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Learn the Fundamentals of CrossFit 1-on-1
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Having a hard time finding the “right” fitness program for you?

The On Ramp classes at Salus in Middletown will prepare you for the group CrossFit classes, teach you how to prevent injuries and move correctly.
You will be introduced to the nine foundational movements of CrossFit (such as the pushup and squat) and learn progressions for higher skilled movements (such as the deadlift and snatch).
On Ramp is for adults, teens and kids.
We make working out fun again. Try it and see for yourself.

On Ramp


3 x One Hour Personal Training

New to CrossFit? These sessions are designed to prepare you (from whatever level you are starting from) to participate in the CrossFit group training classes.

  • Initial consult and assessment
  • One-on-one personal training sessions to help you prepare for CrossFit classes
  • Programming suitable for your fitness level
  • Exercise demonstration, coaching to maintain safe and effective form
  • Text/email check-ins to help you stay accountable and answer any questions

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