CrossFit Motivation: Get Out of Your Own Way

Need your daily dose of CrossFit motivation? Look no further!

crossfit motivationLadies and gentlemen…GREG IS BACK!

“I don’t think people realize how much work I put in the garage and when I come back after an injury…yes I may have lost a lot… but not as much because I wasn’t just sitting around.”

Since his procedure, he has been following mobility WOD every day. He has been using a sauna 3 days a week and using his garage gym daily, too.

“You can always do something no matter what that looks like. That’s why I love CrossFit it’s can be scaled to any level. The only thing that will hold you back is yourself.”

Make a choice. Just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you are going to do it. Just decide. And from that point, the universe will get out of your way.

CrossFit motivation


Athlete of the Month: Alicia Zink

Athlete of the Month: Alicia ZinkThroughout the past year, we have witnessed Alicia push past her limits and grow stronger both mentally and physically. As one of our most dedicated early risers, we’ve noticed that Alicia has recently been fueled by a tightly focused determination and drive and we’d say she has now officially reinvented her inner athletic self.

Excited to announce Alicia Zink as our next Athlete of the Month!

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

I officially started CrossFit 13 months ago even though I had been doing CrossFit-like classes for 4 years. I decided to officially start because I wanted to learn the moves and lifts with proper form and technique and I also wanted to be stronger for competitions.

2. How has your performance changed since you started CrossFit?

Despite my experience in CrossFit-like workouts, I quickly realized when I started at Salus how much I needed to learn and improve. Once in a blue moon I was able to do the WOD as prescribed, but now 13 months later its only once in a blue moon that I have to scale. Also, I am able to now do most CrossFit moves except for the elusive bar and ring muscle ups which I work on diligently.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

Most gymnastics moves, such as pull ups, chest to bar, toes to bar, handstand pushups. I also had no idea of how to and was terrified of the snatch.

Athlete of the Month: Alicia Zink4. How has your body physically changed since you started CrossFit?

I am visibly stronger and have more muscle definition.

But I would say starting a macro diet has been a key component as I feel stronger and am performing better in WODs and finally can now see the abs I work so hard on every day in the gym.

5. How has CrossFit changed you in other ways?

Athlete of the Month: Alicia ZinkI have seen the benefits of CrossFit permeating throughout my life. When I feel tired and beat down, I push harder and don’t give up.

Through CrossFit I have found inner strength physically, mentally and emotionally that I didn’t know existed.

It has empowered and inspired me to face and push through challenges that I encounter outside in my daily life. All my life I have struggled with confidence and self-esteem and through accomplishing goals in CrossFit I have learned to believe in myself that I can do and achieve anything I set my mind to.

6. How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

So many people ask what I do, and when I tell them CrossFit I definitely get mixed reactions. Most being about how “unsafe it is and how easy it is to get injured”. I always tell them that actually their (mis)understanding couldn’t be more wrong:

CrossFit is probably one of the safest places to exercise as there is an emphasis on form, technique and mobility.

I also tell them how amazing the CrossFit community is in supporting each other and cheering each other on, everyone wanting each other to reach and go beyond their potential. There is nowhere else in my experience that has this dynamic.

Athlete of the Month: Alicia Zink7. What keeps you motivated to continue?

CrossFit is my escape from the hustle and bustle of my day in being a mother and running my private practice. It is the only time of the day that is about me and helps me to feel balanced. At the age of 40, CrossFit has unlocked an inner athlete that I never knew existed as I was always the last picked for a team in gym class.

Now that I see myself as an athlete, I am always motivated to do better, get stronger and continue to break internal barriers that I never thought possible.

This motivates me in my daily life where I find myself pushing to excel and not give up in my work and with my family.

8. Favorite WOD or lift?

Snatch, thrusters and chipper WODs.

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Salus?

Don’t be scared or intimidated. Everyone at Salus has had a “day one” and have felt the same feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask coaches or anyone in the gym if you are unsure of what to do or how to do it…

this is a community where everyone wants each other to do their best.

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

My next goal is to return to competing but at the Rx level. Also, I would like finish in the top 500 in the world for the open. More immediate goals include bar and ring muscle ups, handstand walks and recapturing my dubs.

Athlete of the Month: Alicia Zink11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

25 Thrusters (95/65)
400 m run
25 Push Press (95/65)
400 m run
25 Pull ups
400 m run
25 Handstand push ups
400 m run

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

Actually, I would have to say going to the gym first! But I also love going to the beach, spending time with my family and friends, and traveling (when I can).

13. Favorite healthy dish….and favorite “cheat” meal?

Favorite healthy dish is grilled shrimp and guacamole salad.
My favorite cheat meal is anything pasta!!

Athlete of the Month: Alicia Zink14. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

The honey badger as they are smart, fearless and ferocious!

