In-House Weightlifting Meet May 20


MAY 20, 2018

in-house weightlifting meet may 20We’re looking forward to kicking off a new weightlifting 6-week cycle that starts the week of April 9, leading up to an in-house weightlifting meet on May 20.

Weightlifting Meet Details

WHO: Beginners, intermediate and advanced lifters are welcome!

WHAT: 6-week weightlifting cycle leading up to an in-house weightlifting meet

WHEN: The 6-week cycle begins the week of April 9, which leads up to the weightlifting meet scheduled for Sunday, May 20.

WHERE: TripleX Weightlifting Club at CrossFit Salus in Middletown, NJ

WHY: Such a great opportunity to get better at the Olympic lifts after the open and fun motivation leading up to the weightlifting meet.

DAYS/TIMES: We’d love to be able to accommodate as many people interested as possible.  So, please let us know what times would work optimally for you on this quick 3 question survey:

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