CrossFit Levels

We Design Our Own Programming using CrossFit Levels

At CrossFit Salus, all of our programming is well-thought-out and planned in advance with your goals in mind. It is not canned. Each CrossFit class is specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of our varied community. Which is why we offer CrossFit Levels.

Our goals as your coaches are to improve your health and performance in the way that is most meaningful for your own specific needs and desires.

We Understand

We understand that a vast range of personal goals and abilities exist at the box, which is why we offer different levels to help each individual achieve his/her goals.

Whether you’re a beginner, progressing toward the next level or a seasoned CrossFit athlete, you will still be able to get a good workout and achieve the appropriate stimulus of the programming.

CrossFit Levels = Options Options Options

Every CrossFit class offers three different levels. No matter which level you choose, you will all participate together using different weights or skill options.

  • L1: SMART START is designed for the individual just starting out their fitness journey. It’s also a perfect fit for someone who took a break from fitness and are just now getting back into the groove. These workouts are designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness and focus on movement quality rather than intensity. Be prepared to get stronger and master basic skills .
  • L2: FITNESS level is the next step up from Smart Start. It’s a perfect fit for someone who has been with us for a bit and is getting stronger in their lifts and skills. This level is aimed to develop movement competency, increase intensity and complexity as well as improve general fitness and strength. Be prepared to challenge your mindset as you dive into more challenging workouts.
  • RX: PERFORMANCE is designed for the more advanced athlete who has a good base of strength and skill set. This individual might be training for a competition. Like any sport, CrossFit demands high levels of skill and coordination as well as strength, speed, power and endurance – these elements will all be set at the highest level.

Here’s an example of CrossFit Levels at Salus

crossfit levels