Hip Mobility with Coach Lisa, DPT, PT

hip mobility drill

Squatting isn’t just about lifting the heaviest weights you can. Hip mobility is fundamental to achieving the perfect squat, and we asked Coach Lisa, DPT, PT, to help us.

Coach Lisa has a simple hip mobility drill athletes can do to help improve squat depth and hip mobility.

Hip Mobility Drill to Help Squat Depth

This hip mobility drill could be the difference between you and your next squat PR.

✔Use a box that’s the height of a normal chair you might have at your house.

✔Keep your foot flat, shin vertical.

✔Work on getting your hip as close to your heel as you can and get lower in your stretch.

✔You can push your knee out or turn away to target different areas of your hip.

✔Spend some time moving around these positions to find the tension.

✔And, if you’re already flexible, you can do it directly on the floor.

After you do it on both sides, check and see if the depth of your squat has improved.