Member Spotlight: Chelsea Talks Music and Athletics

member spotlight Chelsea

In this Salus member spotlight, we talk to Chelsea about what got her started at Salus, how her routine has changed while working out at home and how music and athletics go hand-in-hand.

Meet Chelsea

Time for a Change

In the past, Chelsea found herself feeling bored at different commercial gyms. She would go for a little bit, but  didn’t really know what to do, so it didn’t become a part of her routine. “The only thing I saw from the gym was just my payments every month.”

Earlier last September 2019, she decided to make a change for herself. “I felt like I was just I didn’t have a lot of energy to get through the day teaching and my after school obligations. I just felt lethargic.” So she decided to step outside of her comfort zone.

“I always thought [CrossFit] was a little bit intimidating but, I wanted to learn something new.”

When it comes to her lifestyle, Chelsea now makes working out more of a priority.  Weightlifting became a draw for her and she loved the feeling of learning something new every class.

She says that it’s the community that has allowed her to push herself to show up, even on days that are difficult. “My energy levels are definitely way more than they have been before. After a workout, I feel great!”

Music and Athletics

Chelsea has been playing the cello since she was nine years old and I find it interesting how she has made the connection between music and athletics. She shares that the discipline and consistency with just showing up to practice (even if it’s just a minimal skill), go hand-in-hand.

Her advice?

“It can be scary to start something new (at any age), but just have a positive mindset and take one day at a time.  Just as I tell my students:

Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.

CrossFit Salus has given me the tools to pursue the sport of CrossFit

CrossFit Salus has given me the tools to pursue a competitive lifestyle with the sport of Crossfit. Not only do Coach Gino and Angie give you a chance to lead a healthier lifestyle; they give you a chance to test your genetic potential. I could think of nowhere else I would find a better training environment that offers the expert coaching like I receive at Crossfit Salus.

Starting at CrossFit Salus has changed my life

Everyone at  Crossfit Salus is super friendly and welcoming. Coaches Angie and Gino obviously love what they do and know what they are doing. My decision to start Crossfit at Salus has really changed my life, and has given me something awesome to look forward to everyday.

CrossFit Salus made me stronger

“After my injury, I never thought that I would be able to get myself back into shape. CrossFit Salus not only got me back into shape but made me stronger than ever! The competitive nature of the sport pushed me to work the hardest i ever have and I am so pleased with the results I am seeing.”
-Brendan Hennessy

CrossFit Salus has given me the tools and motivation

Crossfit Salus has given me the tools and motivation to become faster, stronger and more health conscious than I ever would have done on my own. These valuable tools help me to better serve my community as a police officer and to return home safely to my family when my shift is over.
-George Roxby