Celebrating Success

Don't just take it from us, see what our amazing members have to say.
Salus has really helped me get through all this and has kept me physically and mentally healthy.
Cheries success story
I feel like a new kind of athlete.
christina froelich
The coaching is personalized and so helpful.
gina brownfeld
I lost about 10 pounds in those first 5 months. And I never felt like I was depriving myself.
Kellis success story
The combination of CrossFit and nutrition has without a doubt given me the best results
I am loving my experience with Salus so far.
Mannikkas success story
I would recommend CrossFit Salus to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of daily life.
richard crocker
The patience and dedication to form sold me!
Sharons success story
I highly recommend this facility for not only the workouts, but the amazing coaches and supportive members!
sharon tendler
They are supportive and make the classes so enjoyable.
staci pietanza
Signing up with you was the best decision for our fitness and nutrition journey. 
Jess & Stephens success story
jess & stephen
I NEEDED this type of coaching to start me on my journey to get healthier.
Dans success story
I lost 6 lbs, but more importantly I have triple the amount of energy I used to have.
Melissas success story
Through CrossFit, I’ve developed healthy eating habits and a healthy mindset pertaining to exercise.
CJs success story
Ang and Gino have built a great community at Salus and I’m happy to be a part of it.
Erics success story
I was always a lot happier after doing CrossFit.
Hardies success story
Gino & Angie are so hands on and dedicated to each member in terms of health, fitness and goals that you are looking to accomplish.
Melissas success story
I really thought that my physical best years were behind me but Salus has me now thinking that the best physical years are still ahead of me.
Bennys success story
The coaches are world class athletes who make each class exciting.
Chelseas success story
They are learning how to dig deep within themselves and push through what is challenging.
Salus Kids Mom of 2s success story
salus kids mom of 2
Thank you for helping me feel the best I’ve ever felt! And the happiest I’ve ever been because of it!!
Dianas success story
After 12 weeks, I lost 7 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle! 
Shawns success story
The kids have fun and burn off all their crazy energy.
Salus Kids Mom of Twinss success story
salus kids mom of twins
I felt like I saw my true body in my reflection...
Megans success story
I am so grateful for this beautiful community Coach Angela and Coach Gino have created.
Salus Kids Moms success story
salus kids mom
CrossFit helps me do better in school, because it has taught me how to keep on going even when I really want to stop and give up.
Ninas success story
I made a commitment to doing something small every day. Just like brushing my teeth- it became a habit.
Brians success story


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