"The patience and dedication to form sold me!"



“It’s been a year?! Wow!
Thank you to the coaches for their patience and dedication to improving my form and helping me push myself much more than I thought I could ever do!

I came to Salus having done CrossFit for years, with a 2 year gap, then back at a box that didn’t take the time to go over movements during class. (Their goal was to finish the workout fast, didn’t correct my form, or push me to do moves I didn’t already know.)

My first day at Salus, Coach Gino guided my first attempt at a handstand. Being upside-down terrified me, but I left that class feeling high on CrossFit! The patience and dedication to form sold me!

I can’t believe that was a year ago – since then I’ve learned how to do toes to bar (another move I never thought I’d get), hit PRs, gotten stronger at kipping and pull-ups, improved my nutrition with the help of Coach Camilla, and I’m sure much more, but my biggest accomplishment is being able to do that once dreaded handstand all by myself now…including a WOD that had 50 inverted burpee handstands!

Each coach has been so motivating, kind, and committed to helping me become stronger and stick to my goals! Salus kept me sane during the pandemic and I’m so happy to be apart of the Salus family!

Happy 1 year anniversary to me! It goes fast when you’re having fun, here’s to many more!” ~ @ohhhshan

We are so impressed by Sharon’s consistency and hard work. She certainly has made her fitness and healthy journey a priority and is reaping many benefits from her healthy habits.

Sharon, we are incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish next year.

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