Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

girl scout staying fit badge

Discover Fun and Fitness with the Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

If you’re looking for creative ideas to help your Girl Scouts earn their Staying Fit Badge, look no further! At Salus, we’re excited to offer a dynamic and engaging program that combines games, fitness activities, and valuable lessons in health and wellness. Our experienced Salus Coaches are dedicated to creating a safe, enjoyable environment where your girls can learn how to stay fit and healthy while having a blast.

Studies Show Exercise is Good for the Body and the Brain

Research consistently shows that exercise is not only beneficial for the body but also for the brain. Keeping kids physically active isn’t just about developing strong muscles; it also enhances cognitive performance and supports better focus. This is particularly important in today’s learning environments, whether in the traditional classroom or the virtual one. Exercise is like a mental boost that stimulates brain growth, making it easier for kids to learn and excel in their studies.

Cultivate a Love for Exercise at Salus

At Salus, we understand the importance of instilling a love for exercise and healthy living from an early age. Our approach is to make fitness enjoyable through interactive games, fitness challenges, and engaging activities. By participating in our specialty class, your Girl Scouts will not only earn their Staying Fit Badge but also develop a lifelong appreciation for staying active and strong.

Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge at Salus in Middletown NJ

The Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge program at Salus is designed to teach scouts various ways to build strength and maintain good health. Our expert coaches ensure that fitness is not only effective but also fun for kids of all ages. Through this badge program, Girl Scouts will gain valuable knowledge about fitness, stretching, and the importance of nutritious food choices for a healthy lifestyle. Best of all, they’ll have a blast along the way!

By earning the Staying Fit Badge at Salus, your Girl Scouts will be equipped with the skills and understanding needed to grow strong and stay healthy throughout their lives.

Schedule Your Private Group Class for the Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

Ready to embark on this exciting fitness journey with your Girl Scout troop? Contact Angela at angela@salusnj.com to learn more about our Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge program and to schedule your private group class. Help your girls discover the joy of fitness, health, and camaraderie at Salus!

Contact angela@salusnj.com to learn more.

“Before Salus this would have been impossible.” ~Patty DeGennaro

Letter from Patty DeGennaro, Cosmo’s mother:


“It’s been 6 great years, 3 buildings, 1 parking lot, a pandemic and it’s all been amazing.

You folks have played a giant part in his life and have helped him to achieve his dream of being an athlete. Diagnosed with epilepsy and sensory processing disorder as a young child he was simply weaker, uncoordinated, and unable to compete with his peers.

This left him devastated and depressed.

He attended years of occupational therapy but eventually was too old to continue the program he was in. In his last therapy session the therapist asked him what he wanted to achieve and he wrote he wanted to be an athlete and play sports, he wanted to be as good as everyone else.

As parents you know your goal in life is to see your children happy and to fulfill their dreams. We had no idea what to do, he was too old for child occupational therapy, too young for adult therapy, and he still had such a long way to go.

I can remember attending the jump rope for heart at his grade school and watching with heartbreak as he cried because he couldn’t even do one jump.

Then we found CrossFit Salus.

We were very apprehensive about sending him because we were afraid this would be more of the same disappointment he faced his entire young life. Not being able to keep up, not being able to compete and seeing himself as not good enough.

After the first week of classes at CrossFit Teens, it was clear that this was a nurturing environment that would allow him to grow at his own pace. An atmosphere where he was understood and his goals were balanced to allow him to experience personal success.

I will never forget when I picked him up and he was so excited that he was able to do 2 jump ropes. Soon it was 5, then 10, then double unders.

He was changing physically and mentally, he was experiencing growth and seeing his own potential.

It wasn’t long before he decided to try out for the track team in middle school.

Before Salus this would have been impossible.

Sure it’s something he would have wanted to do but never have the confidence to even try. He was no longer the slowest kid or the last to be picked for the team and he did very well. Then it was flag football, high school track and shot put.

I will never forget one summer we attended a pool party with a bunch of families from school. Probably 15 kids, and physically he stood out. He was clearly in so much better shape than every other kid, and he was getting lots of positive attention from his peers. Parents were constantly asking us what he was doing and how he got in such good shape.

Everyone wanted to know what the magic was that transformed this skinny unconfident boy into someone who held his head high and looked so healthy and happy.

We always said thank god for Salus. I honestly don’t think there was ever a day he didn’t want to go work out and see his friends at Salus.

He didn’t need to be pushed because you folks taught him how to push himself.

As a sophomore Cosmo made the Varsity volleyball team and was never prouder than the day he got his letter and varsity jacket.

You all made that possible, not only the coaches but the adults who took him under their wing and encouraged him, gave him pointers, and treated him like family.

Now he is preparing for college, driving, and a job, so he will need to take a pause from Salus. I say a pause because his new goal is to work and save up money to pay for his own Salus classes.

You have had a giant positive impact on my son’s life. Salus is so much more than a place to work out or get in shape, it’s a place of personal journey and growth. Thank you all so much for what you have done for my son. We will never forget you and look forward to meeting again soon. Who knows, maybe my wife and I will try to capture some of that Salus magic for ourselves.”

Cosmo and Patty

CrossFit Kids Class is “Super Fun!”

Here at CrossFit Salus, we love sharing our passion for fitness with the younger generation in CrossFit kids and CrossFit teens classes.

Promoting health, fitness and fun among children and teens, CrossFit Salus kids classes are for any child in the Monmouth County, NJ area who wants to get fit, stay strong for sports…and have a great time doing it. We offer classes for kids (5-8 years old), PreTeens (8-12), and CrossFit Teens (12+).

Many studies show that exercise is beneficial for school age children, and that kids can also reap the educational benefits of exercise, too!

And our CrossFit kids seem to think so, too. Hear what they have to say about it:

What Do You Love About CrossFit Kids?

We asked a few of our CrossFit Salus kids what they love about the class, this is what they said:

  • “I love that we come to get stronger and that we have fun all together.”
  • “It’s fun that I get to meet my friends to play and have fun.”
  • “Doing obstacle courses and learning how to exercise is super fun.”
  • “It’s fun, it’s so much fun! And it makes you healthy and strong!”
  • “I can’t wait to go to CrossFit kids so I can have more energy.”
  • “I like CrossFit Kids because we do different exercises all the time and everything we do is fun. I like that it keeps me healthy and strong.”
  • “We play games and we do pushups and jumping jacks.”
  • “I like CrossFit because you do cool moves.”
  • “I love the competition- like competing for times. Partners are a lot of fun too. I like learning new things that are challenging to me.”

What Do You Do in CrossFit Kids?

Here’s what the kids have to say about the exercises in CrossFit kids class.

  • “We get to do handstands, pushups or different kinds of stretches.”
  • “We do jumping jacks, thrusters and tire flips.”
  • “Jumping jacks, sit-ups and squats.”
  • “We love jumping jacks, I’ll show you how!”
  • “When we do a partner workout that we compete for time, I like running laps outside and I like the rower (and all of those with partners).”
  • “I like rowing and running days and I like Superman chest.”

Here’s what some of the parents have to say.

“As any parent of a child on the spectrum I did have a little anxiety about adding a new activity to my son’s routine. The CrossFit Salus coaches and community welcomed him with open arms and eliminated all my fears. CrossFit Salus has provided a structured and fun environment utilizing physical brain balancing activities. He is gaining patience, focus, core stability, strength and most of all confidence with every class he attends. I am so grateful for this beautiful community Coach Angela and Coach Gino have created.”

“Signing my kids up at CrossFit Salus has been everything I wanted it to be.  My boys are not only getting cardiovascularly fit, they are learning how to dig deep within themselves and push through what is challenging to them.  They also get to see that working out with new-found friends makes working out fun and worthwhile.”

“Just when I’m about to pull my hair out as my kids are bouncing off the walls (especially in the winter), I remember CrossFit Kids class is just around the corner. The coaches there do a nice job of sneaking in fitness so the kids have fun and burn off all their crazy energy. Plus, how cool is it that they get to do team workouts and cheer each other on, too!”

CrossFit Kids Registered Program in NJ

CrossFit Salus is a CrossFit Kids Registered Program. All of our CrossFit kids coaches have completed their Level 1 CrossFit Course as well as the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course. Find out more about getting your child involved. Contact us at info@salusnj.com.

Team Sports Strength and Conditioning

basketball small group training

Calling all Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball athletes (and more!)! Take your team to the next level and help prevent injuries with team sports strength and conditioning training at Salus in Middletown, NJ.

What is Team Sports Strength and Conditioning

At Salus, we work directly with sports teams throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey to bring athletes together for a private strength and conditioning class built just for their team. Our coaching staff has worked with athletes involved in gymnastics, soccer, football, cheerleading, dance, softball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse and more.

