"I lost about 10 pounds in those first 5 months. And I never felt like I was depriving myself."


I participated in the last nutrition challenge in June and that is when I really started seeing major results in my energy, strength & overall health. I joined CrossFit Salus in January and was working hard a few days a week, and always thought I ate pretty healthy for the most part. I lost about 10 pounds in those first 5 months.

Since the nutrition challenge in June, I have lost another 11 pounds in just the last 2 months and have continued to build my strength in the gym.

I love that the challenge doesn’t just focus on nutrition but also sleep habits, mobility, hydration and personal improvements outside of fitness. I have developed true lifestyle changes and good habits thanks to Angie and this challenge that have persisted since and I am feeling better than ever!

And I have never felt like I am depriving myself. I still love to eat good food, enjoy a glass or two of wine, and indulge every once in awhile. I can’t wait for the next nutrition challenge in mid-September and highly recommend it to everyone!

The cool thing is that you can participate from anywhere, so I am hoping some of my friends from all over the country will join in for the fun!

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