CrossFit Salus Gymnastics with Olympian, Steven Gluckstein

Exciting news!!! 

We are beyond thrilled to have Olympian, Steven Gluckstein, coaching Gymnastics classes for CrossFit Salus! This much awaited class is finally happening!

Check out all the details below:


Open to all CrossFitters coming from any CrossFit box


Gymnastics-specific classes* see below for a thorough description on what you can expect


Contact Steven Gluckstein at for the schedule.

Have some scheduling requests? Shoot Steven an email at so we can make some changes for the majority!


CrossFit Salus

How Much:

$20/class or $100/month for members of CrossFit Salus

$25/class or $120/month for members of other boxes

(CrossFit Salus members may pay via cc through Wodify, all others must pay via check in advance)

Sign Me Up!

Contact Steven Gluckstein to reserve your spot (

What you can expect from the ‘Gymnastics for CrossFit’ classes:

  • Improve core strength (beginner and advanced gymnastics exercises)
  • Improve coordination through various gymnastics moves
  • Learn positions that apply to safely and more efficiently kipping (pull-ups, HSPU, etc)
  • Learn basic tumbling for body awareness such as back tucks
  • Practice proper parallel positions and skills (dips, swings, planches, holds, etc)
  • Develop proper ring positions and skills (dips, swings, hangs, kips, etc)
  • Learn strict and kipping muscle-up and muscle-up efficiency
  • Improve handstand position and balance improvement
  • Develop mobility (transfers over to overhead lifting, squatting, Olympic lifts, etc)
  • Increase your knowledge of gymnastics to teach properly and safely in your home box
  • Have fun doing gymnastics!

Your Coach and Olympian, Steven Gluckstein

Steven Gluckstein is an Olympic trampoline-gymnast raised in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Gluckstein started gymnastics at the age of 10 and competed for the first time on an international level at age 13. He won his first National Championships in 2003 and holds a total of 15 National titles. In 2009 Gluckstein and his synchro teammate Logan Dooley won America’s first Gold medal at a World Cup. They went on to be ranked number one in the world in 2010. Steven has competed at 5 World Championships and qualified USA into the Olympic Games in 2012. He competed in the London Olympic Games in August of 2012. When he’s not training, Gluckstein coaches gymnastics of all ages. He has a decade of experience coaching and has produced numerous national champions.

Steven was introduced to CrossFit by coaches Gino and Angela Salveo in 2013 and quickly became attracted to the sport and its community. As member of team Power Monkey Fitness, his goal is to spread the sport of gymnastics to everyone in the fitness community.