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In-person classes taught by a Certified Coach.

Learn the fundamentals in one month so you feel confident and prepared to take the regular CrossFit classes.

No experience needed!


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Intro to CrossFit Group Training

2 Classes/Week x 4 Weeks

  • Contact for current class times.
  • In-person classes taught by a Certified Coach.
  • Learn the fundamentals in one month so you feel confident and prepared to take the regular CrossFit classes.
  • Exercise demonstration, coaching to maintain safe and effective form.
  • No experience needed!

$ 199

On-Ramp Private Coaching

3 Session Pack of 1 Hour Personal Training

  • One-on-one personal training sessions will help you prepare for CrossFit.
  • Session times dependent on your and your Coach’s availability.
  • Exercise demonstration, coaching to maintain safe and effective form.
  • No experience needed!

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Exercise helps boost your ENERGY and helps you feel your best.

Want to feel better, have more energy and boost quality of life? Studies show that regular exercise increases energy, reduces fatigue and can improve quality of life.

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Studies show that exercise can be a great way to lift your mood and improve your ability to deal with stress.

Have fun getting fit with friends under the guidance of a professional coach.

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Cheries success story


Just want to let you both know how grateful and thankful I am for all that you do for me, my family and our community. Having Salus has really helped me get through all this and has kept me physically and mentally healthy....

Christina Froelich

I joined Salus during the pandemic, when a lot of other options weren't available. I wasn't sure how I'd like CrossFit, but owners Gino and Angela made it easy to love because of the community they've created. I recently moved, and had to leave Salus, ...

Gina Brownfeld

Salus is for everybody! I enjoy challenging workouts which have changed my body, made me stronger and built my confidence. The coaching is personalized and so helpful. I also use the nutrition coaching and it is the best gift I’ve given myself! Tr...

Kellis success story


I participated in the last nutrition challenge in June and that is when I really started seeing major results in my energy, strength & overall health. I joined CrossFit Salus in January and was working hard a few days a week, and always though...

Mannikkas success story


I am loving my experience with Salus so far. I was at another CrossFit gym in the fall and it wasn’t a good fit. Here, there is community and encouragement which is something I desperately need being so new to the area. Thank you for always making me...

Richard Crocker

I have been weightlifting for about 8 years and stopped seeing results. I had lost motivation as it became monotonous. During the COVID lockdown I began doing the WODs with my wife at home which got me thinking about joining. After coming home from vacati...

Sharons success story


HAPPY SALUS-VERSARY SHARON! "It’s been a year?! Wow! Thank you to the coaches for their patience and dedication to improving my form and helping me push myself much more than I thought I could ever do! I came to Salus having done CrossFit for yea...

Sharon Tendler

Salus is a game changer for your strength, endurance, and the way you experience working out! Since joining a year ago I have gotten stronger and accomplished moves I didn’t know I was capable of! CrossFit at Salus is constantly keeping workouts exci...

Staci Pietanza

Salus is not just some gym. Coaches Angela and Gino have created an amazing community of like minded individuals who just want to feel their best. Do their best. And see you do and feel the same. They are supportive and make the classes so enjoyable. Y...

Jess & Stephens success story

Jess & Stephen

Coach Angie is incredible! She has been a source of relief and guidance to help transition from gym to home workouts and keep our nutrition not only on track but better than ever. The value she provides with the depth of her knowledge in nutrition and fit...

Dans success story


One look at my before and after picture and I’m pretty sure you can guess how I feel about [Salus] Nutrition Coaching. I NEEDED this type of coaching to start me on my journey to get healthier. Learning what my body needed and not what it wanted ...

Melissas success story


This was my first nutritional challenge. Prior to this challenge I considered myself a relatively healthy person who worked out and ate the right things and indulged once in awhile. What I learned about two weeks into the challenge was that there were sev...

CJs success story


CrossFit is, without question, the most efficient workout I have done. It might be hard, but you will feel great after. It is nice to share your agony with a group of people who are all pushing for you to succeed. Through CrossFit, I’ve developed hea...

Erics success story


CrossFit is the perfect mixture of competition and community. I like being able to compete with others who push me past where I thought I could go before. Ang and Gino have built a great community at Salus and I’m happy to be a part of it....

Hardies success story


I was always a lot happier after doing CrossFit. Before, I used to feel grumpy at least once a week. But once I started doing CrossFit, it became a big stress reliever for me. Something I looked forward to knowing I was coming to class every day! Just...

Melissas success story


One of the best CrossFit gyms around! Gino & Angie are so hands on and dedicated to each member in terms of health, fitness and goals that you are looking to accomplish. Salus does a superb job of balancing the right amount of Olympic lifts, g...

Bennys success story


As a CrossFit Salus member for the past 2 years I can honestly say that this is the best gym experience I've ever had. I am a woman in her mid-50's and have never worked with weights or been at a regular work out gym more than 5 times. The coaches, Angelo...

Chelseas success story


I am so happy I decided to join the CrossFit Salus family. After driving past their facility for years I finally made the move to give it a try. I wanted to find a place where I could reboot my fitness routine and learn something new in the process. G...

Salus Kids Mom of 2s success story

Salus Kids Mom of 2

Signing my kids up at Salus has been everything I wanted it to be.  My boys are not only getting cardiovascularly fit, they are learning how to dig deep within themselves and push through what is challenging to them.  They also get to see that working o...

Dianas success story


After I had my son, I went through a little bit of a health issue that changed my life forever. Hearing the words “you’re lucky to be alive” made me really think about how I want to live my life for my son. So not only have I been working out but re...

Shawns success story


After 4 years of doing CrossFit and relatively clean eating, something still seemed to be missing. I had hit a wall and wasn't feeling great so I started Nutrition Coaching with Coach Angela. She helped me realize the deficits in my diet. After 12 weeks, ...

Salus Kids Mom of Twinss success story

Salus Kids Mom of Twins

Just when I’m about to pull my hair out as my kids are bouncing off the walls (especially in the winter), I remember Kids class is just around the corner. The coaches there do a nice job of sneaking in fitness so the kids have fun and burn off all their...

Megans success story


My biggest change has been my mental change. I have learned that I have struggled with body image issues for far longer and much more than I had ever realized. There was one day that a switch flipped and I felt like I saw my true body in my reflection rat...

Salus Kids Moms success story

Salus Kids Mom

As any parent of a child on the spectrum I did have a little anxiety about adding a new activity to my son’s routine. The Salus coaches and community welcomed him with open arms and eliminated all my fears. Salus has provided a structured and fun enviro...

Ninas success story


I have seen a significant improvement in my mobility and overall flexibility, as well as continue to increase in overall strength. When I started, I could barely do a pullup with a green band. Now I can do several strict ones! I think CrossFit helps me...

Brians success story


In just 3 months of Nutrition Coaching Brian not only lost close to 4% body fat but implemented new healthy habits that he is still carrying with him! He has taken steps to improve the quality of his sleep, meditate regularly, and work on his mobility dai...