Strength & Family Fitness: Meet Our Athletes of the Month, Tim & Ben

At Salus, our community is not just about fitness; it’s about inspiring journeys and the bonds we create along the way. This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our Athletes of the Month, Tim and Ben, a dynamic father-son duo. Talk about taking family fitness to a whole new level!

Tim, who embarked on his path with Salus in the summer of 2017, seeking a way to regain his fitness and join structured classes. Ben, Tim’s son, followed suit in November 2021, exploring a new activity that would challenge and invigorate him. Since then, their performance, strength, and agility have soared, and their shared commitment to a healthier lifestyle shines through.

Strength, Family Fitness & Beast Mode

Before we meet Tim & Ben, here’s a word from our coaches:

Ben, is without a doubt, one of the hardest workers in the room. He comes to class ready to work and sets a fantastic example for his peers! I’m constantly impressed by his dedication, focus, and positive attitude. It’s a pleasure to be part of his fitness journey, and I can’t wait to see what incredible PRs he’ll crush in the future. Keep up the great work, Ben!” ~Coach Angela

Tim, although generally quiet, very cool and collected, he will surprise you and go beast mode. Tim will take a coaches ques and apply them right away, it’s a pleasure working with him. It’s satisfying watching him get better at the movements and attack once hard front squat squats and snatches.” ~Coach Gino

Ben has been showing up to preteens very consistently for the last couple years. He is a seriously hard worker, always pushing himself. Both his strength and confidence have grown and it’s so fun to watch! He is an awesome runner and has competed in several 5ks with his equally as awesome runner and father, Tim.
Tim is a great example to Ben and the rest of the community, that consistency is key! Tim shows up to 6am class and gets the WOD done before work; he is very coachable and works hard to maintain correct form.” ~Coach Melissa

It was always a pleasure to work with Ben in the kids class, and now in pre-teens. He would go home and work on skills to get better, all on his own. He even learned how to jump rope at home without any intervention from any other adults. Ben always wants to get better, move better, be faster and has a little competitive streak as well! It’s been a few years since I coached Tim, but I worked with him all the time at 6 am. He is also such a pleasure to work with, and fun to have in class. He’s such a terrific role model for Ben. They’re a great pair!” ~Coach Lisa

I’ve only coached Ben a few times in the past but have watched him many of times. Last Saturday I watched him WOD and was amazed how much he has improved on the movements. As always he worked his butt off and listened to the coach.” ~Coach Scott

Meet Meet Tim & Ben, Athletes of the Month for November 2023

Their story is a testament to the power of hard work, family support, and the transformative effect that consistent commitment to fitness can have on one’s life.

Starting the Fitness Journey:

The story of Tim and Ben’s Salus journey began in the summer of 2017 when Tim, looking to revitalize his fitness and simplify his workout routine, decided to join our community. It was a decision that would set the stage for remarkable changes in his life. Ben, his son, followed suit in November 2021, eager to explore a new activity that would challenge and invigorate him.

Physical Transformation:

Both Tim and Ben have come a long way in their fitness journey. They share that they now have more energy, not just during workouts but in their everyday lives. They’ve become more comfortable with various exercises and movements, proving that dedication and consistency pay off.

Tim mentions how when he first started, he couldn’t do a single overhead squat due to mobility issues. Now, he’s not only conquered that challenge but has improved his flexibility and agility significantly. Ben has achieved a major milestone as well, being able to complete toes-to-bar.

Their physical changes are equally remarkable. Tim has gained increased strength, better flexibility, and agility, while Ben proudly shares that his arms are a lot stronger than before.

Beyond Physical Transformation:

Their journey isn’t limited to physical changes. Tim and Ben both highlight the broader impact Salus has had on their lives. They’ve developed a deeper appreciation for overall health and well-being. “I have a better appreciation for overall health and well being. I am not perfect by any means, but am more aware of what I am eating, making sure I have proper sleep, hydration, etc.” ~Tim

As for Ben, he now looks forward to working out, a sentiment that speaks volumes about the positive effect of their journey. “I look forward to working out now.” ~Ben

Motivation and “Why”:

What keeps them motivated to continue this journey? Their “why” is as inspiring as the journey itself. Tim and Ben both stress that working out consistently not only makes them better physically but also enhances their mental focus and energy levels throughout the day.