15. Favorite inspirational quote?

“Embrace failure. Missteps and roadblocks are inevitable but ultimately are an opportunity to learn, pivot, and go after your goals with new perspective.” ~ Jenny Fleiss

CrossFit Games Shout-Outs

“The coaches, and the vet members, deserve a special shout out because I witnessed them lead by example, work their asses off each week, and still have a lot left over to push each one of us in the box. To a newbie like me, that speaks volumes. Thank you! “ ~Olga


“I judged Gino in 17.1This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed them go to that dark place and leave it all on the floor.” ~Scott
“I judged Gino through many of the Open workouts and I’m so proud of his efforts. He’s so much stronger, faster, and better than he gives himself credit for… so I’m happy he finally got the recognition he deserves. Go get em’ at Regionals, hon!” ~Angela


“I judged Patrick Chanod during his 17.4 redo. After struggling with the hspu portion on Friday, he came back on Monday with a new strategy and crushed his previous score. Out of all 5 wods, 17.4 ended up being his best, finishing 73rd!” ~Michelle
“I judged Pat on the first go of every WOD. His determination, positive vibes and performance inspired us all to be the best versions of ourselves. To watch someone come in week after week and redo the workouts and get such amazingly good results was awesome. Pat always has a kind word for all of us, it’s nice to see a good guy finish on top??. Best of luck at Regionals Pat. I hope you have an amazing experience.” ~Lauren
“Training with Pat the past few years, I’ve witnessed him plow through barriers, destroy weaknesses and attack his goals head on with a very strategic approach. He makes a plan and sticks with it. No question about it, Pat deserves this recognition. Proud of you!” ~Angela


“Just a HUGE shout out to our very own Angie, coming in NUMBER ONE in our State!!!! Let that sink in for a moment that alone is HUGE! #1 IN THE STATE!!! 13th in North East and just shy of Regionals! AMAZING!” ~Cat
“A huge shout out to Angie for getting me through the open and motivating me to push myself to new levels. When I say Angie is the epitome of multitasking life business and Sport it’s an understatement. When Angie sets her heart on a goal she takes action. Her journey to this point has been a head-to-head fight with tough competitors, what amazes me about Angie is her ability be consistent throughout all that she does. As a mother, as a business owner, as an employee and as an athlete. She raises to an elite level, within those things she inspires her family, impresses her employer and builds a legacy in her business. I’M So proud of her for all of those things, that no-one competition can have more value than her journey and her Legacy.” Gino


“Greg deserves a shout for 17.5 because he did it with a screw in his knee six month post op, dubs can’t be fluid yet but he gutted through and we poked fun at him the whole way. That was great, he didn’t take it or himself too seriously.” ~Pat
“I had the privilege to judge Greg in 17.3. He deserves a special shout because we all got to see him crush this WOD. After failing to get 225 snatch, he stuck with it and nailed it. It was awesome to see how all of his hard work paid off.” ~Dave


“I judged John Mahoney during 17.2 and 17.4. His attention to pacing coupled with his unique combination of strength and conditioning are so impressive to witness. His improvements in his gymnastics have elevated him to the next level of competition.” ~Chris Aquaviva
“I judged John Mahoney in 17.1. I witnessed John push his mind and body way beyond what any reasonable person should go through. He was a terminator. No drama. No complaining. Just got it done in a sick time.” ~Rob


“Chris came into The Open hoping to tackle some goals, he PRed chest to bar pull ups and handstand push ups! Great job!!” ~Gino

“A special acknowledgement to Chris who coached me through the last 17.5. Because of him, I had the best experience ever in my CrossFit life and was able to surpass my goals.” Chris B.


“I witnessed Cat face challenges head on and keep her cool even when things got tough. So cool to watch Jesse and her kids cheer her on and fill the room with positive energy and support. Way to go, Cat!” ~Angela


”I watched Kate kill (and I even PR) some snatches in 17.3. Way to go Kate!” ~Sam
“I helped judge Kate for her 17.5 performance and I was blown away! She did such a great job keeping her time and pacing herself. She made it look so easy….then I tried it, and realized she was a tricky magical unicorn!” ~Cassie


“I judged Lori in 17.2, 17.4 and 17.5. Lori is a very strong athlete but very cautious and knows where to stop and what to modify if necessary, not to get hurt and been able to keep working out. I witnessed her, going out of her comfort zone and discovering new reachable challenges. I love my buddy Lori “Lili


“A shout out to Pete who quietly comes in and works hard. He finished in the top 25% in his age group in the NorthEast Region. Keep up the great work, Pete!” ~Angela


“I judged Rob in 17.5 He deserves a special shout out because I witnessed them even when he was tired and tried to rest I wouldn’t let him and he pushed through the finish.” ~Greg


