Should You Try a “No Barbell” XPRESS Class?

crossfit xpress class

Short on time and need to squeeze in your workout on your lunch break? At CrossFit Salus, we offer a no-barbell XPRESS class.

As the name implies, this specialty class is all about getting in, getting that heart rate up for a 30 minute workout and getting on with your day!

You won’t find any barbells or heavy weight in this class.

But you will find a high-energy class that is perfect for the athlete on-the-go and combines full-body functional movements (no barbell) that will give you a great workout on a time budget!

CrossFit Salus NO BARBELL XPRESS Class

Are you interested in trying out CrossFit, but maybe not interested in moving heavy weight?

This class will fuel your metabolism and burn mega calories.

Are you an endurance athlete looking to stay conditioned in the off-season?

This class will help you train more efficiently and effectively with less wear and tear on your body.

Do you need to supplement your current programming with a quick metcon?

This class will help you get stronger and faster, improve aerobic capacity and reduce over-use injuries. 

Get a better feel for what XPRESS is all about…drop in and check out a class for yourself!

CrossFit Salus XPRESS Designed for all Levels

Whether you’re a newer CrossFit athlete or an experienced athlete, this class is for you! (Already a member? This class is part of your membership.)

While our CrossFit endurance class can help you supplement training for events like a half marathon, adventure races and triathlons, you don’t have to be an athlete to sign up. It is designed for all levels. This class is a way for anyone to give CrossFit a try without worrying about the complex barbell movements.

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Got questions? We’re here to help!

  • Call us to talk through your questions (732-800-1269).
  • Schedule a “no sweat” intro to sit down and talk (
  • Drop-in for a class and experience it for yourself.