Injury Prevention Screening

Injury Prevention Screening at CrossFit Salus

injury prevention screeningCrossFit Salus and SportsCare are proud to offer Injury Prevention Screening, also referred to as Functional Movement Screening (FMS), as a complimentary service to all members.

Because no one moves perfectly, everyone can benefit from being screened.

Injury prevention screening is a screening protocol consisting of different movement pattern tests that help certified instructors assess asymmetries and dysfunctions in human movement.

Once screened,  you can use this invaluable information to follow up with clinical treatment or a work one-on-one with CrossFit Salus Coach, Dr. Lisa Ricker on a specific corrective exercise program. Now, you’ll finally have the information you need to correct any asymmetries or dysfunctions, improve CrossFit and Olympic Lifting performance and enhance movement in general.

Injury Prevention Screening

Injury Prevention Screening Sponsored by SportsCare Sports Medicine Department

Christopher Bienkiewicz MS, LAT, ATC and Michael McLaughlin LAT, ATC from SportsCare Sports Medicine Department will be conducting the Injury Prevention Screenings at CrossFit Salus.

Please note that appointments are limited, reserve through the form below.

Injury Prevention Screening Benefits

FMS can help you prevent injuries, teach you how to move more efficiently, optimize performance for an uninterrupted season, and can help mitigate any movement aches and pains.

This is a complimentary service for all current CrossFit Salus members. Appointments are limited, please book your screening now by choosing from the options below: