CrossFit Games Open 18.2

One week down…four weeks to go! CrossFit Games Open 18.2 is ON!

CrossFit Games OPEN 18.2 Reminders

  • If you miss the OPEN workout on Fridays, you may may make it up Sundays during basic training between 9:30-10:30am.
    • As always, review the workout movement standards and expectations at
    • Please arrange for your own judge to meet you there. Note: coaches are not be able judge OPEN athletes during regular class times.
    • If you are out of town or sick and not able to come to Friday or Sunday, please connect with Angela & Gino to arrange for a Saturday or Monday make-up.
  • If you wish to re-do your CrossFit Games OPEN workout, you may do so on Sundays during basic training between 9:30-10:30am.
  • Remember, everyone needs to submit their score at before 8pm on Monday (this is different than submitting your score on Wodify).
    • CrossFit Games does not accept late submissions.
    • Your score will display on the Games site after we verify your score card.
  • You have through  MONDAY to submit your nomination for “Hardest worker” and “Spirit of the Games” award.
    • At the box, we have a shoe box with notecards (oldschool style).
    • Please fill out a card with the nominee’s name and a sentence or two why they deserve the award.
    • We’ll announce the winner and award the team points Wednesday.

18.1 Intramural Open Results are IN!

THE WOD SQUAD is in the lead (so far)!

?HARDEST WORKER Award goes to Sean Monga! Here are his nominations: “Left a piece of his soul on the rower….gave it his all.”Hardest Worker Games Open 18.1
“He gave every ounce of effort he could muster and I’m pretty sure he blacked out for a few.”

Hardest Worker honorable mentions:
-Yvonne: “Hesitant to sign up for the Open, I saw her push wayyy past her limits.” “For doing and killing RX”
-Shawn: “Challenged himself to RX 18.1 when T2B and 50# was tough”
-Angela Weiner: “She worked so hard with such a heavy heart…and still kicked ass!”
-Cal: “She’s a beast in the best way possible”
-Ang: “Hardest working! Every minute of every day!”
-Melissa & Olga “for redoing RX”
-Cassie B, Alicia, CJ

?SPIRIT OF THE GAMES Award goes to Scott Brownfeld! Here are his nominations: “For being there for everyone’s workout, cheering, guiding, and supporting”Spirit of the Games 18.1
“Scott and his pom poms”
“Cause he’s the ultimate cheerleader”
“No one has more passion than Scott. No one.”
“Definitely Scott Brownfeld! All the Spirit”

Spirit of the Games honorable mentions:
-Greg: “For Greg to show up knowing he couldn’t RX the WOD showed a lot of heart to me – I can’t imagine being that level of an athlete and having to scale. NO EGO. Team player!”
-Cassie: “I think Cassie should get spirit of the Open. She very quietly hid behind the scenes, created all of our super hero pics not caring about getting credit.”
-Rose: “For getting a lot of cheering gear for her team. Yea!”
-Cal: “Always cheering everyone on!!”

Remember to fill out your nominations and be sure to mention the reason why for the CrossFit Games Open 18.2!


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