Athletes have consistently found that training at CrossFit Salus improves their strength, power, speed, coordination, and endurance for their sport. We also focus on building strong team spirit with players working alongside each other and encourage team motivation and sportsmanship.

A team sports strength and conditioning program can benefit all athletes, both male and female. The benefits are numerous: it can help reduce the incidence of injury, reduce burnout, improve performance and improve team bonding!

Prevent Injury

Youth athletes often experience many changes in life and in sport through their growth and development process. While early sport specialization has trended towards becoming prevalent in the youth athlete, it is vital to expose individuals to a variety of movements to help them become a well rounded athlete.

This can also help to prevent injuries due to overtraining and overcompensation.

This is why youth athletes need to work regularly with a qualified strength and conditioning coach to ensure these potential injuries don’t become an issue.

Some studies find that kids who specialize in a chosen sport tend to engage in higher levels of vigorous exercise than their peers and may be more likely to sustain injuries, such as stress fractures, tendinitis and ACL tears.

This study, published in the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, helps to explain some of the dangers of sports specialization. “Athletes who focus on one particular sport tend to practice more frequently and intensely compared to athletes who do not.”

The recommendation?

Replace some of their sport-specific training with different forms of exercise, such as conditioning.

A common fear among parents is that if their children don’t play more and more, they’ll fall behind in their sport and won’t ultimately be as good of an athlete. The study says, “But it may actually be the opposite. If children do too much, they may get injured and fall behind.”

Strengthen Your Athletic Performance and Gain the Winning Advantage

Working with a professional coach who specializes in strength and conditioning for athletes is important not only to help prevent injuries, but also to improve athletic performance. Resistance training, stability, coordination, movement efficiency and mobility can have a big impact for a young athlete.

By working with professionals, athletes can improve their speed, agility, quickness, conditioning and range of motion. With a well-designed strength and conditioning program, athletes will see what their body is capable of and what they can accomplish, enhancing a sense of self-confidence and body image. This advantage not only helps them in their sport, but in all avenues of life.

Plus, we know how to make exercise fun! They’re still kids after all, exercise should have an element of fun and not feel like a chore. Our coaches like to mix things up to help athletes prevent physical and mental burnout.

Schedule Your Small Group Strength and Conditioning Series for your Team Sports

At Salus, we offer Kids and Teens Fitness classes throughout the week that athletes can join at any time.

If you are interested in keeping your group together, Private Team sports strength and conditioning sessions are one hour dedicated entirely to that team’s specific training. Cycles last anywhere from four to twelve weeks depending on the team’s needs. Our coaches can work with you to find the best days and times to meet your players’ needs.

*From elementary to high school and travel teams, various ages are welcome (typically ages 9 and up).

Contact Coach Angela at info@salusnj.com for more information or to receive Team pricing.

Choosing a Jump Rope

jump rope

When it comes to choosing a jump rope, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Here are a few of our favorites and some quick tips to consider about jump rope length, weight and maintenance.

Choosing a Jump Rope Brand

Here are our top three picks for jump ropes:

-RX Jump Ropes

The RX jump rope offers many options based on your height and skill ability with the jump rope.

-Rogue Jump Rope

The Rogue ropes are an inexpensive fixed length rope, with a nice moderate light cable that is flexible and doesn’t kink.

-One Fit Wonder

The One Fit Wonder jump ropes have nice long handles and a smooth spin for awesome control. The length is also adjustable by hand (no need for a screwdriver or allen key). Plus at $10, they’re an affordable option.

Jump Rope Weight

Unsure what weight to start with when choosing a jump rope?

  • The heavier the rope, the more you’ll feel it, which is good for beginners (can also be good for advanced athletes looking to increase intensity).
  • Move to lighter weight ropes to produce faster cycle rates. Lightweight ropes are good for athlete who are proficient at double unders.

Jump Rope Length

There are few factors to consider when finding your optimal length. These include your turning mechanics (the angle of your arms, where you hold your hands), the length of your arms, and the length of your handles. Here are a few guidelines to get started:

  1. Stand in the middle of the rope with two feet.
  2. Pull the handles straight up and make sure the rope is pulled taut.
  3. The handles should be reach directly under your armpits.

