CrossFit Games OPEN 19.2

CrossFit Games OPEN 19.2 Results

The results for the CrossFit Games OPEN 19.2 Intramural are in!

HEART & SWOLE is still in the lead! ❤?

Again, it was so tough to make a decision this week. As Kirstin put it, “It’s been so awesome to watch everyone give it everything they got just to achieve their own personal best. I’ve loved watching everyone’s performance and seeing the drive to just basically show yourself what you are capable of.”

?HARDEST WORKER 19.2 Award goes to Cassie!!

“Cassie gave it her all and dominated those heavy weight cleans. She shows up and gives it her all each and every workout and I love that about her.” ~Kirstin

-Cassie. She crushed it this week.

-Cassie. She totally inspired me and everyone in that room. She did awesome!

-Cassie for crushing it!

-Cassie! She never gave up, kept picking up that bar. ~Gina

-Cassie! Her grit and tenacity to lift on Friday was inspiring!!

-Cassie! Unbelievable effort, determination inspiring to watch!!

-Cassie’s workout was one of my favorite open moments. I had goosebumps she didn’t stop!

-Cassie for always being FIERCE!

-Cassie for giving her all and being a badass in 19.2

Hardest Worker 19.2 honorable mentions:

-Jack kept on plugging away and crushed his workout too. He’s another person who gives it all he’s got each workout and I found that kind of persistence and drive inspiring. ~Kirstin

-I also have to give shoutouts to Lil, Veronica and Dan. They have all this fierce drive and focus and I want to be just like them ?. I love watching them channel all that drive and energy into their workouts each class, they are machines that just consistently get it done. ~Kirstin

-Cassie & Angela – you guys are amazing

-Stella Jane Regina for her 1st RX open WOD!

-Eva. She PR’d her squat clean and then did it two more times. Great Job!

-Eva #jacked! For making a smooth PR on the clean 19.2

-Angie S. Unreal show of determination on 19.2 ~Eric

-Liane for pushing herself through pain in her arm and giving her all.

-Eva. So honored to judge her and witness her many attempts and final success of squat cleaning 95#. Going into the wod she didn’t imagine getting even close to that part of the wod (round 3) and then was so nervous and scared. She made many attempts and finally got out of her head and got the 95#. So inspirational!!! She had tears of joy as did I !!!! ~V

-Shawn. 50 dubs when a year ago he couldn’t get one. So proud of him!


?SPIRIT OF THE GAMES 19.2 Award goes to Scott!

As for most spirit, definitely Scott! First of all, he literally wore a heart costume so you can’t beat that ?. He genuinely loves CrossFit and wants every member of the box to achieve their best, he supports, encourages and motivates all of us. ~Kirstin

Scott Brownfeld for his always positive attitude and killing it post-surgery.

Scott for his unconditional support and genuine love for helping others succeed. The “why” cards that he organized were all so inspirational to read. Thank you, Coach! ~Ang

Spirit of the Games 19.2 honorable mentions:

-Yvonne. Even though she was upset with her performance, she tried her best, smiled and cheered everyone on.

-Angela W. For bringing it every time! Better every day!

-Angela W for purchasing more decorations and taking extra time to put it up!

-Erin Winters. Always offering words of encouragement in and out of the box. She always knows the right things to say and she is always happy for your PRs and accomplishments as if they were her own. A true team captain! ~V

-Eva. Watching her fail squat cleans several times over and over and never give up. Finally, successfully hitting 95 pounds two times was an inspiring moment.

-Jack was awesome this week. Even though he scaled, he still used this WOD as a chance to try T2B, which he PR’d. Then he redid it and pushed way out of his comfort zone on squat cleans.
Veronica for quietly giving pep talks to so many people. Found a positive and shared it. ~Gina

CrossFit Games OPEN TEENS & Kids

Fridays at 4:30pm, the CrossFit Salus Teens will be attacking the OPEN. Saturdays at 10:15, the CrossFit Salus Kids will also be participating.

Don’t let the fun stop in the adult classes. These kids are the future! If you’re around, come in and cheer them on (even if just for part of the class).

A few reminders for the CrossFit Games OPEN:

  • If you missed the OPEN workout on Friday, you may may make it up on Sunday during basic training between 9:30-10:30am or on Monday during regular class.
    • As always, review the workout movement standards and expectations at
    • Please arrange for your own judge to meet you there. Note: coaches are not be able judge OPEN athletes during regular class times.
  • Remember, you must submit your score at before 8pm on Monday (this is IN ADDITION TO submitting your score on Wodify).
    • CrossFit Games does not accept late submissions.
    • Your score will display on the Games site after we verify your score card.
    • Your score for the Intramural (for your team) will be taken from Wodify.
  • You have until MONDAY night  to submit your nomination for “Hardest worker” and “Spirit of the Games” award.
    • Email your nomination to
    • Include the nominee’s name and a sentence or two why you think they deserve the award.
    • If you know what team they’re on, please include that, too.
    • We’ll announce the winner and award the team points the following week.
  • Recover well, train smart, eat well, sleep plenty. The CrossFit Games OPEN 19.3 begins now!

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