Vin Imperato June 2017 Athlete of the Month

Looking for something different as he constantly battled with his weight, we’re so happy Vin finally found something that he enjoys (and is now seeing results)!

If you’ve ever had any hesitation about starting, Vin’s story is one that will motivate you to take the next step. Thank you for being a part of the community, Vin! Congratulation on being our next Athlete of the Month!

1. When and why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in September of 2016. Throughout my life I have constantly battled with being overweight. I tried every weight loss plan and yo-yo dieted for many years, sometimes being very successful (one time over 80lbs) but more often, not.

However, every time after losing the weight I would always gain it back and eventually be right back where I started.

I needed something different…

…something that would not only keep me on track but something that would help me focus on maintaining a completely healthy lifestyle not just on losing weight. I was looking for something different with more challenging workouts than I had been doing on my own with a group/community theme.

My rotating schedule at work had always been a challenge to me when it came to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (workouts, healthy eating, sleep, etc.). After many years, in August of 2016 my work schedule changed to something that allowed me to get into a much better daily routine.Vin Imperato Athlete of the Month

I had contemplated CrossFit for some time but I was always afraid that I was not physically ready for it based on what I had heard about the extent of the workouts.

At the time, I was doing my own workout routine and kept telling myself I would get to a point where I would be ready for CrossFit. Every time I talked about it, my wife would suggest that I give it a shot but mentally I kept shooting down the idea. When my work schedule became more flexible, I finally made the decision to try CrossFit.

In September, I had my first meeting with Angie and started On-Ramp with Gino.

I remember the first thing I realized was, ‘wow I can actually do this’ and I was hooked.

CrossFit Salus has perfectly fit exactly what I was looking. The entire CrossFit Salus community has been supportive and helpful in getting started and every day in getting through the WOD’s.

Everyone is at their own fitness level and is facing their own challenges but the support for each other during every workout is amazing. My only regret is not starting sooner.

2. How has your performance changed since you started CrossFit?

My stamina has increased significantly. When I started I struggled to finish the WOD’s but now I am able to complete them. My mobility has also been an issue since I started but continues to improve daily with stretching, rolling and workouts. Strength wise, I have always had raw strength but…

I am learning now that I can lift a lot more weight that I had ever expected.

3. Are there exercises you can do now that you couldn’t do before?

When I first started I had a hard time doing pretty much all basic lifts and exercises due to my mobility issues. Over time and after becoming more familiar with them this has changed dramatically.

4. How has your body physically changed since you started CrossFit?

Since I started I have lost some weight but very slowly. Initially I was frustrated because the weight was coming off slowly but then I realized I was also putting on muscle. I definitely can feel and see the fat loss and muscle growth in many areas of my body and my clothes are getting looser every day.

5. How has CrossFit changed you in other ways?

Vin Imperato Athlete of the MonthSince starting CrossFit I have found that I have way more energy, I am significantly more mentally focused, motivated, less stressed, I sleep better and I stopped snoring.

I also used to have ongoing lower back pain which required me getting adjusted weekly by a chiropractor. Now my back and my entire body feel looser and there are much less frequent trips to the chiropractor.

6. How do you describe CrossFit to your friends?

I describe the workouts as crazy intense but I also explain how everyone is at their own level and you scale the workouts to what works for you. I also always include the community aspect and how motivating it is when…

…everyone is supportive and rooting for each other to succeed.

7. Whats your why?

Vin Imperato Athlete of the MonthSeeing my results for the past six months both mentally and physically motivates me like you wouldn’t believe.

I have finally found something that is working for me in helping me get to my physical and personal goals.

Knowing that I have finally found a way to conquer something that I have been battling for a long time is very empowering.

8. Favorite WOD?

Back squats, dead lifts and power snatches.
Least favorite – Burpees

9. What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit Salus?

Take it slow, go at your own pace…

…and be mentally and physically prepared for every WOD. Being prepared mentally is just as important if not more than the physical aspect.

10. What is your next goal to accomplish?

Do an unassisted pull-up on my own which I have never been able to do.

11. If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

3 Rounds
400-meter run
30 Snatches
25 Sit-ups
30 Deadlifts

12. Favorite thing to do for fun?

Travelling (especially to The Caribbean)

13. Favorite healthy dish…and favorite cheat meal?

Healthy dish – My wife’s healthy shrimp scampi
Cheat meal – Buffalo wings and craft beer

14. If you could be a superhero/animal/superstar who/what would you be?

My initial answer would be a dog because I love dogs, but
my niece calls me “Iron Man.”Vin Imperato Athlete of the Month

15. Favorite quote?

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do” –Derek Jeter