If the handles extend beyond your shoulders, the rope should to be shortened.
When jumping, the rope/cable should clear approximately 6″ to 10″ over your head at its apex. If it’s too long, it will be sloppy and take too much effort to turn.
When in doubt, it’s better to buy a rope that’s too long rather than too short, then adjust it from there.

Here’s a general equation to get you started:

Your Height + 3 ft. (92cm) = Rope Length

Taking Care of Your Jump Rope

Once you find a rope that you feel comfortable with, you’ll want to take care of it.

  • Don’t jump outside on concrete; it will chew up your rope.
  • Keep the knots and kinks out of your rope; adjust them at the handles instead.
  • To transport it, roll it up loosely like a garden hose and put it in a bag to keep the tangles out.

Need more help choosing a jump rope? Let’s chat!
Chat with us at class or shoot us a message at info@salusnj.com.

3 Reasons to Try CrossFit for Kids and Teens

CrossFit Kids Teens

What is CrossFit Kids and Teens

CrossFit Kids and Teens is a physical activity program specifically designed to make health and fitness fun for kids of all ages! Fighting against the constant struggles of tech temptations and health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, our programs offer a safe and fun environment for kids to learn to love fitness.

At Salus, we teach them to work hard so they can play hard: run faster, be stronger for sports and enjoy new activities.

CrossFit Kids, PreTeens & Teens classes consist of constantly varied workouts with functional movements to deliver fitness that is “broad, inclusive, general, and scalable” for any child at any level.

What’s this all mean?

These programs are designed for their age – not adults. We focus on developing overall athleticism and proper movement mechanics to help children become well-rounded athletes. Workouts can be made easier or harder to tailor to the level of each child ensuring each participant is challenged just enough to deliver measurable results and safe progress.

While we focus on specific skill movements each month, no two workouts will be the same (for the most part). That way, kids and teens won’t get bored and the novelty will keep them excited about participating.

Our youngest athletes, 5-8 year old, are encouraged to stay active in a fun, light-hearted environment with plenty of exercises disguised as games. As they grow with CrossFit Kids, into PreTeens (8-12) and up to Teens (12+), they’ll discover their self-confidence while developing body awareness and coordination. We teach functional movements that are fundamental to all things kids do when they play or participate in organized sports such as running, throwing, pulling, pushing, climbing, lifting and jumping…just to name a few.

And the benefits are numerous. Here are three.

Stronger, Faster, Smarter: Benefits of CrossFit Kids

1. Build a Solid Base

Kids and Teens are like little sponges. When they are exposed to good habits and consistency in form for fitness at an early age, it helps them build a healthy base for the rest of their lives. Studies show that active kids generally grow up to be active.

With proper instruction and emphasis on supporting good movement patterns, children can participate in activity without worrying about injuries.

2. Support Confidence

CrossFit classes can help develop kids and teens on an emotional level. With focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, following direction, self-discipline and honesty, we aim to set kids up for success later in life. Promoting camaraderie and discipline, CrossFit provides a safe emotional release for kids who are rapidly changing every day.

Also, as kids progress, they will experience a noticeable difference in their confidence levels resulting in a boost in overall self-esteem on the field and in school.

Which leads us to…

3. Improve School Performance

Sure, CrossFit Kids and Teens is a great place to get fit, make new friends and learn important social skills, but it can also help their minds get sharper, too!
A British Medical Journal study showed that the more active children are at age eleven, the better they performed in exams (English, math and science) in the following years up to age sixteen. The researchers found a significant link between physical activity and academic performance: “Studies have revealed relationships between PA [physical activity] and relevant cognitive outcomes such as measures of executive function, as well as studies suggesting that PA might increase time ‘on task’ in class and reduce classroom ‘problem behavior.”

Check out our CrossFit Kids mention in the New York Times: High-Fives, Not High Reps

CrossFit Salus Kids and Teens

At CrossFit Salus in Middletown, NJ, all of our CrossFit Kids and Teens classes are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of a thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids Trainer. The ultimate goal of of our CrossFit Kids and Teens program at CrossFit Salus is to help kids develop a lifelong love for fitness.

“Nobody has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for anyone to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable” Socrates

CrossFit Kids programs can be found in over 1,800 gyms and more than 1,000 schools worldwide. CrossFit Salus is the only CrossFit Kids Affiliate in Middletown, NJ.

We invite you to encourage your children to try new things, meet new friends at CrossFit Salus. Find out more about our CrossFit Kids and Teens program and feel free to contact us at info@salusnj.com with any questions.


