Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge

girl scout staying fit badge
If you need some ideas for your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge, you’ve come to the right place. Through games, fitness and activities, the Salus Coaches will teach your girls how to stay fit and healthy in a safe, fun environment.

Studies Show Exercise is Good for the Body and the Brain

Healthy bodies mean healthy minds. Keeping kids physically fit is not only good for the body, but studies show it’s good for the brain and helpful in the classroom (or virtual classroom), too! Exercise appears to stimulate brain growth, boost cognitive performance and help kids focus. It may even make it easier for kids to learn and achieve.

Help your child learn to love exercise with through fun fitness and exercise games and activities at Salus.

Earn Your Girl Scout Staying Fit Badge at Salus in Middletown NJ

The Girl Scout Staying Fit badge teaches scouts the different ways to get strong and stay healthy. And at Salus in Middletown, NJ, we know how to make fitness fun, safe and effective for kids of all ages.
To earn this badge at Salus, Girl Scouts will learn about fitness, stretching and healthy food to stay strong for life. Plus, they’ll have fun doing it! When you’ve earned the Staying Fit Badge at Salus, you’ll know what you need to get strong and stay that way…for life.

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