Shout-Out to ALL Our Members Who Stood Strong Through the 2017 CrossFit Open

CrossFit Salus Open 2017 roster


What is the CrossFit Open, really?

If you’re new to CrossFit and not sure what all the “Open” buzz is about — check it out: the CrossFit Open is a five-week online competition that takes place in CrossFit boxes all over the world. Since 2011, every Thursday night for five weeks, a new workout is released and we get the chance to watch top athletes test out the workout on a live feed. These workouts are known to be physically and mentally grueling, featuring movements we all know and love and sneaking in new movements along the way.

They they are meant to push us past our limits.

2017 CrossFit OpenPushing Past Our Limits

The energy that fills the box as we complete Open workout each week is invigorating and inspiring. Because of the energy of competition and comradery, it is very common for athletes competing in The CrossFit Games Open to accomplish many CrossFit “firsts.”

This year was no different.

CrossFit Salus Community

Once again, the Open workout has showcased what an amazing community we are surrounded by at CrossFit Salus. These past five weeks we encountered the importance of staying positive in the face of a challenge and celebrating every accomplishment, every effort, every moment.

Become the Best Version of You

As coaches, nothing is more satisfying that witnessing the moments when someone overcomes a physical or mental challenge and breaks through their barriers. Every time we witness those moments when you surprise yourself, you inspire us to continue working to be our best selves. On behalf of all the coaches at CrossFit Salus, here’s to the conclusion of another great year in the CrossFit Open!

Congratulations to Gino and Pat!

While the leaderboard is still settling until Wednesday, I think it’s safe to say a huge congratulations to Coach Gino and superstar athlete, Pat for making top 200 in their Masters division age-group which qualifies them for the next round: In-Box Regionals!!

Just look at these numbers!!

Patrick finished at 116 out of over 24,007 other athletes in his age division worldwide (#3 in NJ).

Gino finished at 145 out of over 13,372 other athletes in his age division worldwide (#2 in NJ).

That that sink in a moment. WOW!! This is pretty amazing. Be sure to support them when you see them training. In-box regionals is the weekend of April 22.

Thank You

To everyone who came early, stayed late, cheered hard and counted reps, thank you!

A special thank you to Coach Lisa for always having score sheets printed, duct tape ready and movement standards on point- all in time for 6am.

Thank you to Coach Greg for all your extra help judging athletes and coaching even when you weren’t scheduled to coach.

And thank you to Coach Gino for always putting everyone first and staying up way too late on Thursday nights strategizing how everything would flow at the box.

Spirit of the Games Award

On Friday at 6pm during the Potluck and final celebration, we’ll feature a fun picture slideshow, good food, good times and the announcement of our Spirit of the Games recipient! The Spirit of the Games Award will honor one of our athletes who we feel most embodies the spirit of community and comradery. Stay tuned!

Side Note From Coach Angela

And just because I’m a very transparent person (this is Coach Angela talking) I want you all to know that while I didn’t reach my personal goal of being in the top 200 worldwide, I know it’s all part of the process. Right now, it looks like I finished around 226 out of 26,957 other athletes in my age division worldwide.

Am I disappointed? You bet I am. Do I want to cry? Kinda. But I have allowed myself time to be disappointed, pinpointed my weaknesses and I choose to keep fighting to become the best version of myself with a plan to attack those weaknesses head-on. And at the same time, I have to remember to be nice to myself. Yeah, I didn’t finish top 200, but I am celebrating the fun fact that I finished #1 in NJ. 🙂

It’s way too easy to let all the endless challenges in our life and in the box frustrate us to the point of giving up. Instead, my goal is to be an inspiration to all of you to use your own challenges as motivation to keep getting better. Never settle. And be nice to yourself in the process.

~Coach Angela

CrossFit Salus Open Leaderboard

We’re celebrating everyone who participated, but, just in case you’re curious about the rankings within our box (because we know some of you are), here’s the internal CrossFit Salus leaderboard:


CrossFit Salus Open 2017 leaderboard