CrossFit Salus Teens Summer 2015 Athlete Prep Series

CrossFit Salus Teens Summer Athlete Prep 8-Week Series

The CrossFit Teens summer sport prep series is for anyone 12 – 19 years old.

This 8-week series is scheduled to start on Monday, June 29 and run through August 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Cost is $200 for the 16 sessions ($12.50/class), with a 10% discount for additional children in the same immediate family.

Classes will be coached by Gino Salveo.

CrossFit Salus Teens Summer Sport Series

What you will own after eight weeks:

• A flexible, mobile, functional body – the foundation for injury resistance.• A strong body, with strength that’s useful – you must be strong before you can be explosive.
• Quickness born of improved neuromuscular coordination and motor patterning: “crawl-walk-run-sprint.”
• Knowledge of nutrition and how to fuel the athletic body, daily and for training and competition
• Confidence in yourself and in what is best for you – ability to resist outside pressure for weight loss or gain.
• Increased work capacity

The CrossFit Teens summer program will consist of eight weeks of programming for motivated junior high and high school athletes. From the first day of assessment through the eights weeks of focused work, we will be building a base of strength, speed and agility, culminating in strength gain, improved explosiveness, athleticism, and confidence. Through body weight exercises and basic barbell work to Olympic style weightlifting, plyometrics and speed, agility and quickness drills and mobility, the athlete will be well prepared physically for their next competitive season.

Contact to sign up your teen today (include name of your teen and age)!

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