Check out some more of our CrossFit Kids & Teens posts:

Family Fitness Middletown NJ

family fitness middletown nj

We are excited to announce our fifth Salus Family Fitness Day series coming this fall.

Fit Fam! Family Fitness Series

This specialty family fitness class is specifically designed for children ages 7 and up and their parent to participate in a great workout together! Full-body workouts will incorporate cardiovascular exercise, functional fitness and light weight training. Participants should wear athletic clothing & sneakers, bring water, expect to sweat… and have a blast!

Our CrossFit Salus Kids & Teens Coaches  know how to make exercise fun and are excited to share their love of fitness with the Middletown, NJ community.

Space is limited and reservation is required. Please contact angela@salusnj.com.


Children age 7-12 are welcome to attend with their parent. Whether you’re new or experienced, our aim is to introduce participants to new skills and spark their interest in fitness!

You do not have to be a member at Salus to participate. So invite your neighbors and lets show everyone what a great community we have here at CrossFit Salus!


3-class series starts in September 2022.

Sunday, September 11, 18, 25


Registration for the 3-class series is $75 and includes one child + one parent.

Space is limited. Contact angela@salusnj.com if you are interested in participating.

CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer

crossfit kids games

CrossFit Salus Kids At Home Workouts Summer

Welcome to CrossFit Salus Kids’ At-Home Workouts for the Summer! As the warm weather beams outside, it’s the perfect time to get your young ones moving, engaged, and learning valuable skills in a fun and exciting way. This season’s theme is “Integrity: Do the right thing (even when no one is watching),” instilling important values alongside physical fitness.


Integrity: Do the right thing (even when no one is watching)


Squat, Perfect Pushup, Jump Rope

CrossFit Kids WOD

Warm Up: Run around the cones and FREEZE when the music stops to do exercise (plank, sit up, perfect pushup, squat)!

“Jack in the box” Squats: Squat slowly down, hold down and then “spring!” out, standing up strong.

WOD: AMRAP in 6 minutes

3 squats at door
crab walk to cone (half way)
3 tuck jumps at cone
bear crawl to wall
run back to door

Learn How to Take Your Heart Rate

Let’s learn how to measure your HEART RATE.

A person’s heart rate (pulse), is the number of times the heart beats per minute. The heart is a special muscle because of what it does for us. The heart sends blood throughout our body. That blood provides our body with important oxygen and nutrients… it also carries away waste.

To find your pulse in your neck, place two fingers on your Adam’s apple in your throat (that’s the part that sticks out and moves when you swallow). Gently feel to the side of it, and you will find your pulse.

Count the number of beats (pulses) for 15 seconds.. Take that number and multiply it by 4 to find your heartrate in beats per minute. For example, if you count 25 beats (25 x 4 = 100 beats per minute.)

Take your pulse before you start (best if done first thing in the morning)- this is your ‘resting heart rate’. Record your heart rate again after exercise and note the difference.

Did you Know? A child’s heart typically beats faster than an adult’s.

CrossFit Kids WOD at Home

AMRAP in 7 minutes

5 perfect squats
burpee broad jump (about the length of your driveway)
5 tuck jumps at one end
bear crawl to other end
5 perfect pushups
run down driveway and back


CrossFit Kids Game

Sponge Bucket Relay

Divide kids into two teams (adults can play, too!)

Place cones 50 feet apart.

At the starting cone, place two buckets filled with water, each with a sponge, and place two empty buckets at the other side.

On trainer “3-2-1 GO” the first child in line dunks the sponge into the water and then runs the sponge to the other side, squeezes water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs back to the starting line.

While the teammates are waiting, they must be doing jumping jacks or squats. The team with the most water in their bucket when time is called wins.


Jump Rope in :45 seconds

How many successful skips can you do in :45 seconds?

Drop In for a Teens Fitness Class

Ready to take your child’s fitness journey to the next level? Sign them up for one of our engaging and empowering CrossFit Salus Kids or Teens drop-in classes today! Our experienced trainers are here to guide them through fun workouts, teach important life values, and foster a love for staying active. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help your child grow physically and mentally. Join us now and be part of the CrossFit Salus community! Find out more at: www.salusnj.com/kids  www.salusnj.com/teens


Self Defense Series

We are excited to announce our upcoming Self Defense Series with Sensei Benny Gonzalez. Join us for a 6-week series on Mondays at 4pm starting May 16.

