Camilla Gluckstein

Salus Coach, Nutrition Coach
Camilla Gluckstein


  • On the Brazilian National Team, Ranked #1 in Brazil since 2012
  • Participated in 6 World Championships, 2 Pan American Games finals, many World Cups including a World Cup Bronze medal in 2019
  • Trampoline/Gymnastics Coach
  • Certified WAG (Working Against Gravity) Nutrition Coach


I am a Certified WAG (Working Against Gravity) nutrition coach. Nutrition plays a big role – not just in sports, but every day in life.

I love coaching and helping people and I am so excited to share my passion with you!

Born and raised in Brazil. I took swimming lessons as my first sport as a kid, then started gymnastics at the age of 7. When I was 8 I got invited to be on the trampoline team. In 2012 I made the Brazilian National Team, I have been ranked #1 in Brazil every year since then. I have participated in 6 World Championships, 2 Pan American Games finals, many World Cups (including a World Cup Bronze medal in 2019). I am currently training to qualify to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

In 2014, I moved to the United States. That is when I was first introduced to CrossFit. Instantly I fell in love with the sport and with the community. Plus, adding CrossFit conditioning to my gymnastics training has helped me to became the best athlete I can. Besides training as an athlete, I am also a trampoline and gymnastics coach and love to help athletes achieve their goals.

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