“This is for me and also Ben, but we are just better people after a class. Consistently working out allows us both to be more mentally focused and have more energy throughout the day.” ~Tim

It’s a testament to the far-reaching benefits of their commitment.

Favorite Aspects of Salus:

When asked to describe Salus to their friends, Tim highlights the personalized small group training sessions that cater to various fitness levels. He appreciates the variety in exercises and coaching styles, all designed to lay the foundation for overall health and well-being.

Ben keeps it simple, stating that Salus is “good.”

Words of Wisdom:

For newcomers at Salus, Tim advises taking their time and focusing on themselves. He emphasizes that nearly every exercise and workout can be customized to their current ability.

“Take your time, focus on yourself. Practically every exercise/workout can be customized to your current ability.” ~Tim

Ben’s advice? “Go light if you need to.”

Future Fitness Goals:

As for their future fitness aspirations, Tim aims to master the elusive muscle-up, while Ben has his sights set on achieving strict pull-ups.

Designing Their Own WOD:

In a fun twist, Tim and Ben share their ideal workout of the day (WOD):

4 rounds of:
1 Minute – Deadlift
1 Minute – Hang from bar
1 Minute – Wall Walk Hold
1 Minute – Box jumps

Beyond the Gym:

Fitness isn’t their only shared passion. Tim and Ben enjoy spending time together fishing “or at least attempting to fish,” another activity that strengthens their father-son bond.

Favorite Healthy Dishes and Splurge Meals:

To maintain their balanced approach to nutrition, Tim enjoys salmon as his healthy favorite but enjoys pizza as a splurge meal.

Ben opts for grilled chicken but can’t resist the allure of pizza either.

Family Superhero Aspirations:

In a light-hearted moment, they share their superhero aspirations. They both choose Superman, not just for his ability to fly but also for his indomitable spirit.

Inspirational Quote:

Tim and Ben’s favorite motivational quote comes from the legendary Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” It’s a reminder that resilience and adaptability are key in the face of challenges.

Fun Fact:

To cap off this father-son interview, Ben shares a quirky tidbit about himself – he’s a pogo stick pro.

The journey of Tim and Ben at Salus is a testament to the transformative power of fitness, the enduring bond of family, and the incredible sense of community that thrives here. Their story is a reminder that when you commit to your health and well-being, it’s not just your body that changes – it’s your entire life. As they continue to inspire and push their limits, we can’t wait to see what new PRs they’ll reach in the future.

Tim and Ben, thank you for sharing your remarkable journey with us. You are both true champions in every sense of the word.

Family Fitness Middletown NJ

family fitness middletown nj

We are excited to announce our fifth Salus Family Fitness Day series coming this fall.

Fit Fam! Family Fitness Series

This specialty family fitness class is specifically designed for children ages 7 and up and their parent to participate in a great workout together! Full-body workouts will incorporate cardiovascular exercise, functional fitness and light weight training. Participants should wear athletic clothing & sneakers, bring water, expect to sweat… and have a blast!

Our CrossFit Salus Kids & Teens Coaches  know how to make exercise fun and are excited to share their love of fitness with the Middletown, NJ community.

Space is limited and reservation is required. Please contact


Children age 7-12 are welcome to attend with their parent. Whether you’re new or experienced, our aim is to introduce participants to new skills and spark their interest in fitness!

You do not have to be a member at Salus to participate. So invite your neighbors and lets show everyone what a great community we have here at CrossFit Salus!


3-class series starts in September 2022.

Sunday, September 11, 18, 25


Registration for the 3-class series is $75 and includes one child + one parent.

Space is limited. Contact if you are interested in participating.