“I judged DAVID in 17.4 He deserves a special shout out because I witnessed him come back from not working out for a couple months and he was nervous about the Deadlifts. But hr no problem getting through the Deadlifts and even getting to the wall for HSPU. ” ~Greg


“Steve is our very own legendary Chris Spealler! Pound for pound the most impressive athlete for his size who can hang or even beat the heavy weights. Steve has the ability to into the pain cave and come out a winner! It’s a learning experience watching him performance!” ~Gino


“Goncalo loves the challenge of The Open, he was not to train leading up to it this but still showed up and crushed the WODs. Especially 17.4 the day after running a half marathon. He has the heart of an elite athlete and always awesome to watch the Dragon come alive!


“Congratulations to Matt –>> 3rd place scaled overall in the entire NorthEast region in the occupation category of Law Enforcement Officer. Sweet!!” ~Angela
“I judged MATT in 17.4 This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed them he repeated the workout and crushed his reps. Also he came in 3 for the northeast for Law Enforcement! ” ~Greg


“Sal started the Open at scaled, not realizing how the scoring went. But 17.2-17.5 he went Rx. Each WOD had something a little easier and a little harder for Sal. He came SO CLOSE to a bar MU. I see those in his immediate future. The weights were heavy, but he never stopped. When he finished 8 rounds of 17.5 at 30 minutes, he said “I can finish 2 rounds in 10 minutes.” He knew he had it. (And he took 3 minutes, not 10!)” ~Lisa


“I judged Brian Zink in 17.5. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed him not even think about breaking up the thrusters. He just owned them.” ~Matt
“He was relentless in getting the work done. For 17.4 he refused to let the DL intimidate him, although closer to his 1RM than he would like. He made up so much time on wall balls and rowing, he only needed a minute more to get to the HSPU!” ~Lisa


“Being so new to CrossFIt you could easily see her being intimidated by the Open. Not Olga. She went out and hit those snatches in 17.3 like nobody’s business. Fast through the middle and straight to depth. No way you’d know she was new to any of this! Same with the DB snatches. Watch out for her in 2018!” ~Lisa


“I judged Scott during 17.2. Prior to the Wod Scott was concerned he wouldn’t be able to get any chest to bar pull ups. His goal was just to power through the other moves, lunges, cleans and toes to bar and get a good tiebreak. He did just that but additionally, much to his surprise, Scott started knocking out chest to bar pull ups like a pro.” ~Michelle


”I judged Chris Walsh in 17.3. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed him get stronger as he went up the ladder. Nice work!” ~Matt


“Michelle deserves a shout out because she finished all 440 reps on her redo knowing she wasn’t going to PR. That’s ✊ respect.” ~Pat
“I witnessed Michelle push WAY past her comfort zone both physically and mentally. I’m so proud of how far she has come and cannot wait to watch her progress even more this year.” ~Angela


“I judged Kelly King for 17.2 and she deserves a shout out because she tried to get a bar muscle up for the entire workout even as time expired. She did it all with a big smile on her face.” ~Pat
“I judged Kelly King in 17. (whatever the one from friday was). This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her do all 10 rounds of Thrusters unbroken! Amazing to watch!” ~Heidi


“I judged Melissa Regina in 17.4. She deserves a special shout out because she got off that rower and push upped like a champ. Until the very last second of the Wod getting every rep she could. Awesome maximum effort.” ~Lauren
“I judged Melissa Regina in 17.5. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her implement a subtle cue I have given and run with it, even while exhausted, she became more efficient on the spot, stronger, kept at it and finished with a smile.” ~Cat
“I want to shout out to Melissa Regina for crushing the pull ups in 17.2 during her redo!” ~Veronica


“I judged Lauren Simpson during 17.5. She deserves a special shoutout for stepping up to the challenge of RX and spending 40 minutes tackling her #1 goat: double unders. Even though she was tempted to quit, she persevered and finished with a smile on her face (right after she finished dry heaving outside lol)” ~Michelle
“I want to give a big shout out to Lauren on 17.2 getting to those muscle ups…you can always count on Lauren to bring everything she’s got”~scott

“I would like to give a shout out to Lauren Simpson who helped push me . But a special acknowledgement to Chris who coached me through the last 17.5. Because of them, I had the best experience ever in my CrossFit life and was able to surpass my goals.” Chris B.