You have the strength, learn how to use it in the beautiful art form of karate and self defense.

Self Defense

This specialty self defense workshop is specifically designed for adults and kids ages eight and over. Sensei Benny creates practical drills that kids can remember and use to protect themselves in situations such as bullying and opposition from larger aggressors.

From elementary students to high school students to adults, Sensei Benny has the self defense fundamentals that everyone should know.

  • Learn self-confidence, problem solving and situational awareness.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk and walk away with basic life-saving drills.


Adults and kids/teens (ages 8 and over) are welcome to attend.

You do not have to be a member to participate.


Mondays at 4pm

May 16, May 23, June 6, June 13, June 20, June 27


Cost for the series is only $20.

What to Wear

Attendees should wear all white or all black comfortable attire. These classes will be taught in a traditional karate style.


Reservations are required and open now at https://forms.gle/bNoF23dJx9n84Nn16.

If you’re not a member, please contact angela@salusnj.com so we can forward you the waiver in advance.

Space is limited. Reserve now.

About Sensei Benny Gonzalez

Benny started karate 36 years ago after she was mugged in an elevator and felt helpless by the ordeal. She is currently a sensei, which is 4th degree black belt, studying Josan Lu Karate under Shuseki Shihan Sana in Garwood, NJ.

In addition to teaching karate whenever possible, she also teaches self defense regularly.

I think it is important for everyone, especially women and children, to be more assertive in certain situations. My motto is “it is better to know it and not need it, then need it and not know it.”

Benny has been a member at Salus for about 5 years and also attends with her husband and son as well. We think she’s pretty amazing!

I would love to add that Salus is the perfect complement to my karate. Since I started CrossFit, my upper body and kicks are stronger. I also have more energy which is something I thought at my age would not happen. I am thankful for the opportunity to give something back to this wonderful community and would like to thank my inspirational teachers.

Nutrition for Teens

Tired of trying to get your teens to eat healthy? Whether your child is a competitive athlete, recreational athlete, student (or all of the above), nutrition for teens can be tricky.

Nutrition for Teens: Fueling Your Young Athlete

From sidelining sugar to sleeping for strength, nutrition and lifestyle factors play a huge role in improving athletic performance. Being the best athlete isn’t just about how much you train in the gym or on the field. Your young athlete, whether they are competitive or recreational, will have an edge over their competition if they eat, drink and recover the right way.

At Salus Nutrition, our focus is on education and prioritizing real food (while acknowledging that hey – they’re kids and might want a treat here and there). Keeping nutrition for teens as natural as possible is key, but balance is also important. Of course, homemade foods are always preferred to packaged foods, but we know convenient foods are going to happen. So, we’ll help your teen navigate through the maze to choose their best options for fueling their bodies.

Choosing the right, quality foods is only half of the battle. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it also plays a role. Game day nutrition matters, but it’s what they eat every day leading up to game day that matters most.

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats all work together like a team. Those macronutrients are essential, along with their teammates: vitamins, minerals, fiber and water. It’s important for your teens to get in the habit of reading nutrition labels and recognize ingredients worthy of putting in their bodies.

Give Teens the Direction the Need to Reach Their Goals

At Salus Nutrition for Teens, we take into account their goals, interests, personal preferences, likes and dislikes, hobbies and history to create an individualized action plan. From the winning pre-game meal to the rebuilding recovery meal, we’ll help them recognize smart choices, read nutrition labels and figure out how to choose the right foods for their game plan.

Your teen will meet on a regular basis with Coach Angela (also via text, email or phone) to review progress and encourage small, gradual changes week-by-week. Rather than focus on calorie counting, Coach Angela will help them understand food choices and healthy, sustainable habits for life.

Take the stress out of trying to get your teen to understand how to eat. By reviewing progress, listening to their challenges, and celebrating wins along the way, Coach Angela will work with your teen to come up with an actionable plan for improving and maintaining healthy habits to reach their goals.

Find out more by about our coaching services at www.salusnj.com/nutrition or by contacting Coach Angela at nutrition@salusnj.com.


Healthy Snacks for Kids (and Adults). We Call them “Mini-Meals”

Hydration for Young Athletes

Flexibility for Young Athletes

How much sleep do you really need?

Looking for Healthy Alternative to Your Favorite Recipes?

Check out these healthy meal makeovers that taste good, too at https://salusnj.com/faq/where-can-i-find-approved-recipes/