2-3 people) Coaching Sessions (or remote programming if outside Monmouth county). *valued at $140 each
  • Third Place Team will receive:
    • Choose from remaining prizes listed below
    • Plus, 1 CrossFit Salus Tandem Coaching Sessions (or remote programming if outside Monmouth county). *valued at $70 each
  • Choose from the following prizes!


  • *Coaching prizes are not eligible to be redeemed for cash.
  • *CrossFit Salus coaches who choose to participate in the challenge are not eligible for prizes.


If there is a tie at the end of the challenge, we will refer to nutrition categories for our tiebreaker. Considering this is a nutrition challenge, we’ll first look at the team who had the most points from both nutrition categories to ensure that only one team is victorious!

Next Steps:

  1. Make the choice that you and your family’s health goals are worth some extra effort this year. Tell your family about it to help hold you accountable and motivate them to join you!
  2. Email foundationnutrition@crossfitsalus.com with your list of teammates to verify the group discount code.
  3. Download the Wodify Rise app (Googlehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wodify.prod.WodifyRise or Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wodify-rise/id1327914572 )


Sign me up >>

So if you’re ready to dedicate six short weeks to your health and your longevity, join us for the RESET Friends & Family Foundation Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge 2020! We’re so excited to share this program again and to help you create your best self!!


Follow us @foundation_nutrition_coaching #foundationnutrition #reset2020)

Join the conversation on our Private Facebook Challenge Page

Athlete of the Month: CJ on Embracing a Healthy Mindset

CJ, November 2019 Athlete of the Month Talks About Embracing a Healthy Mindset

Put any challenge in front of CJ and he will try it without hesitation. Since starting CrossFit Salus, he has displayed a strong work ethic and endless progress. He pushes himself to be better every day is always there to cheer on those who are working alongside him. He has not only improved physically over the past two years, but has embraced a healthy mindset along the way.

CJ Athlete of the Month Healthy MindsetNow, with a baby on the way, CJ is focused on perfecting his #dadbod… oh, and beating Hardie in every WOD he possibly can.

We’re so happy to have CJ as our November Athlete of the Month and as an awesome part of the Salus Community. PS, stop hiding those dance, moves CJ!

Meet CJ…

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

I finally drank the Kool-Aid in June 2017. I had been intrigued by CrossFit for years before joining, but was apprehensive. Looking back, I was more intimidated than anything else. I pictured CrossFit gyms being overrun with juiceheads sweating all over each other in a constant battle to be the alpha. My apprehension was somewhat justified when I showed up to my first class as Greg and Pat were finishing up their workout. They were both shirtless and dripping with sweat.

I was about to bail when I saw Greg and Pat dap each other up…

and then focus on motivating other members to finish.

It was my first indication that there may be more to this CrossFit thing than meets the eye.

CJ Athlete of the Month Healthy Mindset2. How has your performance changed since you started CrossFit?

I am a much more well rounded athlete.

CrossFit forced me to face my inadequacies and improve them in order to hit the RX button, which I have to do, all the time, no matter what.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

My ego will not allow me to list all the exercises I could not do before coming to Salus. Most of the exercises I now perform on a daily basis I never even attempted.

Also, I have improved movements I thought I was doing right, like squats and deadlifts.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started?

This sounds counter-intuitive, but I look worse now than I did before joining Salus. Before this gets misconstrued as a knock against CrossFit, let me explain…

CJ Athlete of the Month Healthy MindsetBefore CrossFit I was only focused on aesthetics. The ultimate goal was to look good naked. This caused me to spend two hours in the gym where I would barely break a sweat. I also developed unhealthy eating habits. I ate twice my bodyweight in protein and probably half my bodyweight in carbs. I looked damn good, but I felt fatigued and all my lifts had plateaued.

Through CrossFit, I’ve developed healthy eating habits and a healthy mindset pertaining to exercise.

I perform better at 12-15% bodyfat, compared to the 8-10% I tried to maintain in the past.

Plus, I am married now with a kid on the way so I need to develop the perfect dad-bod.

5. How has CrossFit Impacted a Healthy Mindset?

My definition of happy hour has changed drastically after joining Salus.

