“RESET” Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge Rules

RESET Salus Nutrition Challenge

Welcome to the 2021 RESET Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge!

This 4-week challenge begins January 4 and runs through the 31.

  1. We kick off week 1 focusing on Nutrition Quality – this includes WHAT you’re eating. It’s time to clean out the cabinets!
  2. Week two, we add on the tasks: Nutrition Quantity and Hydration. This includes how much you’re eating and drinking.
  3. Week three, we add on the tasks: Sleep and Recovery. These two go hand in hand and are very influential on your success. So, we’ll be tracking how much you sleep and taking time to recover your body.
  4. And finally, week four, we’ll add on the tasks: Movement and Stress Management to ensure you make the time to move your body and manage stress.

You can join as an individual or partner up with a friend, spouse or co-worker for that added layer of accountability. If you partner up, your scores will be averaged for the final score.

How to Join

  1. Register here and tell a friend!
  2. Download the App: Wodify Rise (Google Play StoreApple Apps)
  3. Read the rules (below) and print out the food list to get prepared for week 1.

Printable rules can be found here.


  • LEVEL 1: Make one positive change today. (1 point)
  • LEVEL 2: Stick to the food list for at least two meals and two mini-meals/snacks. (2 points)
  • LEVEL 3: Stick to the food list for all meals and mini-meals/snacks. (3 points)


Eat only whole (unprocessed), nutrient-dense foods from the food list. This will be entered in the “food journal” section where you can snap a picture of your plate or write what you ate in the comments.

Note: for youth, we want the focus to be on adding in nutrient-dense foods and using this as an opportunity to teach them about healthy replacements. For example, encourage them to try a new vegetable at dinner (level 1) or to replace their morning cereal with eggs and fruit.


  • LEVEL 1: Make one positive change today (1 point)
  • LEVEL 2: Stick to the portion guidelines for at least two meals and one mini meal. Make hydration goal by at least 80%. (2 points)
  • LEVEL 3: Stick to the portion/hydration guidelines all day. (3 points)


Follow portion guidelines and hydration guidelines. Adult and youth guidelines provided.

Eat 3 scheduled meals and 2-3 planned mini meals/snacks (**no mindless picking when you’re bored) and eat only to satisfied, never stuffed.

What if I’m following macros?

For those of you who are already weighing/measuring your food and following prescribed macros under the guidance of a nutrition coach, you are encouraged to continue doing that during the nutrition challenge. If this is the case, your scoring will look like this:

  • LEVEL 1: You are more than + or – 15 grams away from your planned target ranges (0 points)
  • LEVEL 2: You stay within + or – 15 grams of protein & carb macronutrient target. And within + or – 10 grams of fat macros (2 points)
  • LEVEL 3: You stay within + or – 10 grams of protein & carb macronutrient target. And within + or – 5 grams of fat macros (3 points)

Week 3. SLEEP & RECOVERY (add on to week 1 & 2)

  • LEVEL 1: Sleep within 1 hour of recommendations, stretch and/or roll for at least 5 minutes. (1 point)
  • LEVEL 2: Sleep within 30 minutes of recommendations, turn off electronics 15 minutes before bedtime and stretch and/or roll for at least 10 minutes. (2 points)
  • LEVEL 3: Sleep according to the recommendation, turn off electronics 30 minutes before bedtime AND stretch and/or roll for a minimum of 15 minutes. (3 points)


Follow sleep guidelines for your age range. Note: this will be scored for the NIGHT BEFORE.

See sleeping tips and bedtime routine tips on our blog.

Stretch/roll for specified time. Mobility, stretching, myofascial release, etc., can alleviate ‘everyday’ aches and pains as well as improve our body awareness & performance.

Week 4. MOVEMENT & STRESS MANAGEMENT (add on to week 1, 2 & 3)

  • LEVEL 1:  Make one conscious positive change today (like standing up during a conference call or parking further from the door). And destress for at least 5 minutes. (1 point)
  • LEVEL 2: Complete at least 20 minutes of physical activity and make an effort to destress for at least 10 minutes. (2 points)
  • LEVEL 3: Complete at least 45 minutes of physical activity (if it is your recovery day, this means adding in a low intensity 45min workout, like a walk), destress for 10 minutes AND limit recreational screen-time to less than 1 hour each day. (3 points)


Dedicate time in your schedule each week to make exercise and manage stress a priority. Remember, a little bit of activity goes a long way. Whether it’s a walk outside or a superset of pushups and sit ups, any exercise is better than no exercise. That’s why getting up and moving around is a big component of our challenge. 

Implement stress-relieving techniques to take better care of your mind, body and spirit. This can be meditation, yoga, taking a bath, walking, organizing a messy area, talking to a friend, drawing, getting a massage, taking a nap, etc. Everyone is affected by stress differently, so try a variety of strategies to discover which ones are the most effective for you. 

Screen-time, for the purpose of this challenge, is referring to time spent on devices such as a smartphone/tablet doing recreational activities such as gaming, mindlessly scrolling…aka: getting sucked down the social media rabbit hole, etc. This does not include reading on a kindle or time spent working.

Decide- Make a decision that your health is worth it. Start 2021 strong and attack your goals head on!

Commit- Tell your friends and sign up for the challenge together for the ultimate level of accountability.

Attack- Join as an induvial or partner up with a friend. But, remember – everyone is on their own journey, so you have options! Choose a level for each goal and challenge yourself to make at least one positive change every day. They all add up!