Rise & Reset Nutrition Challenge Results! Congratulations!

Results of the 21-Day Rise & Reset Nutrition Challenge Are In!

“Good nutrition, good exercise, improved lifestyle choices make everything that’s critical to your well being better. It’s huge.” —Greg Glassman, CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO.

rise reset foundation nutrition challengeWe are so proud of everyone’s efforts and endless support for each other. All 28 individuals from the Rise & Reset Nutrition Challenge were so dialed in to the quality and quantity of their nutrition and they also made some serious lifestyle changes including hydration, exercise, mobility, sleep and motivation.

It is our sincere hope that everyone will continue to make small, manageable modifications to their health and nutrition habits for the long-term.

We have crunched the numbers, triple checked all the data in the back end with Wodify and finally found our official winners! The scores were super close.

Congratulations to all the athletes who competed, but a special congratulations to our Rise & Reset 21-Day Nutrition Challenge winners below. First place female and male winners will each receive $100!

Female Nutrition Challenge Winners:

1. Camilla Gluckstein

2. Sue Mulvaney

3. Erin Winters

4. Veronica Carvalho

5. Yvonne Lambros

As a side note, due to the initial glitches we experienced with the app, the leaderboard on the app was a little off, so we had to dig into the numbers in the back end. Looks like while Camilla & Sue were neck and neck – with close-to-identical scores…. Camilla took the lead! Congratulations, both of you for being such an amazing inspiration to EVERYONE at the box!

Male Nutrition Challenge Winners:

1. “Shlomo” Scott Brownfeld

2. Shawn WInters

3. Vincent Landri

4. Steven Gluckstein

5. Matt Reynolds

What they’re saying about the nutrition challenge…

It taught me to balance my meals and so keeping my energy balanced and avoiding that late afternoon slump. It showed me how little water I was drinking. I loved the sense of community.

The community kept me going.

Having the group to ask questions to and post motivational things was fun.

My favorite part was the amazing spirit of lifting each other in the community!

Want more?

If you’re interested in learning more about a customized nutrition plan that really dials in to your own health and dietary needs, or you have any other nutrition-related questions, reach out to foundationnutrition@crossfitsalus.com.

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