CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer

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CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer

Welcome to CrossFit Salus Kids’ At-Home Workouts for the Summer! As the warm weather beams outside, it’s the perfect time to get your young ones moving, engaged, and learning valuable skills in a fun and exciting way. This season’s theme is “Integrity: Do the right thing (even when no one is watching),” instilling important values alongside physical fitness.


Integrity: Do the right thing (even when no one is watching)


Squat, Perfect Pushup, Jump Rope

CrossFit Kids WOD

Warm Up: Run around the cones and FREEZE when the music stops to do exercise (plank, sit up, perfect pushup, squat)!

“Jack in the box” Squats: Squat slowly down, hold down and then “spring!” out, standing up strong.

WOD: AMRAP in 6 minutes

3 squats at door
crab walk to cone (half way)
3 tuck jumps at cone
bear crawl to wall
run back to door

Learn How to Take Your Heart Rate

Let’s learn how to measure your HEART RATE.

A person’s heart rate (pulse), is the number of times the heart beats per minute. The heart is a special muscle because of what it does for us. The heart sends blood throughout our body. That blood provides our body with important oxygen and nutrients… it also carries away waste.

To find your pulse in your neck, place two fingers on your Adam’s apple in your throat (that’s the part that sticks out and moves when you swallow). Gently feel to the side of it, and you will find your pulse.

Count the number of beats (pulses) for 15 seconds.. Take that number and multiply it by 4 to find your heartrate in beats per minute. For example, if you count 25 beats (25 x 4 = 100 beats per minute.)

Take your pulse before you start (best if done first thing in the morning)- this is your ‘resting heart rate’. Record your heart rate again after exercise and note the difference.

Did you Know? A child’s heart typically beats faster than an adult’s.

CrossFit Kids WOD at Home

AMRAP in 7 minutes

5 perfect squats
burpee broad jump (about the length of your driveway)
5 tuck jumps at one end
bear crawl to other end
5 perfect pushups
run down driveway and back


CrossFit Kids Game

Sponge Bucket Relay

Divide kids into two teams (adults can play, too!)

Place cones 50 feet apart.

At the starting cone, place two buckets filled with water, each with a sponge, and place two empty buckets at the other side.

On trainer “3-2-1 GO” the first child in line dunks the sponge into the water and then runs the sponge to the other side, squeezes water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs back to the starting line.

While the teammates are waiting, they must be doing jumping jacks or squats. The team with the most water in their bucket when time is called wins.


Jump Rope in :45 seconds

How many successful skips can you do in :45 seconds?

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