“I judged Lili in 17.4, Lili deserves a special shout out because as the clock was counting down to the last few seconds Lili gave it all she had to do those extra push-ups to beat her last years’ 16.4!” ~Lori


“I judged Alicia in 17.4. She deserves a special shout out for inspiring me to try to harder. She’s a beast especially at 6am!” ~Shawn
“I witnessed Alicia come back on Monday mornings in full force with a plan to attack and beat her Friday score. Her willpower, determination and strength shone through even at the break of dawn.” ~Angela


I judged Veronica in her 17.1 re-do. She deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her formulate a plan to not only finish the wod this time, but CRUSH IT with a minute to spare! ~Sue
“I judged Veronica in 17.5, her second attempt to better her time. Veronica deserves a special shout out not only because she beat her previous time (by a lot) but because she was
determined not to let the double-unders get the best of her! True perseverance!” Lori Reid ?
“I judged Veronica in 17.1. Well it’s so much to say about V. She is an amazing athlete and friend, she pushes and surprises herself every time. The first time she did 17.1, i knew she passed herself more than she needed, and even though she did amazing, i knew she would come back to redo it and kill it, which she did. It’s always a pleasure to watch her or workout with her.” ~Lili


I judged Shawn in 17.5. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed them kill it under 10 mins. When it was my turn, he saw my wrists were hurting and he let me borrow his wraps. I knew he worked his ass off when he helped wrap me up with the shakiest of hands. ~Olga


I judged Erin in her 17.2 re-do. She deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her show those toes to bar who was boss! ~Sue
“”I judged Erin Winters in 17.3. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her crush chest to bar one rep at a time!!” ~Alicia


I didn’t judge Sam in 17.5 but this person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed him fight to the end. We all know Sam smokes double unders. The thrusters were a bit more of a challenge. It looked painful. It looked hard. It looked like everything that I’m learning Crossfit embodies. To keep fighting, to keep trying to complete the WOD. To be your best. He showed true character and did not give up. ~Olga


I judged Camilla in 17.5 and she deserves a shout out because she stuck to her plan despite being sore and tired AND having to rush work right after. Seeing her flow through it gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in my redo. Great positive vibe! ~Pat
“I judged Camilla in 17.4. Camilla deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her crush her goal! She went in with a number in her head and she achieved it! It was so inspiring to watch her efficiency and pace for each stage of the workout. I loved her little whistle that she would do that seemed to calm and focus her. Not sure she realized she did this!! Haha! Camilla, you’re such an awesome little machine!! ? I think she’ll know it was me” melissa


I judged Chris Bernadini during 17.5. He showed amazing poise and endurance in grinding out each round with virtually no rest. ~Chris Aquaviva


Although I didn’t judge Lisa, I witnessed her selflessly come in and judge so many other athletes, myself included. Sh stayed late Thursday nights and came early Friday mornings to prepare for the 6am Open workout. Judging and coaching takes a lot of energy, and even after all that, she gave it her all for each workout. Proud to have her on the Salus Coaching staff! ~Angela


“I judged Christine Ingleton in 17.5 and she never quit–even when her shoes came untied and tripped her up during dubs!” ~Lisa
“I judged Christine in 17.4. This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed them smoke the 55 deadlifts. When she got to the 55 cal row, she somehow still had plenty of legs to aggressively tackle the rower.” ~Olga


“I judged Jacquie and witnessed her perform moves that were way past her comfort zone – especially dealing with a hip injury. When the 17.5 rolled around she thought about doing quick singles on the deadlift…instead she busted out sets of 4 or more like a beast! Good job Jacquie! ~Angela
“I had the privilege to Judge Jacquie in 17.5. She deserves a special shout out on this one for her determination. I witnessed her preserver through this workout in noticeable pain from her bad hip and we know how much fun thrusters are to begin with. It was great to see her push through.” ~Dave


“I judged Rose in 17.2. She deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her get her first pull-up!” ~Sue


“I judged Cassie in 17.4 This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her (safely) push herself during a workout that would’ve been challenging, even for someone who wasn’t pregnant. She makes no excuses, shows up with a smile, and continues to make her health a priority all while dealing with the demands of being a pregnant mom!! ~Erin Winters
“I definitely want to give a shout out to Cassie B. even though I didn’t judge her. She completed all 5 workouts while 5 months pregnant and that is impressive!” ~Veronica
“I judged Cassie in 17.5 and think she’s awesome because she worked so hard in this (and every) workout, she’s 5 months pregnant but that doesn’t slow her down a bit. She also judged me for 17.5, and is the best motivator and cheerleader anyone could ask for.” ~Kate


“I judged Sue Mulvaney in 17.3 (in fact almost all of them). This person deserves a special shout out because I witnessed her PR her snatch not once, but multiple times over. She approached this workout initially feeling very apprehensive. However, nerves didn’t get to her and she remained determined to keep at it until she got at least one rep. Admittedly, snatches were a lift that had challenged her mentally for a long time and to see her stay positive in spite of some missed attempts and continue to meet her goal was something I’m glad I was a part of. ~Erin Winters