CrossFit Weightlifting vs TripleX Weightlifting Club

Curious about the difference between our CrossFit Weightlifting classes and the TripleX Weightlifting Club?

CrossFit Weightlifting Classes at CrossFit Salus

At CrossFit Salus, our CrossFit weightlifting program is designed to progress CrossFit athletes who want to improve their weightlifting technique. As a coach guided class, we strive to address any specific weak links in both the snatch and clean and jerk for each individual.

CrossFit Weightlifting is also used as an introductory class for those who are new to the sport of weightlifting.

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CrossFit Weightlifting

TripleX Weightlifting Club

We launched TripleX Weightlifting Club a few years ago with the goal of including the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at our CrossFit Salus location. As a USAW Weightlifting Club, we dedicate 5 days a week to developing athletes who want to compete at any level in local competitions or national tournaments. Athletes have the option to work with a TripleX Weightlifting Coach one-on-one or have a weightlifting program designed for their specific goals in which they would implement on their own.

With this club, our goal is not only to build awareness and appreciation for a sport we borrow from in many of our CrossFit WODs, we also aim to provide a pathway for competitive athletes who are interested in specializing and competing in weightlifting meets.

After all, we are a Certified USA Weightlifting Club!

So, if you’re ready to take your weightlifting to the next level and start competing, TripleX Weightlifting Club is for you.

CrossFit Weightlifting vs TripleX Weightlifting Club: How Are They Different?

TripleX Weightlifting Club differs from our CrossFit weightlifting classes in several ways.

The biggest difference you’ll notice is that during a TripleX Weightlifting Club, the athlete may either choose to do private coaching or work at their own pace during the set time.

Coaches are available to help athletes analyze and fine-tune their form if necessary, but athletes should wait until they’ve had at least 6 months of consistent CrossFit weightlifting classes or have prior lifting experience before starting TripleX Weightlifting Club. In addition to private coaching, we also have experienced Nutrition coaching services that can help prepare athletes prepare for meets.

Brand new to barbell movements? See CrossFit Weightlifting above!


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