I very rarely drink during the week and have tempered my drinking significantly on the weekends. Also, CrossFit is the second best stress reliever around, Giggity.

6. How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

CrossFit is, without question, the most efficient workout I have done. It might be hard, but you will feel great after. It is nice to share your agony with a group of people who are all pushing for you to succeed.

CJ Athlete of the Month Healthy Mindset7. What keeps you motivated to continue?

I want to be a DILF/silverfox. I need to keep my wife happy with the goods.

8. Favorite lift or WOD?


18.4 is my worst performance in an open workout. I was no-repped on HSPU, justifiably, more times than my total score. I never wanted to see this workout again…

Fast forward to 20.3. I had more success, but I struggled with my HSPU technique and I hurt my back on the 315# deadlift because I broke form.

This is now my favorite WOD because it shows my inadequacies and forces me to improve them.

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Salus?

Sign up and buy in, you will be happy you did.

Also, realize that you are joining an inclusive community that encourages its members to reach and exceed their goals. You do not need to be everyone’s best friend, but check your ego and attitude at the door.

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?


Dedicate more quality time to my wife and help alleviate the burden of household chores. Also, prepare to be a kick-ass father.

In the gym:

Focus on strength/form. Improve all my lifts by 10%

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

I really like/hate Van Damme:
For Time
30 Snatches (135/95 lb)
10 Muscle-Ups
30 Clean-and-Jerks (135/95 lb)
10 Muscle-Ups
30 Thrusters (135/95 lb)
10 Muscle-Ups

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

Before getting married I had a motorcycle (Kawasaki ZX10r), I was an avid skier, and would always be up for a night out.

Now, I enjoy doing what my wife likes to do.

13. If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

Superman so I could beat Hardie in all the WODs without almost killing myself.

14. Favorite motivational quote?

I am not motivated by quotes.

I was not the easiest person to deal with throughout my teens and early twenties. I cost my father a small fortune in lawyer fees and probably took a few years off my mothers life with all the worrying I put her through. I can never repay the monetary or emotional debt I have accumulated with my parents, but I try to conduct myself in a manner that makes them proud today.

That is my motivation, along with a need to provide for my growing family.

15. Interesting fact not many people know about you.

I quit varsity football my senior year to join the dance team! My excuse was that I had already committed to a University for lacrosse and did not want to get hurt.

The truth was that I just wanted to dance…

Every month we spotlight a different Salus athlete who stands out and shows just how awesome they are.

What is it that makes up an Athlete of the Month?

It may not be the person that finishes the fastest, RX’s every workout, or rings the PR bell every time they walk in the box. Although we love and celebrate when those things happen, the Athlete of the Month is made up of much more than physical ability. This person shows up, displays grit, and then gives a little more by supporting others in their journey to reach their goals, too.

They are hungry to learn and always ready to do the work. This athlete embodies what we believe the CrossFit Salus Community should be about.

Fit Before The Feast: Consistency Club Challenge

CrossFit Salus encourages commitment to your health & fitness goals for its members. Part of this involves consistency and we want to reward you for that consistency… especially during one of the busiest times of the year. This is why we’re introducing the Consistency Club Challenge: Fit Before The Feast, for November.

consistency challenge Fit Before The Feast: November Consistency Club Challenge

How it Works

For 30 days, beginning November 1, we want you to make a concerted effort to have as many “on” days as possible. This challenge is super simple, but can be amazingly effective if you take the time and effort to focus your energy on the things we tend to neglect during the holidays: YOU.

For the month of November, if you attend # classes (see below), you will automatically be put into a raffle to win a private coaching session with your coach of choice!

  • Level 1 (name in drawing 1x)=8 classes/month.
  • Level 2 (name in drawing 2x)=12 classes/month.
  • Level 3 (name in drawing 3x)= 16 classes/month.

The most important thing to remember is to not give up if you miss a day. This challenge is not about all-or-nothing thinking; it’s about doing the best you can. If you miss a step, get right back on track at the very next opportunity.

The best way to stick to your goals? Encourage your your friends to join you along the way for some extra accountability.

Are you ready to get re-focused, re-committed, and ready to take on one of the busiest months of the year?  Let’s get #fitbeforethefeast!

What habits will you be focusing on this holiday season?

“Success is not always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson